Salad with Mayonnaise and Balsamic Vinegar Dressing

Posted by Volvoxx On November - 21 - 2009

Out of ideas of what to cook for dinner? Dining alone? Salad makes an awesome, simple meal for one, or side dish for two or more!

Instant Tiramisu / Happy Birthday Dad

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 27 - 2009

My two nieces are more than happy to celebrate their grandfather's Birthday with him

Soya Bean Milk

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 22 - 2009

Ever wanted to try making your own soyabean milk? Check it out!

Baked Macaroni Cheese

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 12 - 2009

Fancy some simple satisfying Baked Macaroni Cheese at home? Check out this recipe.

Fish Chip with Beer Batter.

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 10 - 2009

An attempt in making Fish Chip with beer batter...while forcing QJ to consume fish :P

The end of sem 'pick-a-kitteh' syndrome.

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 09 - 2009

Kittens will mysteriously appear at our doorstep come semester break. This time, its happening again. A cute, manja, noisy kitten visits 391D.

Merry Christmas~

by Volvoxx On December 26, 2005 2:58 AM 0 comments
May be a lil late..but Merry Christmas to you all!!~~

A lil burned out after the trip to Singapore last nite..but it was fun. Wild..but fun....will update later ^^ (Pics here)

Yesh!! Fifi, joining in opening presents (and she seems to be enjoying it very much too ^^; ...nyam)...she's grown fatter these days...which makes her even chubbier...and huggable....ahh.... *love* [Adds *Xmas present wrappers* into What She Eats list]

Again, Merry Christmas all......

p/s: Thanks Ann, for celebrating Christmas with me. *hugs*


by Volvoxx On December 21, 2005 2:02 AM 0 comments

Soooo sleepy....yet still have some budget thingy to lazy to do it....*glares at sumone for giving the form late* ...ble...

Tmr only 3 hours worth of nice dun have to see dat PMS b*tch again..she's really bitchy...urgh...forgive her...she lives in the past and has no life.

CF was great. At least I was happy with the prints I got from there. :3 And the Kon keychain...which I got at a cheaper price...and the Trinity Blood chain thingy....tho RM15...UWAA...SO SO NICE! X3 X3 .... Damn that 'Sephiroth print selling guy' for getting sick on the 2nd day... ;__; ...damn myself for not seing it earlier...or maybe it finis dee when i went?? Muri DAA!

Most of the stuff already summed up by Kid so...I'm not gonna talk too much bout Bleach cosplayer i saw in Day 1 (cuz i only went one day) was Urahara...I think....but damn...I WANT THEIR KATANAS!! Going Langkawi...Going Langkawi...Going Langkawi...Going Langkawi...Going Langkawi...Going Langkawi...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ...

I got a Sanzo pic...but heck..he kena Howl's potion and dyed 'his' hair dark brown...sad..but heck...

Everyone's aiming for Nikki's Giroro hat....kekeke....

Bus trip there (and back) was nice cuz the bus (yep..for the very first time MMU bus..keke) was not fully most of us sat 2 seats and tido...kekek....talked a lot too...its just like a fun hangout of EMiNA members to KL...

Went Piramid after dat...Ichiban ramen was very おいしい [yummy] much わかめ [wakame, seaweed]...didn't go skating cuz....nvm...dun ask why....(LOOMUN WHY U DIN COME?!! SHINDEE KAYLYN~!! DEX!!~~ ....uuuu.... ともだち [friends] konon... *runs*) Anyways.....DAMN...didn't see Kid when he fell...only saw him lost balance and when he fell, I was blocked by a pillar (me>1st/2nd floor, him>ground floor...damn~~) ....hummm...wat else haa??.....uu...lazy to talk dee la...later I try upload the pics to my yahoo photos or sumthing ....kekeke....

Went pasar malam on Monday nite with Shindee and Kaylyn and Lisa....ALMOST bought a hamster....SO BLARDY ADORABLE....uwaaaa.....crap mann...SHINDEEEEEE....ALL UR FAULT!!

Bro chat with me at nite..he FINALLY got streamyx...and after a long while waiting, he FINALLY knew how to 'pick up' the call from Yahoo Messenger....kekeke....he's SO....ばか [baka] XD (oh yeah..he dunno how to accept file oso..aiya...shall give him some time.. ^^; )

Anyways...woke up 8.25 today..then 8.35...then the next time i opened my eyes was like....9.20?...I..think...class start(ed) at 9..keke....then...urmm...sumthing 'quite' funny happened today that I shall not write here least I kena hack to death tmr XD

Can't believe Christmas is next- ..wait...THIS weekend....UWAAAaa...WEEeee...eeehh....mid term..crap.... X__X .....anyways...mum dad promised to get me Kodansha Kanji dictionary for Xmas...ahh..saves my expenses of getting it...yay~

Dream phone: Samsung SGH-Z500 ...or Samsung SGH-E640...this one 'love at first sight' case...keke..


ねむい です。それ じゃ みんな、おやすみ。 [Sleepy dee. So...nite nite, guys~]

80% ??

by Volvoxx On December 16, 2005 9:24 AM 0 comments
Urmm...just sumthing on Kid's blog old that I tried sometime ago when MunMun asked me's a result.

You Are 80% Boyish and 20% Girlish

You have a tough exterior - and usually a tough interior to match it.
You're no nonsense, logical, and very assertive.
Sometimes you can't understand women at all, even if you're a woman yourself.
You see things rationally, and don't like to let your emotions get the best of you.


I think his was 60%:40% ....hrmmmm..... Why am I not surprised at my own results?? XD

じゃ、また [see ya guys]

...must remember...

by Volvoxx On December 15, 2005 2:06 AM 0 comments
*walks out of bathroom...shivers and #$^@*$%#$%# *

Must remember to switch off fan b4 going bathe....idiot....

*jumps into bed*

I know....

by Volvoxx On December 14, 2005 11:31 PM 0 comments
...that she's cute.... X3 XP....

*ducks rotten tomatoes and eggs* WAKATTA WAKATTA...I haven't been updating...suman na~ .....busy maa... (and lazy oso :P )

So ANYWAYSSSss...wats up?? ....Puppy's gotten cuter....and prettier...I straightened my hair (berita basi..keke)....Japanese Language Proficiency Test[JLPT] went rather well...except for the 'kuda liar' ride to and fro (sheezzz)..XMas is approaching weee~~ ...celebrating in Singapore for the first time
in my life....with my friends summore X3 happy :D :D ....was kinda surprised mum let me...tho it didn't really come easy...but alas...outcome is a nice what do I have to complain?? stuffs....Bro's wedding.....all went well..he liked the guest book I 'made' for him..he liked the powerpoint presentation I ma
de for him...he liked the church wedding booklet cover I made for^^; ...I also love the big big angpau his wife gave me.... :D ほんとう に やさしい な [she's really very kind] ..and nice too!!'s nice like your sister-in-law! XD .... [bro's wedding pics all here.. but be's VERY messy (not my fault...oniichan didn't susun...kekeke]...


...yes, I know she's cute....
YES I KNOW ALREADY!! (yea rite)


...ok I shaddup

...a bit more.....

CUTE MAA!!! manja.... X3

...ok ok ok... *hides behind door against aimed rotten eggs* ....just one more...ONE more.... current wallpaper..kekek....

I....better ciao dulu before U guys kill me cuz u guys kenot tahan the pictures anymore... (thank goodness it's not SEM break....else ppl with dialup WILL kill me...kekeke...)


p/s: Lynn, thanks for recommending the mee hun kuey...damn oishii :9

What She Eats

by Volvoxx On November 10, 2005 3:06 AM 0 comments
List of (some of which ridiculous) things that my puppy, Fluffy (Fifi) bites/eats/chews/tries to swallow.

Her dog-biscuit
Fruits, mainly apple and 'nona'
Rice+Chicken bits
Anything edible (or some thought to be edible)

Has swallowed (inedibles)
Misc dust
Hair, be it human or herself (when we weren't looking)
'Nona' seed, causing her to almost choke to death
Bits of newspaper

Has tried to swallow
My earring
Ribbons (actually, 80% already went in when I saw her)

My hair
Ends of my pajamas
Her 'Greenies' dog-bone
Ppl's toe
My fingers
Her tail
My earphone/mouse/wacom/USB extension cable *whacks*

Does (Can) not Eat/Drink
(surprisingly enough) Coffee

Conclusion: You just can't leave her alone unwatched for 3 minutes.
(List will be updated when I get new...items)

...but she's such a darling. *hugs*

Fifi inside the bakul hantaran for my bro's wedding

More cute images when I get back Mlk.

Expensive Holiday ^^

by Volvoxx On October 24, 2005 2:18 AM 0 comments
Firstly, I bought a few japanese foodstuff to bring home to cook this hols, since those stuff can't easily be found in my area...and it cost quite a bit already....then went shopping a bit here and there, bought a 'cross' earring I've been wanting for a while, a new pair of pants...and....can't remem... :P

Then came the 'big bang' PC went nutz on me one fine morning...and I sent it to the workshop...the guy called back with a 1.3k-ish quotation...shit you...I know my stuff and I dun think it's gonna cost that much ... (i think... ^^; ) gonna ask Jin (my 'ojii-chan' senior ^^;;; ....kekeke) to help me fix it...hope can get a better price or a better upgrade out of the cash I'm gonna spend for it... *thinks of cash needed for future upgrades since comp is now worthy of upgrading* ... *pengsans [faints]*


Went there last week with my aunt and 2nd sis...and among the 3 of us, I can quite confidently say that I bought the most stuff...lolz... *swt*'s a list....

Clear vase from Living Quarters - RM19.90
'Cute lil stuff' aka a bunch of mini-floaters from Living Quarters - RM2.10X3 (I think they had the wrong price...ahh who cares)
Shoes from Vinci - RM24-ish
2 shirts from Padini - RM 19ish each

...and that's just day 1

Day 2...went Ikea....mostly bought stuff for bro's room. He's having a major refurbishing for his room coz of his wedding *yawns* ...kekeke.... (me <-- bad) he asked us to buy him curtain poles (those blody damn poles were 2.1 meters! ...we were walking around in Ikea looking like we were going to join the War of Middle Earth..sheezz)...and clothes hangerssss 12 per pack...he wanted 72) ....that bloody damn bastard couldn't buy all those when he came here last month with his car! (we came by bus...and he had the wait...he had the balls to ask us to take that 'fishing rod' back for him...idiot... -___-# )

Wat I got? .... >__<

Ikea 'glass' lamp RM19ish (I realised...a lot of things I bought these days were priced at RM19ish)
1 of those 1.3meter curtain pole (fully extendable to 2.1meter) - RM19ish (SEE??)
Deco pebbles - RM6.90
Photo frame - ...crap..i forgot...RM4 i think...
Multi-layer clothes/jeans hanger - ...RM9.90? ...^^;; (my sis is gonna kill me for forgetting...I still owe her...)
Book end - RM2.90

...I think.... (I HoPe) that's all.....die (did I spend dat much?) *wince at the thought of spaghetti-top bought from The Curve for bro's wedding dinner-first nite*

3rd day there, my sis and aunt had to go back around I went MidValley alone ...bought a cookbook, a floor mat and Saiyuki Vol 1 from the japanese bookstore there (english ver at RM9.90??? 1/4 the normal price...but quality-wise...hmmmm)...and two spaghetti tee for RM13! ...waa cheap! ...oh yeah....if you go Mid Valley...MUST TRY the cream puff outside Jusco basement supermarket there...SO NICEEE!! *dies* .....later dat nite went Pasar Malam near SS2 summore...bought 2 shawls...x__x ....but it was so nice ^^;;;

4th day...went KLCC (strategy to not spend too much - go to sumplace you can't afford much ^^; ) ....finally found one of the sushi ingredient I've been looking for for....ages - Konbu ....jeezzz...idiot me never looked in Isetan before...went Kino and bought the Copic pen Lisa's friend so so expensive x__x ...RM17ish for one...waaa........

So yes...didn't spend much in KLCC...but felt very sick when I was shopping around and decided to go back early...and had a migrain dat nite....idiot.....slept in bed until 4pm next day (...well..I found a good book and kept myself busy...hehehe ....but sadly can't finish it b4 I went back...waa!)

Next day...bus on laze around whole day (still didn't feel quite ok...and already broke didn't go out)...go out dinner with cousin...then balik lo dat a double seat beside a guy (...urgh...damn he was not a 'lengchai' [cute guy] ...>__< )...and the seat was so small...ish...thank goodness the bus was not cold so it was nice ^__^

So expensive holiday...(...there's another dinner gown I bought from my aunt...thank goodness got discount....and mum sponsored that...keke......and oh....sis sponsoring me to do hair straightening too....wee~ ) but YESH!! was fun...hehe...

....and I'm broke (I still owe my sis 70% of the stuff above...she insisted on paying with her card coz got pay her back...once I count... *scrolls up and count* )

House still messy...
Fluffy (nick Fifi aka pocot) almost choked on...sumthing today...crazy puppy...
Spent whole day with bro's wedding mass book...quite nice outcome thanks to his ideas....
....I'm hungry....crap...skipped dinner....

.....I'm still bored ...aaaa....

Kid, update ur blog larrr!!

And case anyone was wondering, we didn't take the clothes hangers back on the bus (crazy aa??)...asked one of my aunt to help us take it back since she was around and going back to Penang in a few days time... *kisses her*

Dead PC and Going KL

by Volvoxx On October 14, 2005 9:23 PM 0 comments
.....yes, PC 'died'...I just wun start properly and makes weird noises..not HDD problem I think... (which could REALLY costs me) ...suspects its the MBoard...if it's that's gonna be 1k or so....and that could mean worse things to come......coz once I get a faster'll be oh so tempted to get myself a video card...and HDD upgrades...and...urgh... more $$$$$$......AAAAAAAAaaaaa (...can stupidly finally play HL2 and DOOM3...and much much much more games..... XD )

Anywaysssss....will be going KL tonite...back only Monday...hopefully more updates then for STILL in a bloody mess...threw tonnes of 'unwanted stuff' which i THINK mum wun want anymore (dun ask her...she'll keep EVERYTHING...gawd....) ....Langkawi..hope still going...bro's wedding.../me no eye see >.< ....

/me is missing a lot of anime

/me lists a few
- Speed Grapher 20-24
- Trinity Blood 18
- FMP TSR 11 (12 tmr..i think..uwaa)
- Bleach 52+53 ( OP/ED?)

.....crap..i need a need a laptop...and streamyx at home.... (no no money to buy..unless you sponsor 2k...sankyuu :3 )

Caught red handed! : Say no to bribery.

by Volvoxx On October 11, 2005 11:15 AM 0 comments

....or shud I have said, "Caught red pawed"? ....hehe....

More 'text-related' updates later...caught up with bro's wedding stuff and etc, not to mention fantasizing fics too... ;9

Oh...pie was success, just if you guys were wondering...hehe...

Everyone repeat after me...

by Volvoxx On October 8, 2005 3:31 AM 0 comments
Say "Awwwwwwww......" :D :3

Fluffy snuggling up to me while watching TV

*me=making pie*

Handphone and Hyper Mutt

by Volvoxx On October 7, 2005 2:55 AM 0 comments
Yeah....I...ripped out the battery while sending out a SMS coz i got the wrong number. (I got my friend's # as when I was trying to send to my oniichan tempting him to the 'ice blended red-bean' I was having at my hometown with Lisa, I...accidentally sent it to my before it went thru, I ripped out the battery (coz I can't cancel the send. Pretty stupid actually)...and when i restart my HP...and wait forever for the phone to start up all it's services (the downfall of Samsung HPs) automatically when SMS service is initialized....and it repeats itself again...and again...and...again....WTF!!!!!

My face went pale...."SHITTTTTTTTT"...I know..I wanted to change a new HP (Samsung at first sight)....BUT NOT NOW...I'm BROKE dammit....

Funny thing was, when I put my aunt's SIM into my phone and mine into hers...everything was I had to exchange phones with her (her Nokia's super crappy....have to get her a new one when I get some xtra cash...)

....and then at nite, when I tried again....putting my SIM back into my own phone (and did lotsa praying) working mann......

On side note...MY PUPPY'S SO DAMN KAWAIIIIII....when I get chance I'll show some vids I took...damn cute...and crazy..and hyper.... (it ate the whole topping of my Cornetto mini...damn U to share)

It eats just about anything edible..and some that are not edible... ^^; ....rambutan, banana, ice cream, chee cheong fun, coffee, ....button?? @__@ ....oh well....crazy puppy.....

Nothing much for now.....going makan spree with Lisa again tmr...stuff her these few days....

Oh...aunt bought me a mini-torchlight... *presses button* ..... *pokes pokes*

To all the muslims, Selamat Berpuasa.....

...see if I'm rajin to blog bout BBQ the other nite (go see Edo's blog)...but it was great. Thanks Dex for helping out so much...and Shindee for helping to clean the house so much (to the point I hardly know where things are.... ^^;;;;; )

/me is enjoying lazy life at home

*notes* Oniichan owes me a meal...nyahaha....

Tummy and thunderstorm...

by Volvoxx On October 3, 2005 3:07 AM 0 comments
Went Jusco yesterday and saw that Sushi was sold at 99cents...OMG....can't believe it....sapu a lot of them and went back and enjoy....even bought a weird piece of...sumthing and tried it out....I believe THAT was the culprit....

...coz later that night, I had a awful stomache and continuous diarrhoea till morning...if it wasn't that weird piece of sushi, it might be the ham i had for dinner....couldn't be the salmon coz if it was bad, I could have smelt it....

Neways....was chatting at 9pm...then stomach started churning...then went toilet...again...and again...and again...I lost interval of 10 mins...then 15..then 30..then it grew more and more morning, only once in an hour. Bad thing is, after every visit, my stomach will have feel excruciatingly the point I wanted to just stab myself and just die...urgh....warm water in bottle on tummy helps a lil hurts so much I didn't even feel like watching TSR ep 10 that I so painstakingly DLed using my f*cked up line...urgh....

Got better when I woke up in the morning...but tummy feels weird as I practically emptied it the nite b4...and I dare not eat anything much besides soyabean juice and self-cooked clear soup noodles...which leaves me kinda hungry too now....jeezzzz....still feeling a lil pain now...windy too...i think coz of emptyness i guess....*sigh*

Oh...and one more thing....I was looking at my blog tag-box and suddenly realised the Forecastfox on my Firefox. It states 'Thunderstorm' for Malacca. I went to look at my window and went "Thunderstorm my FOOT!!...wait a sec..." I noticed that the clouds were red in colour. A sign that it would rain somehow....I quickly rushed down as I had quite a lot of laundry (done coz I want to go home already this Tuesday)...and quickly take them in. Woke Dex up (he was sleeping on the dining chair O__o ) ....I just only managed to keep the first batch in, it started raining like shit!! My GOODNESS!!! Dex helped me keep the rest and hang them in the window grill......

For ONCE...Weather forcast was THAT accurate!!

Gonna have BBQ tmr. To celebrate Yuhi-kun's b'day and Jin-san's belated B'day. Hope a lot of ppl come. Hope rain wun... ^^;;;

*goes cram more Field Theory stuff into head ......such a pain... *sigh* *

Double Blurness ^^;

by Volvoxx On September 29, 2005 9:23 PM 0 comments
Today...after Circuit paper, Dex, Lisa, Yining and myself went Jusco and have lunch. Went Popular bought a few stuff...and then proceed to KFC...which sucks...quality control is...urgh....

After that went in Jusco supermarket and bought a few japanese cooking bring back home and cook...nyahahaha......

After that, we went back home and sorta cooled off a bit. Dex was staying with us these few days as we were having 'marathon studying' he just sat down and read his manga that he just bought, Lisa was either busy with her comp...or zzz'ing'...I went do my laundry and sweep my room. Too much laundry to delay and no mood to study for tmr's paper...yet.....

While waiting for laundry, I sat down and enjoyed my salmon sushi...hontou ni oishii :9 ...then took Dex's manga and read long never read Doraemon dee :P...then...sleepiness drifted in...and I fell asleep...on the the living room....blekk..

The next thing I knew, I open my eyes..and the first thing that came to my head as "MY LAUNDRY!! AAa~~!"...and the sky was not the '4pm' was some sort of 6pm sky. Went and look at the time and went "SHIT!" ...intend to wake up at 4 but....well....urgh....nvm......Dex was also asleep....and I think he also didn't want to sleep until I went off to finish my laundry...and the next thing I knew, he woke up and asked me sumthing which...doesn't really make much sense...but then again myself was equally blur.............

.......then I went upstairs.....and then Dex was talking with Lisa....and my brain just can't process what they were saying....basically it's like this.....

Dex: Blur
Lisa: Blur
Me: WTF???
Yining: ....wat the hell u guys doing???

Wat actually happen was that Dex woke up thinking that it was already Friday morning 6am..since his wristwatch doesn't have am/pm...and that would mean he slept for an entire 12+ hour...without revision for Engin Math....another killer paper.......and he tot have to go take test in about 2 hour's time.......

...and somewhere in between the confusion....we manage to clear the things out....unblur ourselves....and thank god was he was I..............

There you have it...staying too long with Lisa=equal blurness......

....wonder why I'm not affected.... ^^; ...... a bunch great songs in my PC.... (which means it's dying...again....urgh)....Trinity Blood insert songs...and best of all...FFVII AC OST!!! OMG.....the love.... *dies* ....Yes, Loo has the Holy Song.....kekeke......

...I...think I better go study now..... *yawn* ..I'm SOOOOO gonna die off tmr..........

Ja, matta ne...


by Volvoxx On September 21, 2005 1:40 PM 0 comments
...can't believe those stupid pieces of parquet actually CAN stick onto the floor when I fix it with'...should have done it ages's no longer coming out of place and annoyingly sticking to my feet when I 'ter'pijak on them...idiotic things...

No new entry coz...stupid blogger decided to go 'system error' on my after I typed a 5 day encounter entry...including FFVII: AC screening, the little trip to 'Muara'...and the little trip to mee rebus and 'Oyster' pantai (self-nicknamed) was nice :D

Will write again...if I'm not too lazy..and if I have time... ^^; .....

...mata ashita...oyasuminasai.... ^__^

...but I never thought I would fall in love with him...

by Volvoxx On September 10, 2005 11:26 PM 0 comments
He ordered me to go to him...but I never thought I would fall in love with him...

....sighh...I'm in love.....

...with Soubi

ROFL...what were you guys thinking?? That was quoted from Loveless, which I FINALLY manage to marathon last nite (sorry Lisa..I couldn't wait this morn) was quite good...sweet and stuff..but it's just...not enough....I need more of it...more story, more elaboration, more developement of relationship between Ritsuka and Soubi...and more of what happened in the past. There were just too much gap to fill....the show ended with me being so tak puas(not satisfied)...NOW I understand my friend's feeling of frustraition when she found out it was ending with ONLY 12 eps... *whines* It ended before I had enuff...still...I loved it...would have watched it again if I had time... (I'll bring it balik rumah..nyahaha)...

And yes, the magical thing bout this show is, it always manage to make the ending nice enought to smooth sail it into the nice ED song, Michiyuki by Hikida Kaori. It's a really beautiful song. Go download it. The ED Video is nice too.

And yes, Kid actually asked "who's the lucky guy?" ...why...Soubi, of course! *avoids glare from San-chan* ...Yikess.... *bends over and pecks him across the cheek* ... :P

Okay, since Kid complains of too much food in my blog, I'll blog bout sumthing else my comp project....

...on second thought, that's boring. Nahh...I'll skip that. It makes me yawn at the thougt of it.

Hehe...this then. Recently (I can't quite remem eversince when)..I've royally screwed my sleeping habits. The nocturnal me is now sleeping as early as 8pm and waking up at 2am, drink sumthing, go bathroom, surf net awhile, then cont tidur until 5am. Sometimes I sleep at around 10, wake up in the middle, and tidur balik, then waking up again only at 8am......this lifestyle is so healthy, it freaks me out that I'm actually sleeping at those hours. Even Yuhi went O__O when I told him I was gonna sleep already (at 9sumthing last nite). All it took was one sleepless night to trigger the avalance of event to cause this disrupt of nocturnalness...oh's 11sumthing and I'm already sleepy...I sound like a geezer...

.....*looks on the dry flowers in my room* ..come to think of it, it's been ages since I have fresh flowers in my room. Sometimes I buy some nice Chrysanthemum from pasar malam (during 1st and 15th of Chinese Lunar Calender)..they sell for prayers and stuff but I just like it. My favourite would be the white Carnation with a very light green base that I bought last year, along with the beige one. It was the best I've gotten all this while. I miss those. Wonder why the pasar malam don't sell carnations anymore. Would have gotten one even if it was those pink colour that I dun normally fancy....hmm..nvm. Go home, drive to the market at my hometown, and buy some to pacak. Ahh, the joy of being home with car....

*Still listening to Loveless ED* ...seriously, it's good. Go download...shoo shoo...

I haven't chat with my friend for....days. I miss her. For the past week, I've only been receiving offline messages from her. Must be frustraiting for her part as well. I'm just never home at night when she's around. No, I dont' go out lepak. It's just that most of my classes end after 9, and last week, it was likewise for Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Friday, she messaged me when I went out dinner, sadly. Then I waited for her to come online again, but then my screwed sleeping hours got the better of me, and I was soon too sleepy to keep my eyes open anymore. My sight was blurry. I couldn't even go on watching Loveless, so I went to bed, and she came online again. "Apa tido!!! Aiyo...." ...sumanakatta....I didn't mean it. She won't be around next week, then after that, I'll be busy shitless....darn.....

Hmmm...wat else eh? Oh, EMiNA merchandise sales. It went well, I suppose. We're having marathon tmr. Hope ppl will come... ^^; We were promo-ing the screened titles, along with trailers of upcoming anime as well as those we plan to put up for our future marathon list. Among them, of course FF7 AC. It was funny how ppl all flocked up to our booth when I plugged the sound system out and plug it into MunMun's laptop and played a few FF songs. They came to see the laptop, which displayed different song from what that was played on it....LOL.....btw..was the audio good the other day? *pats pats my baby audio system* Gokuro, na. Ahhh yes, FF7 was released today in Japan, in theater for limited 'invite only'. But MunMun got hold of spoilers and has already spoiled herself to it. I've only read some of it....I'll keep the rest for later ;9 ....and as for EMiNA's plan for FF7 AC... we plan to screen it first/second week of next sem (due to tight schedule of this end of sem and you guys wun come anyway)...and yes, we'll most probably do it in A2..the big halls. I suppose it's members only...I guess...but we've yet to decide this! :D But yeah, for sure we're gonna screen it.

*YAWNNN* ....waa...12 sumthing dee loo....I...better sleep dee...ja, oyasumi, minna.

Pancake + Watermelon?

by Volvoxx On September 8, 2005 9:03 AM 0 comments
Never would have thought pancake+blueberry&peanutbutter topping PLUS watermelon would have made such a lovely combo...sounds weird rite?? Try, if you dare.

Was frying pancake from those pancake mix I curi from home a month ago, and added blueberry jam and peanut butter topping and I look at the water melon I just cut. It was still ice cold from the fridge. And the pancake was still rather hot. So I thought, why not. Since I DID try it on some other fresh food before, that beiing banana (THIS one makes an EVEN BETTER COMBO, trust me! :D )...then I cut a corner of the sweet part of the melon..and tried... OMG O.O was nice!!..kekekkee.....

Earlier today I steamed rice with the Maggi Chicken stock (the liquid one) and some margerine..FUIYOOO...damn sedap mannn...then I boiled some chicken herbal soup (from the herbal pack thing aunt bought from me. A1 brand. Go try. Damn good) and add some chicken there oso (bought from pasar malam :D ) long never makan home cook chicken friday gonna try steam chicken).....then fry scramble egg and add to the top of the chicken rice....fuiyooo...'hou han fook aaa' (Very lucky...sorta..mewah..mewah...)

Earlier the other day, cook spaghetti (got stock in fridge summore :D ) and salad....turn out quite nice eventho I change the meat a bit (last time use daging burger, this time use minced type only)..I think I balik wanna try new the garlic style insteal of the bologne style.

....aiyo crazy dee..keep talking bout food.

*sigh* *goes back to slave on Comp assignment*

Birthdays, cakes, cards and fireworks

by Volvoxx On September 2, 2005 7:34 AM 0 comments
It was the eve of 30th Aug, Lisa and myself had just returned from an hour's worth of suffering from EEN *DO not mention again...after this post* ...I had earlier gone to the wrong venue (coz all of my papers this sem was held in Exam hall, but this one being delayed, was held in Main Hall instead). Went there rather early. Exam hall was rather empty than usual. I suspected something amiss, tho brushing it off as being rather early, I sat down to unfamiliar faces of students and lecturers. I began to feel more and more 'out' thus I flipped the paper on my table to take a look at the title: "**inserts paper name**" my horror, it wasn't the expected "EEN1016 - Electronics" there, but some foreign words strewn on the cover. I quickly collected my items, and sprint out of the hall, and rushed to CITS to check my actual venue (tho I guessed myself that it would be in Main Hall..but just to be on the safe side ^^; ) anyways, I was a lil late...just a lil. They just started, and I sat RIGHT in front. But basically, to sum it all, it sucked. I flunked it for all I care. Was the worst paper I encountered and many seem to agree with me. Nuff said.

After the paper, one of my classmate invited Lisa and myself over to their house (just about 3-5 mins walk away from our place) to celebrate another of our classmate's birthday. It was some sort of PE01's tradition to celebrate classmate's birthday, so there you have it ;). Without thinking much (as a zombified Lisa would have always been expected to be), Lisa had agreed to go, but then I nudged her and said "We can't..." ....she looked back at me and blurly said "Why??" ............."Yining's??" ....."Ohhhh....tonight horr?? Aiyaaa.." [FYI: Yining is Lisa's current dare you.... -__-# ] ...but yeah, we said we'd try to go if Yining's party won't start as early (she has yet to know bout it at that time) both of us went back home, I bought some keropok ikan on the way...and 'cooled down' while waiting for Shindee to get cakes and etc. Yining started to take out Lisa's 'Er-hu' (chinese musical instrument) and tried to play a our horror. As if THAT was not bad enough, LooMun decided to chip in, and had her hand on the Er-Hu, which had me running back to my own room with my hands covering my ears as the resonance of the tune she tried to pick ran thru the back of my spine, making me shudder. Later on, Lisa asked if we wanted to drop by my classmate's house first, so I said "Okay"...but Lisa said she wanted to go take a bath first. So I waited for her as I took more blasts from the Er-Hu...

We were soon at our classmate's house. Nice of them to keep a piece of cheesecake for each of us. Nice to see fellow PE01s again, as well as faces of our new classmates this year. We chatted and made jokes of sorts, stories, chipped teeth and dentist visits, and we soon head back at around 11.20pm. Quite a number of our friend have already congregated at our house (it wasn't a HUGE party, just a nice 10 ppl one)...and we prepared drinks and food and the cake.As the time approaches midnight, we called the birthday-girl to come down and start the celebration. This girl's younger than most of us by a year, being a PTS student. Cheeky, she was smiling brightly that we were celebrating with her. We were soon blowing candles, cutting cakes and digging into our own pieces, and I poured out my keropok ikan and dipped it into my cake's cream, much to other's horror. It turned out quite nice, and MunMun decided to try too. Quite funny really, how it was kinda nice, and we soon had more proper chili sauce to go with it...hehe. Shindee tried mixing Coke+Pepsi+Sprite for us, and I tried adding chili into it. Yep, I did. And as a result, had the combo-mixture spurting out of my nose. It wasn't much of the taste that made me 'wash my nose' with CO2 drink, but the reaction of my friends that made me laugh and choked on it. I've been rather well known to choke on almost any drink: plain water, coffee, milo and the worst: MILK!'s coz, the smell stays in there for a while.

After a hell long chat, we invited our friends to go upstairs where most of our rooms are, and showed them some stuff we've got in our comp...and etc.... *giggle* ...those who were present would know what I mean.

Then, Yining suggested cards. It was one heck of a good game. First round resulted in Shindee going to the balcony and shouted "MERDEKA" a day earlier than it was supposed to be. Other rounds resulted in Truth or Dare...and yeah, I wrapped the last game (from the back), having a whole stack of cards in the game 'bluff'. I....took to much risk. We ended up playing until 4am. Shindee and Co. actually bluffed the guards to open the back gate for them, saying they just finished 'Assignment' ...great job gal ;)

....I don't think I slept after least until 7am, I think.

The next day, Tuesday, was my Lazy Day. My Tuesday schedules are very VERY free. This Tuesday however, I had 4 hours worth of replacement class due to National Day holiday. Woke up before 12 to attend Comp tutorial, and expected Lisa to be propped up at her comp (coz I don't think she slept any later than me), I opened her door, and saw her nicely snuggled up in her bed. I had half a mind to go back to my room, and jump on my own bed and snooze away. Then again, I biked off to class. Was rather enjoyable tho, coz I learnt 'Array', something I HAD to use for my assignment. 'Tapau' rice back afterwards, ate in front of comp, and fell asleep RIGHT after that. Woke up only at around 6.30 coz I'll be having another 2 hours classes at 8pm.

Class was....urgh. Blur. Many ppl were. Maybe bcoz most of us could not wait to go back as there was a feeling of celebration amongst us. As we zoom back right after we were dismissed, we headed to the petrol station to refill Lisa's tank. We were a lil surprised to see quite a number of people there refilling their vehicles too. It seems they were heading to town. Expected. nice. I wish for a moment that I had a car. We headed home after refilling and had a nice dinner of spaghetti.

As the time was approacing 12midnight, I grabbed my bag and dashed off to Hostel. Being an ex-occupant there, I know for SURE that there WILL be fireworks nicely visible from 21st floor where i used to stay. True enough, no sooner had I reach Hostel ground floor, I heard fireworks going off in a distance. They STARTED!! I quickly dashed up the lift and joined Shindee and KayLyn there. It was the most beautiful fireworks I've seen in a while. The last 'Merdeka Celebration' fireworks display I had witness was on Penang Bridge, about 3 years ago or so. That time, we were just on our way back from fetching my sister, who had just arriaved from US. (this particular incident also sparked the usage of my current nickname) The nicest has gotta be one which explodes and leaves behind a trail of sparks, making it look like a huge willow tree. I've always liked willow tree, tho my parents have taboos against them. Jeezzz...

Later on, I joined Shindee in her room to chat a lil and leech some stuff from her. Then Kidrock called and ajak us to go supper with the rest of EMiNA gang. The other two back at home had earlier told me that they were lazy. So, yeah, since I'm already out, might as well go and have a drink and a nice chat with them.

Summary of the 'yumcha' at Cahaya Dinar:
-The mango juice SUX big time. YUCK. Banning it for 2 months.
-They...did something with the orange juice in plastic cups. Kid became a lil 'drunk' (not to mention horny O_o ..keke..) after drinking it, and Blackhole was just in a daze. Weird.
-Nice chatting bout random stuff.
-Got some pretty nice pic taken before that (I want my pic, Kid)

Went home at around 3am, go my usual routine of 'staying up til 7am or so', then pengsan until 4pm the next day. Yes, I slept thru Merdeka day. And it was nice, tho the others seem to think I was asleep or have gone out, and left me behind to go Pasar Malam. ....kanasai....nevertheless, I made a very nice bowl of curry mee+lime with slightly salted fried egg (put salt to heated oil before fry) as well as a bowl of very nice mushroom soup and toast. Was very happily stuffed after that ^__^ ...continued lazing the nite away reading HP4 (yes, I'm finally addicted) then...I can't really remember much anymore ^^;

Anyways, today, after Test and screening and a lil supper, I went back home and on my IRC. ...and hell we had a crazy talk... check it out here *giggles*

...and that was just the TIP of the iceberg...

Later, had a good session of toilet scrubbing, leaving it sparkly clean and smelling good too...*love love* O__O

Hmm...long enough to lawan Lisa's normaly post dee guys must be yawning. It's 3-4 days worth of post jammed into 1...Suman ne....

Slightly modified template expected....

Now I'm off to cook up some tomyam meehoon, and then to class....

...yes, I haven't slept whole nite. Dats 3 hours sleep in 36 hours. Wee~


by Volvoxx On September 1, 2005 7:35 AM 0 comments
Dammit...I'm hungry. And I'm running low on supplies variety...and the raw food material's all dried up. I've damn hell gotta go Tesco this Friday.

And why the HELL all of a sudden I feel like eating some roast chicken with gravy? Kenny Rogers anyone? I dunno..maybe not just roast chicken. Just...chicken!! The one in the soup that I love so much, maybe the steamed herbal one my aunt's so good at making...or KFC??...or that special thing my friend gave me a treat at Amigos...or just...ANYTHING...damn. I miss home food I guess..wonder if my friend is around this weekend. Might wanna drop in if she's free...hope her mum's cooking :3 ...and sudden crave for asparagus goreng sambal belacan too...and prawns...I'm SO DARN famished of sea-food. *thinks of Umbai seafood* ...damn I need a car...

I'm being random here... *sigh* ...

..damn. The bell's ringing again. Been ringing for the past 15 mins... *shakesfist*

*stares at PEM1016 notes* ..I CAN'T READ!!!!!

...Damn I need food.

Had quite a nice Merdeka (as well as the day before it)...will post bout it soon, I guess... :) more thing..... Kid, this one's for you...kekeke..


by Volvoxx On August 29, 2005 7:22 AM 0 comments

(for those of you who are wondering wat it's like....imagine ringing the stupid freaky bell in Viridian Room...REPEATEDLY...getting faster and faster until feel like ripping the curtains off and just scream at whoever's ringing the damn thing to just shaddup)

I's REALLY getting to me. It maybe for prayer purpose...and wat the hell bout those bells being able to calm you down....when this one goes 'ting ting ting' like a bomb, the speed going towards an allegro like it would blow up in your face....CALM EH???....baka yarou...disrupting the peaceful morning. So crudely ripping off the innocence of the silent, peaceful morning. HOW THE F***** DARE YOU!!!

...maybe I AM turning into a vamp...tehee~~

Come on, I KNOW I've gone nocturnal before...last year...but THAT was, sleeping at 5am, and waking up at 10 for classes...I haven't gone 'sleeping at 7am, waking up at 4pm' I'm REALLY there....yep, for the past few days (weekends maa) slept only at 7, when the sun's rays cruelly trying to break through the resistance of my thick curtains to reach (and perhaps, kill) me....and waking up to the more soothing light of evening rays at 4pm (okay maybe it's NOT THAT calm yet...but curtain's there ^^ )....

Been a lil crazy on music lately...blasting during the day (I..never really blast much before) and playing it almost...all nite. Not having music on seems a lil...awkwardly quiet....hehe....

FINALLY finished Harry Potter 6...what? Don't look at me like that....I took my own sweet time. If I had holiday, could have finished it MUCH earlier....oh yeah, Thanks Dex, for lending your copy ;) having to stare at the comp... (got hard copy for the first 5?? ....Narnia??)

Hmmm.....Got test later....better study first....

..and I have a feeling I'd be sleeping dead tonight after test....

Back laters for better update.....

...and thus, the thunder rolls above our heads....and I silently pray for a pouring rain to least until 12noon when I have class....stop for a while then ya ;)


Listening to: GITS collections
Reading: Electronic notes+HP4?
Watching: don't wanna know.... ^^;


by Volvoxx On August 22, 2005 3:15 PM 0 comments
Time: 11am
Location: Bed
Open eyes to monitor displaying Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden, 2 new mails, and a very slow comp...
Alarm rang multiple times from 11.10 until 11.30am.
*climbs up and picks up keyboard and place it on tummy* ... *grabs mouse too* Hmm...sis sends another batch of ChotChot pics :D ....URGH...blurry picss.....must be niichan's doing... :S

Time: 11.30am
Location: Out of bed
....still sleepy *YAWNS*....hungry too *grabs tuna sandwitch and rides out to class with Lisa*

Time: 12.15pm
Location: Comp lab, FET 3rd floor
*YAWNS endlessly* ....damn I'm bored....*types programme* ...fingers very freezy for no reason...

Time: 12.35pm
Location: ditto
...why the heck is it ONLY 12.35??!!!!

Time: 12.50pm
Location: ditto
*opens blog* ..... *start typing rubbish*
Damn, why the hell doesn't the Alt+Tab button work? Come to think of it, neither does any of the Window shortcut button combination...crappy comp....
*looks at HP for time* ... I need sleep... ~__~

Time: 1pm
Location: ... butt aches.... *whacks stupid inegronemic chair*

Time: 1.35pm
Location: ...
Now, the last half hour wasn't too bad ne?

Hmm...array...wat the heck she talking bout?? XD

Eee...our tutor just gave us a tip on our Assignment Project...subarashii!

Time: 3pm
Location: Mai ROOM!!! *cuddles bed*
Ahhh...kenyang...*click click com* EeehhhHH?? Trinity Blood 14-15 RELEASED!! Dats 3 releases in 2 days!! *love* *downloads!!*

That's gotta be the BEST thing that happened since 11am!! :D

....yeah, I need a life.

Pancake + Puppy Love

by Volvoxx On August 20, 2005 6:00 AM 0 comments
(Loading may be a bit slow due to graphics ahead...suman ne)...'s just been 3 days since my last update, and you guys are already asking for an update...rite. Okay, here goes... (thanks for the support tho ^__^ )

Oh btw. Go watch FMP:TSR Ep 6. I love the ending...Oh SOUSUKE..!!! FINALLY!!

Monday, pasar malam. Yay. Bought a lil extra stuff this Monday coz my sis was dropping by to pass me my newly bought printer as well as the stack of CDs Yuhi 'forgot' to buy from PCFair (as well as one of my own and Lisa's) wanted to let her nibble something special from Malacca that she don't usually get in her place. Bought banana as well, one of the more favoured fruit in my list. (The last time I bought apples, I only ate 2 out of the pile of 10. That was my first time biting into a sour apple. The rest were taken back home SP)

Tuesday, went for class in the morning...or did I?...hmmm...wanted to. Lecture finish before I could go. *shrugs* Oh well...was doing event financial report before that. Later on, cooked maggi and then set out to bus stop to wait for bus to go town. Going to stay with my sister for the nite in her room, Renaissance. She was here for some company work, and she got a double room (even thought she booked for single room...happens often enough). Damn bus. Made me wait an hour++...but then again, it didn't feel anything as I had a good book with me...hehe...the guy beside me was restless though...keke. Got to Sentral and bought a bottle of A&W Rootbeer. Me and my sis love those. Too bad we didn't have ice cream. She DID bring a bottle of wine with her. Her friend gave her for quite some time already and didn't really have time to drink. Lucky!!

The room was nice. So pleasant and the view was great too. Last time I went there, it was a 'sea view' (yeah yeah, the sea was miles away...but it's counted as 'sea' time, it was facing the opposite direction..and guess what?? I could even see MMU HOSTEL!! LMAO...wait, I've got pics ...tho it's really tiny.

After work, we went for a walk behind the hotel...there's this nicely made walkway around Sg. Melaka....nicely made. Saw some puppies too. That night, I took her go makan Satay Celup in Capitol. A bit sesat jalan on the way there (coz we usually take the route from the OPPOSITE car...yes we walked)...and yes, she loved it. Hehe...we did snacked on some 'yau char kwai' and 'ham chim peng' before going there and it was the most delicious ones I've had in a while. Got chance must go there and buy summore :D On our way back, she saw a stall selling nyonya popiah. She asked me if it was nice. I told her I didn't know bout this stall but GENERALLY, the nyonya popiahs in Malacca are very despite being very full from the dinner earlier, she bought one for herself. I just couldn't eat anymore. Took a small bite of hers tho and yeah, it was delicious. Am glad she got to taste it..hehe...

The next day, she woke me up to eat the hotel's buffet breakfast. I thought they serve sushi but all they serve was some Japanese rice, miso soup, dunno some rotten beancurd(urgh) and fish...dats for the Japanese stuff. Check out the pastries....oooo...yummy....and the cereal bar and salad counter (with ham, turkey, beef slice and etc), western breakfast, porridge (I skipped this), omelette (cooked on the spot) and roti jala (cooked on the spot too)....I was STUFFED!!...and dat was breakfast, lunch..and almost dinner...keke....Sis joined me later. She just finished some of her work and was free for the time being. So much nicer having someone to eat breakfast with you instead of eating it alone. Later, she went for their fieldtrip, and I went back to room to zzZzzZzzZ...actually I was watching TV lar...then later fell asleep...wahh so nice...draw all the blinds too. Woke up around 2 and continue my book. Poured summore wine and laze in bed with book...wahhh....Later got up and did my Japanese homework..keke....

Oh did I mention? The foreign chef (the one who did the omelette and roti jala asked if I was Japanese...I'm starting a counter from that day in Bon Odori...from then till now, counter's at 3...Shud brush up on Japanese and seriously pretend next time..kekeke....)...I find that foreigners are more easily deceived...ekekee....A year ago I kena from an International student asking if I was Korean. Wow..that was the first. Ekeke...

Kay....around 5.40, got all packed up and walked off from Renaissance to the Ocean...hop on bus and got to Sentral....and then back to MMU JUST IN TIME for a box of Milo drink and my Japanese class...phew. ..hehe....

*suddenly hears dogs barking outside* Oh yeah...Hungry Ghost Festival today..and it's 5am... *shivers* ...*takes blanket and cover*

Oh...and after class, went to kitchen and made Potato Salad, some tuna for sandwich for the week, and pancake. Pancake...was coz I needed to finish the banana I bought from Pasar Malam on Monday...hehe..the skin was getting difficult to peel off (first time seing such stubborn banana...urgh)...


-Pancake mix + sufficient water (not too thick and not too wattery)
-Butter/margerine (for frying)
-Jam (I put blueberry *love* )

Mix Pancake mix with water (follow instructions on pack, if available). Heat butter/margerine in pan. Fry the pancake and dun burn it...ekeke...Put jam on the pancake and slice the bananas (...not the whole bunch of bananas...1-2 will do) and place on top.

Friday: My darn bike almost kena rantai by Security. How the HECK was I supposed to know I wasn't supposed to park THERE?? "It's not illegal, it's just not proper." Dats wat they told me, but at least he was nice enought NOT to rantai (and saman me) coz it wasn't illegal..hehe...and oh....slept thru the evening until around 4. Woke up, played a lil bit of game...then went bathe and prep up self for photo-shooting. Passport pics for Jap class exam...hehe....hope it turns out good ;) ..had fun tho...even tho it was nothing much. Dinner was yummilicious. Vegetarian but heck, it's SOO GOOD I forgot that we were eating vegetarian food..hehe...Highly recommended.

They make a surprisingly good combination. Yummy!!

____________________________ here's the doggy part I promised...A new batch of photos from my sis of my crazy lil doggy, Pochot. Hehe...enjoy.

"Hmm...wats this?? Ooi Chot...ChotCHOT...You alrite?? *pokes pokes*"

IYORR WHAT LAA?? Can't I get a DECENT SLEEP?? You humans..geezz....FEEL THE WRATH OF THE PUPPY!!

Hmmm...I can't sleep anymore. Damn you guys for waking me up...GRRR..

*stomoch growls* -KROOOO-

...what? Lil pups get hugry too you know. This IS my breakfast and lunch.

Hmmm...smell sumthing good... *sniffs*

OOOOO....MY LOVELY LOVELY DOG FOOD!! *stuffs head in* ...Ehh?? Are...???

...WHERE'S MY FOOD!! Oh COME ONE...Quit being a jerk already and hand over the food DAMMIT!!

Ahhh...FINALLY....*gobbles licks*...Heaven...hehe SUCKERS!!

/me misses the pups... *hugs love*

OKAERII!! *snuggles*

by Volvoxx On August 16, 2005 4:28 PM 0 comments
Currently: In ECP1016 comp lab.
Listening to: Tutor la...Wish there were some songs tho...
(Was)Watching: FMP: TSR Ep 5 (LOL...damn good ep, esp the car chase scene!)

Haiiiiii! After 2 weeks I was FINALLY reunited with my comp-chan!! *snuggles* Iyorrr baby!! I miss you so MUCH!!! *muaks muaks* Hisashiburi dane!!

Yes, I admit. I'm hopeless w/o my comp. I can no longer live normally w/o my comp. Everything's just so setup to my taste already, from the skins of my applications to the convenience of password saved...

So yeah, after a week or so of holiday, my HDD is back to slavery...MUAHAHAHA....

Wacom works well on baby, tho it kinda acts a lil weird when I put mouse-mode for OpenCanvas 3.06PE...blah....I'll just have to change to pen-mode.

Weekend was wonderful! Well, of course, EEN was postponed, and I did go for a rather nice movie and a great dinner after that and a last minute unexpected 10.11pm shopping at Jusco. Boy that was funny. We only wanted to go for a last minute sushi offer but ended up doing our shopping since the guards didn't chase us out.

Of course, we WERE supposed to go do our shopping earlier at Tesco, but due to the late dinner (which was caused by the late movie, which was partially caused by the GSC ppl and partially caused by our laziness to get off the bed/seat earlier...event trigger...hehe)...we even missed the last Bustuah and Baswira back to Bukit Beruang, and ended up taking Town Bus back to Jusco and taxi home. Everything turned out well in the end, yokatta. That was just Friday.

Saturday...hehe...since comp-chan was still on vacation, I lazed half the day away reading HP6. Yeah, about time. Finally got my butt down and realised that my housemate was cooking dinner. So helped out watever I can and sat down to munch dinner later. Yumm! Was quick enuff this time to grab the vege before Lisa gets her hand on it. Muahaha...

...and of course, best part of Sat: COMP-CHAN COMING BACK... *dances around* After dinner, went up to continue HP6....but then didn't really have mood...kept looking at handphone for time...then around 8, i picked it up to play with the settings and as i was about to put it down, IT RANG!! My bro's friend saying he's on his way with my comp... :3 ..SO HAPPY....

*muaks muaks* Fuiii...I missed it so much!! And of course as you have guessed it, I didn't sleep very early that nite....leeching all those missed episodes as well as doing some catchups...hehe..

*bites dodol given by sis* ..yeah, she came by just now to pass my stuff i bought from PC Fair the other day (and tak larat carry back)...and passed me a pack of Alor Star dodol...YUMMY...going over to her hotel to stay tmr...Renaissance....damn nice room...and she said she brought white wine..weeee!!

Okay, I skipped was so LOVELY. Haven't had such a sweet and nice day in SO LONG. Didn't have to set the alart coz I can wake up ANYTIME...and it was raining...and was sooo cool....woke up around 12 to see my friend message me with "Good.....afternon" and I replied (while STILL lying down on my bed) "I'm still squirming in my bed" ....XD ....snuggled a while longer and got up and chat with her....until 2 sumthing and I had to go for EMiNA meeting..darn....

...Then it was Monday...URGH.....hates it...nuff said...

Am sleepy now....dun wanna write anymore....

Laters ;)


by Volvoxx On August 12, 2005 12:02 AM 0 comments
Everytime I enter my looks so sounds so dull...and it is....dull.

Everytime I enter the door and I turn to the familiar place where you would be, I don't see you...and it saddens me greatly. You were always there, ready to greet me everytime I come in thru that door but now, you're not here.

It's so...quiet. The whole room is liveless.

I can't do anything without you. I kept thinking of you. I'm dying to see you!!!

I bought something new for you, you know. I want to show it to you. I'm sure you'll love it. When are you coming back??

I can't wait till the day you come back to me.

I'll be waiting.....




Crap..the stupid haze is finally getting to's raining...and all I can smell is smoke!'s so disgusting!!! Stupid 'neighbours'...


by Volvoxx On August 5, 2005 1:08 AM 0 comments
Was painting my room today, took my doggy upstairs and put her on my bed (w/o the mattress)...and she lingered around the bed (coz she dare not jump off the bed...too kecik)...and when my aunt put down the painting bucket 'thing' (dunno the correct name) ...she came and drink it, thinking it was plain water...


Result: blue chinned shitzu

Her paws were blue too...

Anyways, my aunt got tired later, slept on the bed...and I painted some hiragana on her stomach...her leg...and her arm... X3

Nahhh...she wasn't mad.

Had lotsa fun today shopping with her at Tesco. Shopping's always much better when it's only us. We think a lot alike...kekekke....

.....I want my Trinity Blood....

Sleepless: A Day's Journal

by Volvoxx On August 1, 2005 6:08 AM 0 comments
Journal Date: 29th July, Friday
Observation period: 40 hours (+/-)
Note: Accuracy of time is not gueranteed due to forgetfulness.

0100: Laundry, fridge clearing, random chats, room cleaning, more random chats.
0300: Retreat to room. Loveless marathon session cancelled due to Lisa's inability to maintain consciousness.
0400: Queues random files on mIRC. Downloads random files from too. Delete random files to accomodate new files. Comp rants and threatens to die on me. Rants and whines ignored. Proceeds to download files.
0430: Comp starts to give further threat. Tries to delete MORE files to reduce threat.
0500: Friend messages to ask a few questions concerning clubstuff. Replies and goes gaming for a while. Comp issues lethal threat when trying to open game. Game shuts down upon opening. Threat acknowledged. *sigh* Delete more files and restarts comp.
0515: Plays game for a while. Proceeds to watch another episode of anime to delete it.
0550: Falls asleep after watching anime. Never did delete it, and lab report is also left aside.
0715: Wakes up suddenly and remembers about report. Rushes to finish it.
0855: Heads out to campus to collect pendrive from friend. Proceeds to have breakfast due to hunger (and starvation)
0940: Goes library to finish off report.
1115: Heads to lab to pass up report. Feels like passing out due to sleepiness. Heads home immediately.
1125: Lingers on comp and proceeds to rip out HDD, pack up CPU and sound system to send to friend's place for safekeeping. Constantly whines about it.
1215: Friend comes to collect comp. Informed that he will only be around after 12thAug due to an trip to China. Says goodbye to friend (and most importantly comp) and whines more about missing comp.
1230: Goes find food in house to distract self from missing comp status. Still whining.
1300: Tries to clean messy room and pack up to go home. Fail. Goes linger in housemate's Toasted 4 pieces of leftover bread and eats as 'tea'.
1500: Decides to retreat to own room to actually START packing.
1645: Does some minor remaining laundry and continues packing.
1750: Finished packing. Feels drunkly sleepy. Sets multiple alarm clock and falls asleep on bed.
1830: Wakes up blurry. Goes downstairs blurly. Make some drink. Goes back up and bathes. Prepares dinner, consisting of mushroom soup and remaining 5 pieces of bread in order to finish it before going home. Succeed to finish half a loaf of bread before returning home.
2000: Heads out to settle minor clubstuff and wait for friends to board taxi enroute to Sentral.
2045: Gets off taxi. Curses at driver's 'urgency' and reckless driving skills (eventho is impressed at the speed and shorcut detour). Proceeds to A&W to grab long missed float. Goes book shop. Fav mag missing. Curses fate.
2120: Board bus. Asked by driver to be careful and not spill my float. Yea yea watever. Another friend arriaves later. Face seen red and sweating profusely. Found out that she walked all the way from MP to Jonker to Sentral. Applauds her...erm...actions and settles down.
2140: Bus finally starts journey. Friend open's laptop and the 4 of us oggles at bishie (cute guys') pics. Another friend deeply impressed by the amount of manga and pics in her comp. Wait till she see me and my housemate's. Too bad batt can't last long enought. Could have had a decent anime marathon.
2230: Smoke is detected onboard. Some bastard smoking. Shouted for him to stop smoking (not knowing the suspect) but is practically ignored. Smell gone after a while.
2320: Bus arriaves at Seremban. Curses the jam earlier. Smoke detected again. Brat behind me starts to cry and proceeds to throw up...great. Smell is killing me. Drags sweater over face. Filter worked. Got a call from mum asking me to burn CDs for her upon arrival and being suddenly reminded that the house in under renovation and I have to sleep in the living room. Sweet.
- 30th July, Saturday -
0130: Random chats on-board. Arriaves at rest area.
0200: More random chats. Brain shut down several times.
0300: STILL chatting. No longer have control over brain. No longer know wat conversation is all about either. Surrenders and sleeps.
0400: Woken up suddenly. Is at Juru, an hour away from home. Bus stop to 'swap' passengers from AlorStar from my bus to SP passengers from another bus. Wasted 30 mins.
0510: Arriaves at Butterworth. Is informed bus is not in shape to continue journey. Curses more. Boards another (shabby) bus after 15mins and continues journey.
0535: Stops at SgMuda rest area. Driver wants to have a smoke. Feels irritated and restless. Contemplates and plots to grab the wheels and run off with bus.
0600: FINALLY heads off again...
0615: ...and FINALLY reached hometown. Rushes off to buy some breakfast due to starvation.
0630: Reaches home. Plays with darling puppy. Eats breakfast while burning CD for mum. Does random stuff.
0900: Crawls upstairs. Own room in bloody mess. No bed visible. Proceed to parent's room and faints off on their bed.
1530: Wakes up feeling all blurry (again) and remembers that self is at home.

- end of journal -

:P ...that was a long one. But yeah, conclusion is, didn't exactly have enough sleep for the day (if any at all) and went on bus, didn't even feel sleepy but brain just shut down on me...kekeke...and smokers on bus should all die...and brats...can't say anything. I pity that kid.

Pushed to the limits~~

by Volvoxx On July 29, 2005 4:42 AM 0 comments
Eto...what's pushed to the limits?? Me?? not sleeping is quite a normal thing...

But...even tho me pushing my comp to the limits is ALSO quite a usual thing, it has never gone past THIS:

Windows reported my Disc Free Space=0.98MB's a new record.

Culprit: Downloaded Negima #21, Honey & Clover #14 [Both for Shindee] and completed my (lost) Erementar Gerad #9 within the last 12 hours, a few chapters of manga from #lurk@irchighway...and recent dumps of MP3

Course of Action:
a. TRY restart comp see if it works to 'add' more MBs to the system... ^^;
b. Finish my lab report. Then watch Gun X Sword #2 and delete it off the system. Then watch Bleach #42 and maybe delete that too...since I can easily get it from a fast bot. *looks around* ...hmm..nothing else to delete...

...hope that'll be enough so that I can on my HL:OF ...need to kill off that bug.. >__<

Conclusion: I need a new HDD ......

...and yeah...some sleep too...


EEK!! Thunder outside!! *hides*

New Template...almost

by Volvoxx On July 28, 2005 1:06 AM 0 comments
Yeah...conjuring a new template...not much 'wildflowers' yet...they haven't grown...^^; ..sorry...

Not exactly 'done' yet either...come upon a few errors...the font's too small for my liking [Edit: Fixed this]...the post bar wun...scroll...will take some time to fix it later...and maybe change the background too...prefer to have a self-made background. The current one constrains my post page size too...thus, making some of my picture-posts looks...weird and out of alignment...yerks! And it makes all my post 'centered'...weird...[edit: Fixed this too...yay] I'll leave the template as it is..coz I like it.

Have made discovery today on how these ppl earn money doing templates for ppl. They slid in GoogleAdsense codes into the blog template hopes that ppl wun realise it's there and put it as their template and use them...and the ads gets loaded and they earn cash that way. I managed to clear off quite a number of those ads...phew...thank God I pick up a bit of HTML last time...kinda useful sometimes...

Oh btw....

ISN'T SHE ADORABLE???!!! ...kay kay...maybe not to all of you -__- ...nvm...just ignore me...


Chicken+Potato Porridge

by Volvoxx On July 26, 2005 4:24 PM 0 comments
*listening to: Beauty and the Beast and various songs from movies*


About half a bowl of rice, washed.
2 potatoes
1 medium sized onion
1 clove of garlic
1 chicken stock cube
1/2 sausage (or chicken meat if available..even better actually)
Small pot of water

1. Put the washed rice into the pot of water. Add in cube of chicken stock. Boil.
2. Meanwhile, cut the potatoes into cubes. Prefebly small. Toss them into the pot of water.
3. Then dice up the onion. Size as desired. Toss them into the pot of water.
3. Finely chop the garlic. Toss them into the pot of water as well (yawn).
4. Cube the sausage. Size as desired. Toss into pot of water (duh).
5. Boil...boil...boil...stir constantly to make sure rice doesn't stick to the base of the pot and become 'chow ta' (burned).
6. Add salt to taste. Add ajinomoto and pepper if desired. Add water if it's too dry.
7. Once potatoes/rice has soften...turn of fire...then it's ready to eat. need to pour out wan, can eat straight from the pot. XD



Yeah, you may end up with more potatoes than rice, but that's how I like it... XP

**finished a whole pot of potato chicken porridge eventho entended to leave half of it for dinner. ... ^^;

Line: Stabilyzed.

by Volvoxx On July 25, 2005 11:59 PM 0 comments
Yeah, after 3 freakin days of Online/DC/Online/DC and super unstable line, my internet connection has FINALLY decided to stop jumping around and sat quitely while we abuse the B/Width (not that there's new anime to DL now... :( )

The solution: We shut down Lisa's torrent programme. *deathglares*

....I dunno WHY...but our house's internet connection seems to have a problem with BT. "Tak ngam" if you would have it.

Any suggestions on how to fix this problem very much welcomed.

Yet another sleepy day.

Today Lisa and I biked to Pasar Malam at around 6.30pm. When we were coming back, while crossing the 'crazy junction' (it's an uphill slope on our way back)...there's this ambulance beside us. We ignored it at first, until it suddenly blared it's sirens with US BESIDE IT!! ...NYAAAA...They could have just taken us up as 'passengers' if they wanted to...*pissed* ...scared the hell out of the two of loud and suddenly...cilakak!

Popiah from Pasar Malam was was the Char Kueh Kak/Lobak Kuih. *goes off to drink soya bean juice*
...iniatially wanted to blog bout this...but forgot... XP

Have these:
i. Sting Miniature letter opener is REALLY COOL...I mean...for a's really detailed..the scaling's well done too...and the far as I'm concerned...I'm satisfied...the ver I got was w/o the stupid rock base..coz it was gonna cost me RM60 or sumthing...if I remember correctly...

ii. Shards of Narsil miniature letter opener ..they really shatter this LOOKS special...and can really cut you if you wanna try poking yourself using the sharp point of the sis commented: "You spent 200+bucks on a broken sword??" ...yeah..sounds silly...but as long as I like it...and as long as it looks good (which it really does-you can actually assemble the shards back into the shape of a full sword...XP )...and IF I dun want it one day, I can always sell it off in auction...this thing's limited (AFAIK *shrugs*)

USED to want THESE:
iii. Anduril miniature letter opener: ....this baby has got incriptions on it!!..and the HILT!! ...the level of detailing they give this one is enuff to impress me...may STILL want this one...later ...later ..after Graphire3+HDD


iv. Glamdring miniature letter opener: I just like the shape of the blade..that's all...but maybe after the latest product by UnitedCutlery's latest line of miniature blades from LOTR...I might think again... (see below)

NOW, I want THESE!!


Review: *faints* ..they have THESE NOW???....wat the.... ....great...
v. Hadhafang Elven blade, carried by Arwen, miniature letter opener version. This was one of the blades which I swore I'd get if they DO have a miniature of it...that was 2 years ago...but I'm stil into it...

vi. Strider's Elven Dagger/blade: This just as cool and as impressive as the one before...and another one which I DID consider buying if they DID have a miniature version of it...

..and both of these is gonna cost me...not sure if the scaling is well done for both of these Elven miniature blades...but I definaly wun get the version WITH the stupid rock base (which will prolly cost me another RM60 each)...

DECISION: Will drop by UltimateToys, 1Utama, on my next trip to KL. Hope they have a sample there. Hope Kevin's in. And my guess is I'll end up commiting another couple of hundred bucks there..again...

Have always been crazy bout weaponry...will always be...end of statement.

...damn you Kevin for sending me the newsletter...

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