Salad with Mayonnaise and Balsamic Vinegar Dressing

Posted by Volvoxx On November - 21 - 2009

Out of ideas of what to cook for dinner? Dining alone? Salad makes an awesome, simple meal for one, or side dish for two or more!

Instant Tiramisu / Happy Birthday Dad

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 27 - 2009

My two nieces are more than happy to celebrate their grandfather's Birthday with him

Soya Bean Milk

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 22 - 2009

Ever wanted to try making your own soyabean milk? Check it out!

Baked Macaroni Cheese

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 12 - 2009

Fancy some simple satisfying Baked Macaroni Cheese at home? Check out this recipe.

Fish Chip with Beer Batter.

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 10 - 2009

An attempt in making Fish Chip with beer batter...while forcing QJ to consume fish :P

The end of sem 'pick-a-kitteh' syndrome.

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 09 - 2009

Kittens will mysteriously appear at our doorstep come semester break. This time, its happening again. A cute, manja, noisy kitten visits 391D.

Happy New Year!

by Volvoxx On December 31, 2009 11:51 PM 2 comments
Overall, 2009 was a great year for me. Not to say there aren't "meh" moments, just that....its not the first thing that comes to mind, and the fact that I can't recall without exerting much effort in remembering them, kinda makes it rather forgetful now (ah yes, I lost my phone. Damn). I remember many happy memories. Fun times (lol yes I'm late in Starcraft-ism...). Great LOYAL and SINCERE companions that I'm all too grateful to have.

I pray that 2010 will be a better year. For me, my dearest QJ, my family, and all my friends.

Happy New Year. Have a great year ahead. And take care :D

Cheers~ /clinks glass.

p/s: Fluffi is snoring thru the countdown :P

Christmas in Malls 2009 (Suria KLCC)

by Volvoxx On December 25, 2009 12:00 AM 0 comments
Suria KLCC was our last stop before heading back to SP. Glad we went there, cuz the deco's rather interesting, compared to the huge gigantic tree theme they use to have every year. This is a nice, fresh change :P

Our timing was pretty good, as they had caroling both times that I took pic of the centercourt.

Christmas in Malls 2009 (Sunway Piramid)

by Volvoxx On December 24, 2009 10:00 PM 0 comments
Sunway Piramid's deco last year was not too shabby. But I think this year, its even better.

The new wing centercourt was left to be used for some...promotional booth...but they splurged in the old wing Centercourt.

I've always had high expectation of Mid Valley, and Gardens too. They will always try to have extravagant decorations every Christmas, and CNY too.

The ones below are from Gardens...making full use of the little space they have.

Bangsar Shopping Center (BSC) has got one of the more interesting decorations. Gigantic replicas of presents and furnitures, kinda makes you feel like Alice in Wonderland.

Ikano's deco this year is rather disappointing....considering what they did last year. They were doing some 'underwater Christmas' theme...which is a bit meh. Probably more deco elsewhere but this is all I see in the usual deco area.

However....The Curve never fails to deliver. :D

Felt so warm and lovely being there. Me likey.

Merry Christmas!

by Volvoxx On 3:05 PM 0 comments
It's that time of the year again! Time when malls flaunt their Christmas decorations (and me going crazy over them)... :D

Mall hopping for 2 days got me me a few (hundred) photos. LOL. I'll be posting them in batches throughout today (since I just only had time to finish processing them yesterday and some time to spare to schedule posts for today.)

Merry Christmas
Happy New Year

Pulling a disappearing act

by Volvoxx On December 22, 2009 12:19 AM 0 comments
Fluffi must be quite confused these days. One moment I'm with her for awhile...and in a few hours, I'm gone again. For a few days, or a whole week! My poor baby!

"Eh you're going off again? Hauummm!!"

Pic taken this morn, before I left for Penang.

I'll be home for Christmas, my sayang. :3

The weekend before Christmas

by Volvoxx On December 21, 2009 7:24 AM 0 comments
Awesome timing of public holidays. For 3 weeks in a row, most ppl will only be working 4-day week. For the peeps in Selangor, its a whole month of 4-day week. So so awesome.

For a long weekend, as well as the weekend before Christmas, I must say that I'm surprised that not all malls are flocked with human beings. Ikea however, is flooded with human beings. It was crazy! Underground parking at Ikea was full by the time we got there around noon. Inside was worse. Geh.

KLCC and Mid Valley was surprisingly rather loose. Either that, or we have good timing going to malls ;P

Me, sis and aunt shopped like there's no tomorrow. Bought presents till there's no more ppl to give :P ...ended up buying presents for other people, on other people's behalf. Our plan was to balik SP and 'lelong' ask who wanna give who the presents we bought. XD

Decorations were rather meld down this year..they look significantly cheaper, but some still manage to pull off nice simple decorations. Ikano's deco were crappy. Curve's one was nice. Mid valley was rather good too. KLCC decided they have had enough of big huge gigantic trees, and go with gingerbread house and some mid-height trees. I swear, this year's theme is either gingerbread house, or cages. They seem to be everywhere! Not that its not nice but such coincidence? Hehe. Pics, when I get back to Penang.

Had lotsa fun. Bought lotsa stuff. Had lotsa laughs. Good times.

Won't be buying anything much for the next 3 months. LOL


by Volvoxx On December 15, 2009 10:48 AM 0 comments
One of my colleague's son is going to start schooling next year. Teased her that she'll be taking leave that day to go accompany him. She said he told her that he feels scared...but he doesn't know why. I think its quite cute that he knows to express this. I can't remember what I felt before I go to school. All I remember is, someone sent me to school (I think it was my eldest sis, or my dad... :P ) ....teman me awhile from the window outside... then disappeared. And I went " well".

Another one of my colleague recalled being quite the bully back then. We laughed at her but she defended herself saying that she was constantly bullied by this girl...then one day she just snapped and bully her back. :P Then there was this other girl who would bawl everyday when the aunt left her at school. She got fed up one day and just told the girl "Enuff already la...quit crying already" ....and her teacher went "...whoa" ...hahaha!

Couldn't really remember what it was like, or how I felt, on my first few days anymore. But what I clearly remember, till this very day, is the girl who pinched my arm, for no apparent reason. I still remember the girl's (full) name. LOL. It's not that I hate her or anything now....but...its just kinda burned in my memory already. :P

As I sat there...

by Volvoxx On 1:16 AM
There was just this few moments of silence. With the current change of surrounding in my life these recent months, and from time spent with those around me and from my own observation, it makes me sit, and think. More than anything it also gives me fear. And question myself.

Do I really want this?

As my friend would say, "Regret is a bitch." In the midst of my being unsure about things, I really hope I won't regret with whichever path I choose.'s like that I guess. Grass is always greener on the other side. Greener or not, I just hope my side will have some nice flowers in it. Flowers > grass. ;>


by Volvoxx On December 12, 2009 5:51 PM 2 comments
It really has been a while since the last time I had to sit and think what I'd write down (in black and white, digitally or otherwise) what my interest are. The last time I wrote about my hobby would probably be during pre-U days. Usually, I never really give much thought to what it is I like to do. If I like to do it, I it. I like a lot of thinks, that I know. I know I love cooking, baking (and eating)...I enjoy taking photos...I love PC games (tho I tend to suck in most of it :P )...blogging...and mostly anything PC related...hahaha!

But when it comes to writing it down, black and white, for some other people to see (especially for employment purposes) kinda makes you think twice (and three times) about what you'd write in your CV.

Cooking/baking....sure why not? It's a healthy interest, eventho it's not really gonna help in any job which is technical-dependent. Well my future employers could always hope for some home cooked snacks I guess.

Photography (not that I'm really good in it) ...well that ain't gonna help either. But at least its a healthy hobby (unless pedophiles are saying that they love photography).

*koff koff very minor* Web design......and blogging. HAHAHAHA. Ok once your future employer reads that, he/she'll start googling for your name in the blogsphere. But I think in this day and age, they'll do that anyway. Heh!

Playing PC games. Right. Like that would help. Ok fine at least it shows that you're PC literate.

Watching drama/movies/anime. Yeah. So you and your colleagues can use the office line to leech movies and share via network.

Facebooking. Hah!

Shopping. Yes. Shopping.

AIH! Whatever la!

In the end, I guess, interest/hobby/passion, is something you do in your leisure time - aka what you do when you get OFF work. So it shouldn't be anything that would influence your job, I think. But sometimes I guess it does help when your interest is somewhere near what you love to do. For instance, if you like to build lego blocks, your employers might be convinced that you, as an architect, would build bridges that won't simply just collapse when a bunch of kids walk over it. :P

But like I said. If whoever you're hiring loves to bake, chances are, you'll get some cookies for New Year or Christmas.... ;P

It's December

by Volvoxx On December 6, 2009 7:10 AM 0 comments
Yes it's December. And it just ain't seem right if the Christmas tree isn't up yet. (Finally) got myself to clear the mess at the usual 'tree spot' (toys...mum's misc stuffs.....) ...and quietly put up the damn tree while 2 of my nieces are asleep.

Can't wait till they wake up later to see the tree up and ready for them to hang the decorations. /grin

BBQ Feast at 391D

by Volvoxx On November 23, 2009 3:05 PM 2 comments
My place in Melaka, is like this headquarters for BBQing. We're equipped with all the things that you'd need for a BBQ party: 3 BBQ pits, tongs and skewers, leftover coals (from previous sessions), big bowls for marinating...and plenty of chairs :D. We have BBQ as often as we can (tho never often enuff! :P )

Went Melaka a few weeks ago, and decided to throw a BBQ before I leave. QJ couldn't be happier ;P Give him kebabs and tandoori chicken anyday...he'll be as happy as a puppy :9

More affordable Malaysian Passport

by Volvoxx On November 22, 2009 3:31 AM 0 comments
Wanna travel overseas but wince when you remember that you have to renew your passport? RM300 is a lot of money just to make a passport that you'll hardly ever use (if you're not a frequent traveller). Fret not. Now you can get an international passport for only RM100, but it'll only be valid for 2 years (5-year validity passport is still available for RM300 for 32 pages)

At first, it kinda strikes me as strange that this 'new' passport actually costs cheaper (RM100 for 2 years, if i pay RM300, it'll last me 6 years instead of 5!) but since most of the countries would require passport holders to have validity of more than 6 months before being permitted to enter their country, I guess in this sense, having a longer validity passport is kinda cheaper, especially if you're a frequent user.

More info here! 

Fluffy, the Lapdog

by Volvoxx On 12:27 AM 2 comments
Fluffy, on my lap while I'm killing Zergs on Starcraft.

Salad with Mayonnaise and Balsamic Vinegar Dressing

by Volvoxx On November 20, 2009 11:59 PM 2 comments
Tesco is like, my family's favourite hangout. Now that they've open another Tesco (Extra) in the little small town of SP, they lagi suka go.

Salad's great for a simple meal

During one of these excursion, I saw some salad-greens that were marked down. Mainly cuz they look wilted and not so appetizing. A good dip in cold water would easily fix that! Bought two types for less than RM2...and it was enough to last my whole family 2 meals (okay, they're not exactly salad-eaters).

Here's a simple recipe for salad dressing
Or rather, ways ppl use Facebook that I can't stand. It's prolly just me tho...but sometimes I think that these ppl forget that they're actually shouting out loud in public when they post anything in Facebook.

FW: 4 Asian Leaders

by Volvoxx On November 19, 2009 1:48 AM 1 comments
FW, cuz I took it from my mum's e-mail. Yeah one of those forwarded emails but I rarely ever get them anymore (at least the good ones) that this one just cracked me up.

This is just a joke...hope no one takes this seriously (giggle)...allrite here goes:

Recipe Board

by Volvoxx On 1:09 AM 2 comments

My fridge/recipe board back in Melaka. Bloody convenient.

I just wish there was a magnet computer gadget thingy that I can stick to the fridge (that I can afford). :P

Phone Caller Etiquettes

by Volvoxx On November 11, 2009 11:40 PM 0 comments
Although this may seem very normal to most people, some idiots out there still don't observer the normal etiquettes of a caller while on the phone (in the perspective of the receiver of course)

'Instant' Tiramisu / Happy Birthday Dad

by Volvoxx On October 28, 2009 2:23 AM 2 comments
Happy Birthday Dad :D

Couldn't celebrate dad's birthday last year cuz my ITP was starting the very next day, so I made it a point to be at home this year (instead of lingering around in KL doing...well..nothing :P ). More pics and recipe after the jump!

GITS-like technology might actually be possible

by Volvoxx On October 23, 2009 2:01 AM 0 comments
Those of you who know me know I'm a huge fan of Ghost in the Shell (QJ's prolly sick of me blabbering bout it) and its futuristic ideas of what that would technology do to humans and machines. The idea they goddamned awesome. I can't stop loving the show. And I can't ever get bored of re-watching the series...AND the show. (my GITS collection eats up 25Gb of my HDD)

Sometimes, my friends would share some of their good reads on the one about curing cancer using bicarbonate soda, NASA 'shooting' the moon to verify if there's really water in the Moon, and recently..this. An article about research done make an injured mouse walk again. Now that may sound very boring and rather...unimpressive.. but what's really amazing is how they did it. Using light and algae to control brain activity with great precision, and most importantly, without any side effect. The research aims to find a cure for Parkinson's that will not have side effect on the patients.

What's even more amazing is the technology behind this. Optogenetics have huge potential.

By injecting mice neurons with yet another gene, one that makes cells glow green when they fire, researchers are monitoring neural activity through the same fiber-optic cable that delivers the light. The cable becomes a lens. It makes it possible to “write” to an area of the brain and “read” from it at the same time: two-way traffic.

This two-way traffic could lead to human-machine fusion. Imagine having a prosthetic arm that not only enables you to grip and touch objects, you can actually feel, sense heat and gather information of the object you touch. I can't help thinking of the possibility of cyborgization in the future, just like in GITS. :D

Soya Bean Milk

by Volvoxx On October 22, 2009 3:06 PM 1 comments

Towards the end of my holidays spent at 391D, I was chatting with my sis when she told me she just made soya bean milk the night before. Lately, I've been loving soya bean milk quite a bit. Would buy them whenever I go pasar malam (which is sadly, not often enough) so when she said it was really easy to make them, I got curious and ventured out to buy some 'yellow beans'.

I'm baaaaccckkkk!!

by Volvoxx On 4:09 AM 0 comments
Well..actually I've been back a few days...just without net. And in those few days...well....I slept...a lot. Gosh when I'm bored I just went to the couch..and just slept. Sisters came back during the weekend too and they did just about the same thing. LOL. Terrible people, us ;P ...well...we did make cakes tho. With some nice deco. I'll post some pics some other day. Don't have my cam with me now and I think mum took her cam into her room already...dang. Ah well.. ;P

So the TM contractors finally came around today to install the damned net...and yey! Felt so good to have (decent) net back. Dialup sucks. Period. (yeah i can hear gasps and you people saying OMG dialup still exists?...) Now I can download contents for my DS too since its wireless ;P. Siblings will be happy when they're back. That's for sure.

Anyways....what's up? Nothing much really. An ex-classmate got married and didn't tell us (ok fine the kenduri's next year but STILL!!! Gosh people...with facebook and everything around and we still have to find out bout things after they happen from other ppl)...Fluffy's all fluffed up again (she had to have multiple haircuts previously thanks to her being allergic to everything else but Salmon and Vege flavored dog food...and since that flavour's sooo bloody hard to find, she's eating CAT food now. HAHAHA)...nieces are driving me NUTS. One won't let anyone else carry her when the mum or my aunt's around else she'll start crying really really loudly...the other one's being awfully stubborn and spoiled. You'll have to practically chase her around the house to feed her everyday, and if anyone doesn't do anything HER way...she'll throw a tantrum and start to cry. If you ask her to stop crying...she'll cry even louder. Great. Threaten to beat her, she'll just say OK. She hasn't kena the cane yet. Back in my (and I'm sure MANY other of my friends as well as my siblings) days...the very sound of the cane's whipping, and we'd run and hide in the corner. Just yesterday, the baby sister got whacked cuz she panicked when the baby got too near the picture puzzle she was playing...then later on she bite the baby's thumb for no apparent reason, making the baby cry her lungs out for a few minutes.

All that noise+blaring tv+the adults scolding the kinda crazy change compared to QJ's music spamming I had back in Melaka. Thankfully the stupid Fluffy don't bark much. Else...I think I'd just bury myself in the bed when it happens. Hmmm now that I think of it, maybe that's why I like to stay up late even at home. Bah alasan....hahaha ;P .....WELL....the kids are cute when...well....when they're not doing all the above. At least the youngest one doesn't cry when she sees me (like when she sees my second sister...wakakakaa)...and the eldest one can ask some pretty smartass questions (and say some pretty smartass things)...she will suddenly remember that my eldest sis did not follow them to Genting the other day and ask my sister "Why didn't you follow us to Genting that day?" out of the blue...then other times she will be excited to go back home cuz her two aunts will be back home to play with her...when we ask her "when bout the other aunt?" ...she will say "she won't be back..she always work work work..." .....which makes us go /facepalm. Gee...

Neways...nuff bout kids. What else have I been doing? Haven't cooked much (aside from the sucky maggi I had yesterday) cuz...I don't have to. And my parent's don't really fancy western food so...I don't really feel like making them. The fact that I keep waking up 2pm in the evening, doesn't really help either. Well, lets see if I can pull off a simplified Tiramisu this coming weekend for Dad's birthday. :D

I've been watching my stash of movies tho. Didn't watch much while I was in Melaka cuz I've always been watching whatever QJ downloads (bleh now I have to download my own stuff...x.x ) ...and one of the gems I found in my HDD is Sound of Music. It was sooooooooo niceeeeee! :D ...see if I'll manage to finish the post about it (I'm lazy..hee!). And the chinese channel on Astro was screening Justice Bao that I remember watching with my grandma about 15 years ago! (I remember cuz his bodyguard is sooooooooooo cute! XD Grandma had a picture with the actor...I...dunno why :D ) whole family's glued to it now and I don't mind. Really really nice show. Don't mind marathoning it if I had it in my HDD (bet it'll be a pain to find being a banana and all) other that the 2 classics, I'm slowly milling thru my stash of movies (partly cuz I need to clear some space cuz the damn external is running out of space...again).

That's ..just about it. I think. Still owe QJ some unfinished projects (eek forgot!) so I guess I'll be busy tmr ;P

Nites (morning) peeps!

Not so away afterall

by Volvoxx On October 16, 2009 7:28 AM 0 comments
/peeks from the peejay

Guess I won't be so away afterall. Hee...well what can I say, its great having neighbours who are so kind enough to share their WiFi. Sharing is caring, rightttt??? (Hey its not our fault they didn't lock their WiFi.... :P ...have been using it sinct my ITP last year..hee!)

aaannnddddd...mum told me she suscribed to streamyx just the other day cuz the promotion at Tesco there offered the WiFi combo package mum wanted and they were having the installation AND activation fee mum bit the bait and hopefully in less than a week's time I'll have net again...hee! Lets just hope the PC at home doesn't crashes often... ;P

And to all my Indian friends out there...I'd like to wish you all...Happy Deepavali :D (yey for free food for me ;P)


by Volvoxx On October 14, 2009 6:49 PM 0 comments
I'll be away for awhile...detouring to KL for a day or two before heading back to SP...without my PC. Yeah leaving teh PC here in Mlk for awhile...gonna get my parents to come down and pick stuffs up later (mum wants to come here shopping too..uh....)...

So...I'll be away from blogging for awhile..until I get broadband installed at home (or if I get to leech some net using sis' laptop while I'm at her place...hehehehe)

Baked Macaroni Cheese

by Volvoxx On October 12, 2009 6:24 AM 0 comments

Khurshid made mac and cheese for his family for Iftar quite some time ago...and it made me wanna make something similar. Went scour and found something which is rather easy to make.

Recipe after the jump

Fish Chips with Beer Batter

by Volvoxx On October 10, 2009 3:38 AM 3 comments

I looooovvvveeee fish chips but some restaurants can really screw up the fish chips that it makes me think twice before ordering. My sis had tempted me before with beer batter fish chips somewhere in Penang and it made me crave for it ever since. Figured it shouldn't be too hard to do, since I've fried fish chips before using Jusco's tenpura flour. So I googled for the recipe and found one from Videojug. Here's what I came up with...

Bread Pudding

by Volvoxx On October 9, 2009 12:00 PM 2 comments
We bought quite a bit of big loaves of bread this semester, and as a result, there's always 1-2 slices left when it expires. What I'd do is, check for mold, and if its clean, toss it into the freezer.

Figure since semester break is approaching, I'd do something with the bread before having to toss them all out to the garbage truck. Decided to make bread pudding, something Amran made quite some time ago (and made us think of it long after it was finished).

Bread pudding: simple way to getting rid of those old breads.

This will be the first thing you'll see in the morning, should you bela this cat. ROFL.

New Layout!

by Volvoxx On October 8, 2009 7:07 AM 1 comments
It's about time I dish out something new :D  has been using the last theme for far too long. 2 years if I'm not mistaken :P. I love the theme to bits. If it wasn't for the fact I couldn't fully utilize blogger's new template widgets and tools, I wouldn't have bothered. The ajax menu was really nice and I like its simplicity. It was clean and neat, just what I liked.

I loved the last theme so much, many of the new themes were not nice enough for me to want to replace the template...until I found this one. Zinmag Primus. Looks too good to ignore. Took me awhile to fiddle with the template settings but it was worth it. Still got a few stuff to fix tho but I'll leave that for tomorrow. If you guys find any buggy stuff, do let me know ;P

Happy Mooncake Festival

by Volvoxx On October 6, 2009 4:16 AM 0 comments

I've always like it during the Mooncake Festival. What's there not to like? Delicious mooncake to eat (free, of course, since parent's buy and gifts from relatives), nice mooncake boxes for collection (haha!) and nice pretty lanterns to play with!

FYP - Done

by Volvoxx On October 1, 2009 9:08 PM 1 comments
Finally, fully done with the whole damn thing. From trying to not get lost in Facebook Platform, planning, coding, to report bullshitting writing, soft cover, kill myself finding places that wanna do hardcover in the midst of Raya holidays....with the dateline looming closer and moderator not replying my email to give me the green lights to proceed with the hardcover binding....

Finally, its done ;3

Never thought it'd feel so good to hold it in my own hands. So...satisfying!

Fifi gets a haircut!

by Volvoxx On September 25, 2009 1:37 PM 2 comments
These pics were taken way back in 2007. Went thru my stash of pics and saw these...found them quite cute and funny so I'm gonna post it here ;P

Was one of those days at home with nothing better to do, when I noticed aunt was giving Fifi a haircut. Judging by the growly sounds the furball was making, she wasn't too pleased with it...kekeke..

Business Idea and Business Plan Competition

by Volvoxx On September 24, 2009 10:17 PM 0 comments
Usually, CyberP would require students to sell stuff (usually food) for about a week, and your marks would be based on your profit and what not...but for this year, FBL students are required to write a business plan instead. Since CyberP is not offered to FET this sem, I decided to join FBL students instead.

We started the whole business plan not expecting anything...just needed to do it as a part of our coursework (cuz in CyberP, its all about coursework. No midterm, no finals)...mana tau end up top 10, and winning the whole damn thing. Damn it was good.

Home Cooked

by Volvoxx On 3:34 AM 1 comments

I'm just gonna post pics of food I cook for now....

...cuz I'm too lazy to write long long bout anything else.

...that. And I forgot to take any pictures of the BBQ we had last another day...maybe I'll throw in some marinate recipes along too.'s some stuff I've been cooking lately. Of course, its not western everyday. Its just that I pay a little more attention to presentation for the western-type dishes. Chinese dishes just cook, serve, nom,  *burp* ...  :9

Cajun Chicken with Bacon Strip

Stop stealing my food, idiot.

by Volvoxx On September 16, 2009 11:11 AM 2 comments
Seriously now. Stop it. It's getting really really annoying. And childish (ok wait I are one.)

Catching up

by Volvoxx On September 13, 2009 5:07 AM 1 comments
So I got lazy...and busy. Haven't posted anything since a week ago :P ...Was supposed to post something bout the GACC thought sharing thing, but ended up just dumping pics to Khurshid and he did the job instead.. :P ...

To make up for the lack of pic in this post...I'm gonna post some OOT pic of some Korean meal we had last week when Shindee was around. Been ages since I went to Tok Su Gong..and its as good as ever.

The usual side-dishes. Lovely variation.

I dunno wat to call this. Taste a bit like steamed eggs, but cooked in earthernware.

BBQ Pork Ribs

The delicious kimchi soup with sausages and luncheon meat and noodles. 
Extremely overpriced. I made this once. Cost less than RM15.

Happy and stuffed =3 ...we were all looking like dat.

That would be Shindee, interpreting the Korean news for us. .../facepalm

So anyways...all the food aside (its making me hungry). What was I busy with? My FYP report ler. Damn thing...40+pages of random ramblings..and another 40 pages just codes. Codes look horrible in Times New Roman. Period. Was gonna shrink them to size 6 or 7, shrink the paragraph spacing, then use some sans-serif fonts like Calibri or sumthing that looks nicer in a pile of junk codes...but noooo...Appendices have to be in Times New Roman, Size 10. =.= Looks horrible. Anyways...that's done. All that's left is the presentation, final report....also my 1 more assignment..then finals. Ugh. Ah least I get to breath for awhile now.

What else have I been up to? I mentioned last week, I had to go beach training at Tanjung Bidara today, with the taekwondo club and cocu students. Waking up was surprisingly easy, well no thanks to my stupidly abnormal sleeping habit these days (I sleep twice a day now. 3-4 hours each. I wake up at 6-7am and I cant I stay up...then I get all sleepy and drowsy at noon.) ....having your body practically coated in sand is....unpleasant. Not being able to just jump into the water after the training was kinda disappointing (sir said, "Next time la we play water" WHY!?)...50cents paid to shower after the training was probably the best 50cents I've ever spent. The scenery was great....shame I dare not bring my cam since I wasn't gonna be watching my bag all the time. The training was great tho. Wish I had a better partner.

Can't wait for tmr (errr..tonight). GACC09's appreciation buffet dinner at Seoul Garden. Ahhhhh the last time I went there was GACC08's appreciation..was it? Hahaha! Free meal, is awesome as always.

Unexpected turn of events...sorta.

by Volvoxx On September 6, 2009 7:45 AM 3 comments
I groaned and whined that I had to wake up early Saturday morning (had to wake up early last week cuz we went KL - end up didn't sleep, had to wake up early today for CyberP Business Plan competition presentation - end up didn't sleep either, have to wake up early next Saturday for TKD beach gimme back my saturdays!)...meh that the lecturer's making us attend SIFE and her event by enforcing a 80% group member attendance to secure 10 points for her subject....never knowing that my group was participating for the competition. I thought the competition was 'whoever who wanna join, can join' thing...and not by selection of top 10 business proposals submitted. We were only told that we were in contention like...the day before the event? So the core members of my team quickly whipped out a simple presentation and presented our product today.

The last group presenting. There was about 200-300 audience
thanks to my lecturer forcing us all to go for the sake of coursework points.. :P

When the competition began, I thought that it'd be rather tough competition amongst all of us since other groups have rather refreshing idea too...and their presentation was quite good too....but some group's idea was plain...boring. It's not new...its even already existing in Malaysia so I dunno why they even qualify...w/e la...

Soon it was our turn to present our product and proposal/presentation....

...and the judges loved it!

From the questions they asked us during the Q&A question, as well as the way they had asked it (they weren't just asking questions just for the sake of 'tembak'-ing our was seen with other teams)....really showed that they had genuine interest in our product and that it actually had lotsa potentials in their eyes. It was then that I was more convinced that...we can do it after all!

Soon all 7 consolation prizes were given out. 3 more were given to creative ideas by other students who did not make it to the top 10 (prolly proposal not as detailed or sumthing)...and so it was left with the final 3. At this point, its for sure that we'll each walk back with at LEAST RM50 in hand. When they announced the 3rd place, and it wasn't us...we all went "Yes!" ...damn jahat rite? XD

When it was finally time to announce first place....we were all damn jumpy and excited cuz somehow we knew it could just be us. *drumrolls* (no really....the students drummed the tables)...and my lecturer went "You remember the group who brought a little small bottle for their presentation?" ...and we just started cheering loudly. omg omg omg we really did win RM1000. We laughed at our friend cuz he had already began calculating how much each of us would get if we won RM1000/700/500 before the event even began...cuz there was 9 of So we decided to give RM100 each, presenters get more (which I totally don't mind cuz...we didn't do a thing for the presentation).

"Shit la give us this damn big thing for wat? Wat're we gonna do with it la?"
"Sleep on it la...jadi tikar"

So there. It all began with me registering for CyberP under FBL's group...and registering late/skipping first week which means...I didn't have a group till week 2....and these fellas approached me and another girl (cuz they only had 4 in a group then) to join them.....and somehow we just worked well together...eventho I never knew them. Our team won fastest team to finish the Entrepreneur boardgame-thingy we were forced to play...and won the business plan competition. Gotta admire the enthusiasm of my fellow junior groupmates la cuz they rock! I'm so lucky to be a part of awesome groups for both my CyberP and Moral....eventho they're all juniors and are people whom I barely know before I joined them. Glad that I had been able to mix well with them too. :)

There's only 2..very bad quality pics in this post cuz...I didn't bother to pack in my camera...and other pics are with my groupmates.

We had GACC's thought sharing thingy later that I ended up in my semi-formal attire from 8am till..12midnight that day. Urk >.< ...I'll save that for another post another day. Gotta get back to my FYP report for now...since I didn't have a chance to work on it at all today :P

FYP - Almost....

by Volvoxx On September 4, 2009 7:21 AM 0 comments
I'm finally done with the software part of my FYP. Compiling, assembling loose codes, fixing and standardizing links...KAUTIM! 

Yey! to finish up the damn report and do my slides....


Sorry I'm not gonna give out the link to the application just yet. Scared some things might screw up or what not...but here's a screenshot of roughly how the application is like. No flash no graphics la... :P 

Of course...all my so called 'supervisees'...are either my alter-egos, my bf, or my sister (lol kena jadi mangsa XD)

Basically, it's a facebook application that enables students to keep their supervisors updated on their FYP progress. Supervisors can also post announcements as well as update students on the dateline of report submission/presentation and etc. Pretty simple once you get over the application structure, and figure out how to use facebook to build the application (so so stupid at first).

It was fun working on it...but I'm glad to get it off my mind....even if its just the software part XP

A day in the city

by Volvoxx On August 30, 2009 11:52 PM 2 comments
It's been awhile since QJ and I had the time (nor money) to go gallavanting carelessly in KL....since he was slightly 'up' in the finance department lately, we decided to go jalan jalan in KL for a one day trip.

Thanks to my 'bleh' FYP, as well as some random assignment tasks tossed at me last minute (not to mention 'assignment' by my bro to do some major alterations to some pics of his youngest girl =,= ) .....ended up not sleeping the night before. By the time I was done with all my work, it was already 6am. Ended up doing some random stuff till 7am, woke QJ up...and went dimsum with Yeap at 8. We were kinda behind schedule...but managed to get on a 10am bus...reaching KL around it wasn't too late. Went Times Square...the boys burnt RM14 playing Razing Storm...this new arcade shooting game (prolly not so new la but heh...its been ages since we went there)..."Shoot like crazy...smash and destroy" was the tagline they wrote under the name on the machine's label...and well...they live up to it. I just need to keep your fingers on the trigger...swing your gun around....and'll turn the place to dust! There was one scenario where the enemy AI was on the upper floor....the boys just shoot the flooring and the bullets managed to hack off a huge chunk of cement! Swt....wat kinda bullets they use la... :P ...what's cool was that the environment was very interactable. If you see a car/barrel...shoot it cuz it'll explode and practicaly wipe out enemies in that area. What's funny tho, is that in certain scenes...enemies come at you with their guns raised in the air...i/o pointing at you...they look like some dancing/protesting mobs instead of some guerillas... kekeke....some parts of the game enables the guys to use rocket launches to kill the bosses....but in between the scenes where the guys are chasing the boss/running away from the boss...they get to use the rocket launchers on human enemies too...which is...well....kind of an overkill ^^; tho...even just watching them.

Went ronda ronda a few anime/figurine shops, Borders, then had lunch at Papa John's Pizza. One of the things QJ and I dread bout going to Times Square is the lack of food choice the place has. Same goes to Sungei Wang and Low Yat...if we want some good food, it'll have to be in Pavillion...heh...there too much choice pulak :P . So the night before, I did a search on Google for some suggestions of what to have in BTS....and found Papa John's. Was kinda worried since I've read mixed reviews on that place...but decided to give it a try anyway...since it was the only way to find out if it was good....

Turns out pretty good :D ...its not ZOMG AWESOME pizza (QJ and Yeap could not stop raving about the pork pizza they had while they were in Thailand...Yii even swore off all other pizzas in Malaysia after he had that....but oh come can you beat pork on pizza ?? >.< )

....the ambiance in the place gives a warm comfortable glow...altho I have to say their table's a tad bit too small...we had to struggle to fit all the food we had on our table...not to say we ordered a lot oso ...we decided to go for their Merdeka specials...since it was the cheapest one with decent portion of pizza...RM49.90, comes with 2 9" pizza, one of them is their merdeka special pizza...some local flavour...grilled chicken with sambal sauce....YES sambal sauce!...I had to admit I was a bit intimidated to try that flavour at first..but it actually turned out nice. The sambal smell wasn't very overpowering and the pizza was actually tasty...but it could definately do without the red chillis...pedas x.x ...the other one we had was Chicken Super Papa's...which I liked.

Other side dishes that came with the set was a plate of very delicious pasta bolognese...

...and a snack platter that had 2 chicken wings, some potato wedges..and a few pieces of very sorry looking onion rings. its of us had already 'attacked' the onion rings but still!!!

Seriously...I mean...come on! It looked so pathethic! Supermarket frozen ones can do better than that. And look what they had on the advertisement!

Look at how fat it is in there!

Feels cheated. But only that tho....everything else was good. also came with 4 glasses of ice lemon tea.

So yeah...RM49.90...about RM54 after tax...for a meal that's suited for 4 people (we were stuffed x.x )...its pretty cheap. Definately beats Pizza Hut and maybe on par with Dominos...maybe. I haven't had enough of Dominos to remember :P

We finished off our lunches, and headed to Sungei Wang and Low Yat to check out their 'otaku-stash' offerings. To our surprise...many shops have either closed down...or became rather 'lame'. The level of otaku-ness in these areas have certainly dropped substantially since our last visit here ^^; ...well not that it really bothers me cuz watever anime-related stuff I'd want nowadays...I can find them off the net ;P ...went to get a new switch (cuz ours got fried) from Low Yat before heading to KLCC.

Needless to say, it was worlds apart, Sungei Wang/Low Yat/BTS and KLCC...

We went straight to Kino's Japanese section...or at least where it used to be :P ...its been so long since QJ and I paid a visit there that...they are no longer inside Isetan...instead, they've moved into Kino's main branch upstairs. Yeap had a field day there...he spent a fortune there while the both of us were browsing thru some stuff (wheeee finally read Saiyuki Gaiden Vol 4...eventho its in Jap and guh so hard to read...but my gawd these are so hard to find! >.< )...since Yeap was busy with his shopping spree, QJ and I decided to go for a cup of overpriced but very very fragrant coffee at Kino's coffee club. Aih the price we pay for drinks these days...

After he was done, we head down for dinner. Well since we had lunch quite late that day...we weren't really that hungry yet but its so rare for me and QJ to go KLCC...and I've been wanting to drag him to Santini since last year when I went there with sis and Ken. Got there, ordered my meal...and went off with my tripod (berat babi but gah...I wanted to take a night shot of KLCC twin tower) and camera to shoot these:

Yeah almost same shot..just slightly different angle but heck...dun care. So much trouble to shoot these pictures so I'm gonna spam a bit! :P Carrying the damned tripod all the way there..was definately worth it. Of course I could just use some makeshift tripod out of...stuff I can get there but didn't wanna chance it since I hardly get time to just linger off KLCC and snap this shot..the timing was just too nice (altho I had to rush a bit and would have preferred to just took my time and take a few more angles and what not)...while taking these pics...some...foreigner guy came to me and kacau..."Your pics are nice" la (ei my camera was so bloody close the the floor how the hell did you see my photos when the display was angled towards the floor?) ..."are you local" la..."you look nice" bugger..fuck off la. =,= ...I hate it when these foreigners come to my country and behave like this...

Went back to join the guys...the drinks have arrived....damn bloody expensive but so goddamned bloody nice. The best overpriced drinks I've ever had! LOL!

Green Temple mocktail - Green apple, sprite, vanilla ice cream...
...I shall attempt this one day...

Iced mocha or sumthing damned chocolaty and rich..QJ got full just by drinking this alone :P

Food arrived after awhile...Yeap ordered Grilled Chicken breast ...and got the most impressive plated dish we've ever seen with our own eyes (after watching so many of those in Hell's Kitchen..haha!) was sooo so nicely plated...he was almost reluctant to eat it. I stole the brinjals (cuz Yeap wasn't a fan of veges :P )...and gawd..they were good.

I decided to share a Carbonara with QJ...since he wasn't hungry yet. It was delicious, but QJ would have liked it better if the pasta was not so tangy...

Overall, I felt the price of the meals were okay for the standards (Yeap's was about RM20sumthing...mine was RM19)...but the drinks were a killer..and so was the tax. 4 drinks (Yeap had 2..hahaha), and 2 dishes came to almost RM100...compared to lunch...this is definitely "Ouch!" ...but I think I'd wanna come back here again...maybe go cheapskate and order cheaper drinks or sumthing... ;P ...QJ would say "You masak jer la" ...hahaha...ah one day I'll learn to cook as skillful as these l.... tee hee....

Finished our meal and we headed back to Pudu to catch a bus back Melaka. It was a brand new bus...and what's was also the first time that I've sat in a NGV-powered vehicle...not just any vehicle...a NGV-powered bus! Waaaaa....they power busses too?!!...and as if the thought of riding a NGV-powered bus isn't scary enough for me...the driver had to go refill the gas. Gehhh.....but at least we got to see how much the bus takes (full tank for the bus was about 130 litres..I think) ...was so tired and burnt out...I just fainted on the bus :P ....thank god Yeap drove us to Sentral so his car was just parked there whole day so we could head back straight the moment we got to Sentral. Pasar Ramadhan area was soooo lively this time (didn't remember it being like dat last year) looks as if they've converted the whole area to become a pasar malam...but we were just too tired to go check it out.

As if we haven't splurged enough the day before...we decided to go catch "Up" today....and then have Pak Putra for dinner....well at least I managed to get some grocery shopping in so...we'll be camping in for the next couple of days :P ...hee!

p/s: Selamat Hari Merdeka btw...altho this hardly feels like anything at all...such shame ^^;

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