Salad with Mayonnaise and Balsamic Vinegar Dressing

Posted by Volvoxx On November - 21 - 2009

Out of ideas of what to cook for dinner? Dining alone? Salad makes an awesome, simple meal for one, or side dish for two or more!

Instant Tiramisu / Happy Birthday Dad

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 27 - 2009

My two nieces are more than happy to celebrate their grandfather's Birthday with him

Soya Bean Milk

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 22 - 2009

Ever wanted to try making your own soyabean milk? Check it out!

Baked Macaroni Cheese

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 12 - 2009

Fancy some simple satisfying Baked Macaroni Cheese at home? Check out this recipe.

Fish Chip with Beer Batter.

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 10 - 2009

An attempt in making Fish Chip with beer batter...while forcing QJ to consume fish :P

The end of sem 'pick-a-kitteh' syndrome.

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 09 - 2009

Kittens will mysteriously appear at our doorstep come semester break. This time, its happening again. A cute, manja, noisy kitten visits 391D.

I'm torrenting Barney

by Volvoxx On September 22, 2007 3:22 AM 5 comments
Yep...Barney and Friends...that big purple dinasour....

Why exactly? Cuz I dun feel like listening to the same (two) episodes replaying again and again and again whenever my niece refuse to eat her meals. My aunt/sis-in-law plays those videos to distract her and make life easier feeding her her nestum/porridge but problem is, they don't really buy many episodes so we're stuck with 2 episodes of Barney and Friends (one circus exercise and one numbers on a clock/storytime one...SEE?? I REMEMBERED!! URGH), 1 episode of 'Wheels on the Bus' (free VCD from Anmum) and....uhh...cant remember. Prolly just those.

....and why the HECK is every episode of Barney I see in isohunt so HUGE! They're at least 4GB per episode! Haven't they heard of video compression? Geh.....

....I have a feeling I'm just gonna be stuck with the same few shows this time around.'s a pic. Guess which one is my port?


p/s: My niece stops crying, grins and smiles widely when she sees her Barney toy my bro bought for her....and I always thought he was kinda scary...being purple and all...

Stubborn, or Just Stupid?

by QJ Wong On September 21, 2007 10:02 AM 4 comments
Soooooo... Here I was, tired, sleepy, and suffering from a slight headache from not sleeping the night before because I wanted to queue up early to get my smartcard done. (Mine was stolen along with my wallet a while back, and I wouldn't have bothered if I didn't needed it for the finals)

We (Me and my housemates) got there like 4th or 5th in line, and we're idle chatting away the time while I was feeling a little frustrated over the long wait and the awfully long time they spend for each applicant when all of the sudden 3 girls popped into the line chatting with this guy right in front of us and ended up going in before us. Naturally annoyed, the three of us made very loud comments about how rude these sort of people are and the like. Unfortunately, the girls were either they're deaf, bad in English or just plain ol' dumb and they acted like they didn't hear us. Sheesh.

Fast forward another around half an hour and we're in the room. My housemates got their pictures taken, and were done with it pretty soon. However when it came to me, the ass behind the computer has the nerve to say...

"Rambut panjang, tak boleh buat." (Long hair, cannot do)



I tried begging, I asked nicely, ("Tolong la, encik" [Please, sir]) yet I was still refused. Why can't they cut me some slack eh? It barely touched my collar after all. A few strands, here and there, sure - but oh come on.

So I pouted. Played my "I'm gonna stay here as long as it takes" card - but to no avail.

Oh noes.

Thankfully - Amran managed to borrow a pair of scissors from a lecturer, which I asked for - and I promptly snipped the back of my hair off in of the room with all the occupants staring right at me.

I was too busy cutting my hair and asking, "Is this short enough?" to notice and I really regret not catching a good glimpse of the officers in the room. (According to Amran, they looked rather shocked, and I just had miss it. Dang.)

(The officer behind the computer kept saying "Cut it outside, cut it outside..." and "Throw it outside, throw it outside..." all these while.)

I stuffed the fistful of my hair into my pockets and ask, "Is this short enough now? Can I take my picture now?" and smiled nicely.

Without a word, they took my picture and sent me off with my slip.

I think I forgot to thank them as I leave, damn.

So, what do you think?

Was I stupid or stubborn, or just crazy?

Drop me a comment and let me know! Hee.

Two Fuckin Nites...

by Volvoxx On September 16, 2007 1:33 PM 0 comments
in a row! Great job TNB.

Friday night around 11.45pm...blackout. Quj and I were playing Wii (thankfully we just completed Rayman's Ravin Rabbits...and not in the middle of it)....our emergency chargable fluorocent lights were...not charged. So the 3 of us (me, Quj and Amran) wandered around the house...walked out a bit...the whole street was dark....thankfully the sky was quite bright so it wasn't that scary x.x . Went MBO thinking of watching a movie but their last show just started so we had to settle with just a box of popcorns. Munch munch. Since power was still not back on (According to our 'indicator' Alex Liew :D ) we went lepak McD instead. 20 piece nuggets. There was a large crowd there, mostly all for the same reason. Went back after Alex said the lights were back on around 2-3am and konked about half an hour later....slept for 11 hours, thanks to my shitloads of assignments during the weekdays. Ugh. I was only thankful that I've just submitted 2 of my assignments (one which rely HEAVILY on PC usage) on Friday evening itself. If the power outage were to occur the night before, we'd all just go kamikaze.

The moment we came back from McD, I quickly went charge the damn rechargable lights. Who knows what great things to expect from TNB.

And good thing I did. Late Saturday night (or Sun morn...whichever way you'd have it) 2am just after Quj built me a Magic deck and the TV was on while we were reading news on Wii.....the whole world around us went black...AGAIN. Bloody ridiculous. Turned on the charged emergency lights and played Magic with my new deck for about an hour or so. The lights lasted another half an hour before it went pitch black again. Quj and me tarik the living room 'sofa' (in the form of the tilam that Amran stole from his old place...kekeeke) and lay there while talking bout random how Meteor Prime so... Geh.....and what time would Amran wake up so we can go 'sahur' (...I actually manage to puasa from Thursday...only drinking a bit water sometimes...hee hee) hungry and went pan-fry bread+Strawberry jam. Amran woke up around......3.30-45 (Finally! Haha!!) and we threesome-ed on the sofa. Kekekeke....It was raining so no complain about heat, thankfully enough. McD at 4.15 (and the damn breakfast menu wasn't on and went back around 6-ish.

...only to discover my PC died on me...again. Its heart (PSU) memang weak ade. Felt like some heart attack patient which needed to be 'shocked' to jump start it. Bloody frustraiting....and to add salt to wound, I cant sms/call cuz I'm outta credit and since it was so early...nearby shops not open and since my PC can't be booted, i can't go online to get reload. Fckin great!

...tido je la. Bleh.

20cents say that it'll blackout again tonight, tho I'd very much rather it not to.

Simpsonize Me!

by Volvoxx On September 14, 2007 5:21 AM 0 comments
Lol! QJ gave me this link. Cute! Go try!

Traffic Jams

by Volvoxx On September 12, 2007 5:11 AM 0 comments

Taken from a forwarded email from my brother. ROFL!
I suscribe to this site's mailing list, AsiaExplorers, eventho I don't get much chance to travel around Asia. What's so special bout AsiaExplorers? Well, for one, they have special gatherings for certain occasion in Malaysia (or inform us of certain Durian fest!) and what they often do is to organize group trips. This site also gives advice for travels in Asia (when's it best to go and where to head to) and reviews of some places that they've been to. If you like travelling, this site is for you.

Anyways....that's not really the main reason I'm writing this post.

Recently got a mail from the mailing list, and would like to share this bit of info...just in case you might terkena 'suey' like FFK (fong fei kei-left behind) by this airline. much for my looking forward for Firefly to fly from Penang to Mlk....cis...

**Note: I did not write the following. If there's any credit, it should go to Tim from AsiaExplorers.

...If you had booked your flight with Malaysia Airlines's low-cost carrier, Firefly, I would encourage you to confirm and reconfirm your booking. I recently booked a flight with Firefly to Phuket this coming weekend, taking advantage of the free seat offer (which isn't really free ... or cheap). I was given a Booking Reference Number. When I called up the next day, I was told that my booking is confirmed.
Yesterday, a friend of mine told me that Firefly does not fly to Phuket on the date of my Booking Confirmation. So I called up the airlines again, and sure enough, was told that the flight on that day was cancelled, and that I was transferred to the flight on a following day. And they did all that without informing me. If I had not called them up to confirm, I could be standing at the checking counter on the wrong day, like a fool.
Lucky for me, I have my accommodation taken care of. Imagine the unfortunate traveller who had his hotel deposit paid, only to find that he is arriving a day later.
If Firefly have had the courtesy of calling me up to tell me that they've cancelled the flight, I guess they could have redeemed themselves. I wonder how many other unfortunate people have booked the flight on the same day as myself, and will be standing there at the counter this weekend, only to be made to feel like fools....

Burger King Coupons!

by Volvoxx On September 11, 2007 12:20 AM 1 comments
They having some Buy 1 Free 1 offer...offer valid till 31st Oct 2007 so go makan la while it lasts!

Coupons downloadable from here

Credit goes to for the 'sale alert'..nyehehe...great site.

Fifi - The Muka Kesian Dog

by Volvoxx On September 10, 2007 6:44 AM 0 comments
Been wanting to post this pic for a while now...keep forgetting...hehe...
QJ says he's defeated by her kawaii-ness in this!

that's my shirt btw...wash after dat la! =.=
That's her when she comes up to my room to give me morning calls..hehe...

Time Away

by Volvoxx On 3:50 AM 0 comments
Being away from QJ during weekends can be some ways. Weird eh? Here's why.

Usually if I'm with him, we'll either eat out, or I cook something that I'm SURE is not gonna make him sick. In a way, will not make me sick too.

However, when he's away, I tend to be a lil bit more 'daring'. Or 'cincai' in some cases. I cook simple meals. I use some ingredients that...isn't THAT fresh anymore (but since I didn't want to waste and they don't smell bad...)...and some things that have just expired (but may not have...ermm...rosak yet.....hehehe...swt)...and gamble with myself to see if I'll be struck down by diarrhoea (I can never spell this word right) the morning after.

So yeah. 3rd trip to the toilet in an hour's time. Nuff said. (Survived last night's porridge....might have been the leftover that got me-I DID panaskan last nite x.x)

....and dear is gonna be mad at me for this... x.x Sowie....

And oh. The stupid sink in my house isn't helping my 'cooking at home' life easier either. Its fuckin clotted. Water's flowing slower than I can cry, that it makes me wanna cry seeing it. Gawd. Sometimes I wonder if there's a rat that ran in there and died or sumthing. Shesh...

As a result...I had McD for dinner. Malas nak cook ade. At least not here.

Its been raining awfully lot lately. Tho just yesterday (Sunday), it was blistering hot. Makes me rindu that rainy Friday. Damn....lazy. Cool weather FTW. .....damn..this is random.

Oh btw...I managed to finish Super Paper Mario on QJ's Wii last week. Finally. Boss fights were surprisingly....simpler than I thought. And Luigi's kinda some ways. See dragon? (Chapter 7-4 I think) Oh okay... /opens menu. /choose character: Luigi. /'chin'slam the damn dragon from below. ....ouch. And I thought I was gonna die there. Still, I gotta say this game's nicely made for Wii. Interesting how they manage to manipulate Mario's 2D-ness into 3D-ish environment using Mario's 'flip' ability. Downside of this game is that some of the puzzles can be awfully tiring and frustraiting sometimes. (How the bloody fck am I supposed to know the combination of the blocks I'm supposed to knock in that Crag stage? SIAO! Like 30-over steps of blocks 1-2-3 that I have to do. Gamefaqs FTW!) Stopped playing for a month cuz I couldn't beat the flower boss and end up beating it in one game just so easily... srsly... wtf.

Mmm.....better be off. That's it for updates. Nites all :D

Singapore Fried Beehoon

by Volvoxx On September 8, 2007 2:23 AM 0 comments
Tried cooking bak kut teh with real bak kut (pork-bone section), thanks to my aunt who packed some and let me bring back during hols the other day...heehee. Cooked it at night cuz thought it'd be nice to have it for breakfast but mana tau QJ sneak up to me and ask "Eh...can eat tonight?" So...we had bak kut teh for supper. That's a first :D

Had bak kut teh for 1 1/2 days in total. Was my best attempt for now but still, it was more 'lauk' than soup initially...until I added water after having supper and reboiled it longer. Still....the one in Melaka Raya's better IMO. Sigh. Jeles jeles.

Anyways!....Here's the Singapore fried beehoon recipe I mentioned the other day. Gonna fry again tmr... XD

Singapore Beehoon

300g rice vermincelli/Meehoon (soaked) **I used only 200g and 2 ppl can't finish it. I'd recommend using 200g vermincelli with the following measurements of the rest of the ingredients below
1 egg (beaten)
1 stalk Chinese sausage (shredded) ** I used chicken meat...cuz I don't really like chinese sausage in my fried beehoon...a little more than quarter of a chicken breast should do
50g shelled prawns ** I din put. Din buy..haha. Added in shredded fishcakes instead.
50g cabbages (shredded)
50g big onion (shredded)
1 red chilli (shredded)
100g beansprouts
15g Chinese chives/spring onions (sectioned)

**cabbages/beansprout optional...but recommended for more veggi goodness :D

1 tbsp oyster sauce
1/2 tbsp light soy sauce (add more if not salty enough)
1 tbsp tomato sauce (add more if insufficient taste later)
1/2 tbsp Lea and Perrins Worcestershire sauce
1 tsp chicken stock granule
1/2 tsp pepper

1. Heat up 1 tbsp oil in preheated wok. Add in beated egg and stir constantly until egg floss is formed. Remove egg and put aside.

2. Heat up 2 tbsp oil. Add in chinese sausage/chicken and shelled prawns. Stir and add in big onions and cabbages. Stir-fry briskly for a moment.

3. Add in soaked rice vermincelli and sauce. Toss well. Add a bit of water if it is too dry.

4. Blend in shredded red chillies, beansprouts and chinese chives/spring onions. Stir constantly over high heat until well combined and aromatic. Dish up and sprinkle the eggs on top of the beehoon. Add fried shallots if got (bawang kecik). Serve hot.

**Recipe taken from some book. Can't remem the name ade. Hee...happy trying!


by Volvoxx On September 5, 2007 3:32 AM 0 comments
To say that "My darling cares about me..." an understatement.


Thank you dear.

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