Salad with Mayonnaise and Balsamic Vinegar Dressing

Posted by Volvoxx On November - 21 - 2009

Out of ideas of what to cook for dinner? Dining alone? Salad makes an awesome, simple meal for one, or side dish for two or more!

Instant Tiramisu / Happy Birthday Dad

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 27 - 2009

My two nieces are more than happy to celebrate their grandfather's Birthday with him

Soya Bean Milk

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 22 - 2009

Ever wanted to try making your own soyabean milk? Check it out!

Baked Macaroni Cheese

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 12 - 2009

Fancy some simple satisfying Baked Macaroni Cheese at home? Check out this recipe.

Fish Chip with Beer Batter.

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 10 - 2009

An attempt in making Fish Chip with beer batter...while forcing QJ to consume fish :P

The end of sem 'pick-a-kitteh' syndrome.

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 09 - 2009

Kittens will mysteriously appear at our doorstep come semester break. This time, its happening again. A cute, manja, noisy kitten visits 391D.

GSC e-ticketing

by Volvoxx On January 24, 2008 1:21 AM 5 comments
Purchasing movie tickets from GSC is so easy now. Last time, whenever my sister wanna go watch a movie, she'd have to go a day earlier just to buy the ticket so that it won't run out by the day she wants to watch it. Plus the jam and time wasted...such a hassle.

Now, you can do it all online. I know i know, they have the booking system ages ago but you STILL have to go there 45 minutes before the show starts to collect your ticket, and you can't choose your seats (unless you're really early and there's still good seats to choose from or if the staff attending to you is nice to you).

Now, GSC offers not one, but two method to pay for tickets purchased online. Credit card, and Maybank2U, which I really really love. It just makes life so much more easier, 3rd party transfer, prepaid purchase, movie tickets too? Walau ehh!!

With this service offered by GSC, not only can you book your tickets (only up to 2 days in advance from the show date) for up to 12 tickets per transaction, you can also choose your seats! :D This, me likey!

The sad thing about this service however, is that it is only offered to 8 GSC branches for now (GSC Signature-Gardens, GSC Mid Valley, GSC Pavilion KL, GSC 1 Utama-New Wing, GSC Berjaya Times Square, GSC Gurney Plaza, GSC Queensbay Mall and GSC Sunway Carnival!) but hey, I don't have problem buying my tickets earlier for other cinemas (GSC Sungai Petani, or MBO Malacca) that I usually visit. Its those big crowded ones that are a hassle.

Kudos GSC for including Maybank2U payment. Tis a great move, methinks...hee :D
For more info about GSC's E-payment ticketing, go here:

Thanks to that, I'm booked for 2-3 movies this weekend. Can't wait :P

p/s: I love my new shoe.... :P...thanks mum.

Headless tortoise

by Volvoxx On January 22, 2008 8:56 PM 0 comments
Remember my niece and the 'broken tortoise' incident?

The following graphic MAY be disturbing to certain the window and navigate away if you can't stomach headless stone!

Rest assured, the head is re-attached already as of now... :P


by Volvoxx On January 21, 2008 3:09 PM 3 comments
I freakin passed all my papers...eventho I studied wrong paper that day....(stupid me, I know)...

I thought I died for a moment there.....x.x..x.x.x.x.....thankkkk uuuuuu my lecturers...I know you helped....
My blog's like soooo deprived of pictures...thanks to my 'waa so hebat that I wanna cry' punya dialup... (alasan...actually she malas load the pic to the PC...haha!)

So here's some pics I took of my aunt while she bz fryin muruku....
1 tin RM14 (I think...or 16?? :P) siapa mau?? (j/k j/k...local orders only :D)

This is my aunt, making Muruku

This is my dog, kaypoh when my aunt's making Muruku

Here's my aunt..still making Muruku...

...and yeah...still frying...

...and this is the finished product! Meet Muruku! *munch munch*

....and this is my dog....being sunbathed after kena mandi....
OOT...I know. Can't help it...too cute :P


by Volvoxx On 1:16 AM 0 comments
Every bloody time, without fail, after I come back from KL/Mlk or whenever I go back to Mlk...I WILL start coughing. Stuuuuupid germs...or weather...watever.

So its like, after I finally get better again and start to (being able to) eat ice cream for 2-3 weeks or so...I'll start coughing for a month or two again...gah...allergic to ice cream isit? Cilakak.....K la k la...wun eat so much ice cream after I get better la...OK throat? Dun koff so often liao aa? Sien dee...

Neways....Shindee came down today....and I got drinks (Starbucks and some famous local 'tepi sungai' ice blended drink...haha! Of all things....too kenyang to makan mee goreng ade... x.x )...her parents were fabulous folks! Very nice to hang out with...and her rabbit (yes she brought one of them to visit sweet) is adorable...having someone to gossip and chat bout uni-life-stuff after such a long time (face to face, i mean) is so syok...haha!....until that mabuk indian fella come and kacau the nearby customer of that ice blended stall nice having updates bout this and dat :P

Somehow...chatting with QJ today after his Morningtide pre-release...was...syok! Not that chatting with him other times tak syok but it felt syok-er. Maybe its cause I didn't hear from him whole day (forgot to reload...haha :P....tot phone die dee)...or cause there were good things that we were talking about....ahh I dunno....just felt X3333 satisfyingly nice. Like, cozy. Like beside a warm snuggly fireplace on a chilly winter's day. Mmmmm....getting more and more sesat... swt.

Time to get my hands on the TV for today. Family's been hogging it whole day long.... x.x

Gyoza (Pot Stickers)

by Volvoxx On January 20, 2008 1:12 AM 0 comments
Recipe taken from the net. Forgot to take down the site...again. Sorry...its slightly modified.


* 1/2 pound ground pork (1 cup)
* 3/4 cup shredded cabbage
* 1 green onion, diced
* 2 teaspoons minced ginger
* 1 tablespoon soy sauce
* 1/4 teaspoon hot chili oil, or to taste (optional)
* 1/4 teaspoon sesame oil
* 2 tablespoons vegetable oil for frying, or as needed
* 30 gyoza wrappers, or as needed (Available from Tesco)

Bring a pot of salted water to a boil. Blanch the shredded cabbage until it is tender but still crisp. Plunge into ice cold water, remove, and drain thoroughly.

In a medium bowl, combine the ground pork, cooked cabbage, green onion, minced ginger, egg, soy sauce, chili oil and sesame oil.

Wrap in gyoza wrappers.

i. I didn't exactly accurately measure the amount of ingredients...just roughly measure.
ii. The actual recipe did ask to put in an egg the first time I did with egg, I find the mixture too watery...but from
the following attempts, the Gyoza tasted nice enought without egg.
iii. This is, of course, not halal. However, I should think the pork is replaceable with chicken...hee :D...won't taste the same tho.
iv. I lost the link to the site that learnt how to wrap the Gyoza...but you can just simply put the filling in the middle of the wrapper,
put water at the edges of the wrapper and fold the wrapper in half, then stick them together. If you'd prefer a more fancier pattern, google it :D You may just find sumthing...hee~

Food galore

by Volvoxx On 12:59 AM 0 comments
My little little (ulu) town of has Starbucks! LOL! Like, finally! I know I ulu right...but hey, its this really small town in Kedah ok? And we have our very own trademark RM1.50 ice blended red bean, ice blended groundnut, and ice blended corn drinks...there's other flavours but those are my favourite...and it taste better than caffein tho :P

There's this new mall nearby, right beside Tesco. Village Mall...its nothing much but they have a few food chain that we..didn't use to have...hee~ Laksa Shack, Delifrance Bistro, our second Secret Recipe, Pizza Hut and Old Town coffee....

Gonna go get Starbucks tmr and share with Shindee (yep, rabbit coming down for a short visit tmr :D ) since I've got a few of those buy 1 free 1 coupons...haha!

Gonna get that super glossy classy red nail polish from Face Shop there tmr... ;) a new neat multi-compartment case for my earrings...can't wait to go back and put them in...hee~

Sis came back today, so I made Pot Stickers (eek...I haven't posted that recipe yet?? *posts now)...she liked it! Yay :D

Oh...time for me to go Fluffrace again.....laters~

The little devil..

by Volvoxx On January 19, 2008 3:33 PM 0 comments
Suddenly the morning mail gossip stopped...dang!

It was weekend (meaning, my sisters aren't working)

On another note, my niece has horn's growing outta her head ade, that lil devil. Getting naughtier by the day. First she throws the random beanie soft toy my sis got her from Ikea into my bro's aquarium...then laughed...then SOMEHOW landed on my bro's ornamental clay tortoise's neck (the one that he suuuka sangat, placed at the entrance of his house) now its a headless tortoise.......and some days she'll go into the kitchen and bring out my bro's breakable plates and play (wtf?!).......then yday she took my bro's Ikea alarm clock and toss it into the pail of water beside the aquarium...

Little devil. Wonder what she'll grow up into...

(if it was my kid, bantai dah.)

Snug at home

by Volvoxx On January 18, 2008 1:20 AM 0 comments
I'm pampered at home...

I don't have to cook when I'm hungry (I still do...but I don't have to)'s done on the table....or I just reheat something mum or dad bought from breakfast (which I'll eat for lunch)...

If I feel like getting something to eat outside the house, I don't have to walk....I can drive outside and get the yummy yummy stuff I have in my hometown...hee!

And the bed...don't even start.

Of course, I feel that its much warmer here when I wake up than in Mlk....cuz the room's not so hot at 1pm in Mlk compared to here...giggles.

And my garden ish lush with flowers and nice nice plants. Its just beautiful...luv it.

And TV!! Oooooo....home is where TV isn't used for just Wii...haha! Astro....AFC....and the countless dramas my mum and aunt are watching...aiyooo~....AXN Amazing Race... :P

But oh...the net is just simply awful. Tho still thankfully, bearable. I'm not deadly depending on it so yeah....its STILL quite..bearable. And the hangs on me like when women have PMS...haiyo...

Days at home are spent on the PC, Facebook, chatting with friends and sayang X3 .....and gossiping with my siblings...LOL (its really nice way to start the day by getting a cup of drink...change into something comfortable...and when you log on to the net, you get a bunch of mails from your siblings giggling about something funny... ) aunt make cookies or drive her around buying ingredients...combing the dog's fur (she loves it when its combed...kinda scratches her too....)...taking pics of random stuff and random plants :P....repainting the house...more cookies.....eating cookies....TV....and books! Re-reading Lord of the Rings at the moment...wonder if I can finish...haha.....

Might wanna go Penang tmr...a bit lazy-ish but I'll see... :D

I can't keep up with her...

by Volvoxx On January 13, 2008 2:12 AM 0 comments
My sister: the facebookie (flufffriendster??) , the shopaholic....has damn kuat stamina when it comes to shopping.

I've been having backaches and my feet's fckin damn sore while jalan-jalaning with her these days....actually, the term 'jalan-jalan' is an understatement of what we've been doing these 3 days.....dunno how many KM we walk each day in those shopping malls...its scary I tell you...If I had the cash...sure sit in starbucks/san francisco and just lepak there.....

My sis claims to have felt tired suspects the main reason why she can actually feel tired is cuz there's practically nothing affordable there...KLCC is a bloody pameran place except to those who are damn loaded... (actually if Isetan got sale then its not too bad la...)...only motivation I'd ever wanna go there is Kinokuniya....oh and the Vienna Bagels just outside TGV (where Aunt Annie's used to be)....the ham and cheese one is damn damn nice :9 ...must try.

Oh neways...we went up KLCC Skybridge yday. We thought we needed to pay to go up there but the attendants there told us it was free :D Yay...but since we were quite late, we only got tickets for 5.45pm was 11am then....wat the heck were we gonna do with all the time we had there?? Sis dun fancy books...and both of us stupidly forgot about TGV.... was nice visiting the skybridge :D ...not as high as I'd thought it'd be but still it was a nice later :P

We went Pavillion after that (I was like damn lemah that time....)...they already have their CNY deco up! And its soooo beautiful!! Its abit like their Chrismas deco (minus the tree) but its just simple and beautiful....kudos to the interior deco person :D

Only things I bought yday...were superyummy bagels....a hairband...and Maybelline lippylippystick. Moisture Extreme ones. Been wanting to get one for some time but lucky waited. Was selling at RM15-ish nia yday... lucky me :P

And guess what?? I actually fell asleep in a bookstore....when I got to Pavillion, I was really really lembik I left my sister to do her exploring in the super hebat mall....and I went to dig a hole and hide in Times bookstore...after taking pics of the CNY Deco of course... (me and my endless fascination over mall decorations...rollseye)....I went to the kiosk to search for Lorwyn's book....the stupid place listed it under Romance (HAHHAAHAHA WTF).....but when I went to look in the designated was nowhere to be was in stock....right book...correct publisher and author...but it was nowhere to be found in the damn place. Screw it...I give up. My feet feels like its gonna give up on me I just grabbed a Warcraft book and went looking for a a few pages....yawned....and just rested my head on the wall/pillar.....

...and I freakin dozed off...LOL.....damn kanasai. My phone summore low batt ade so couldn't call my just SMS her to come find me when she's done...she came about half an hour later (i think....) and laughed at me (kanasai...) then ask me wanna balik not? Are you kidding??...Need to ask aa that question?...... x.x

Both of us felt a bit hungry that time so we went J.Co to grab a donut each....was around 9.30 then I think....still long queue (but bearable...since it's pretty much still a weekday so ppl haven't started to roam the malls yet)...but they've stopped making new batches at that time...I was eyeing my second favourite flavour Coco Loco (next to Al Capone...since the only thing left on the plate where the donuts used to be were almond bits...) or even Tira-Miss-U...since there was still a considerable amount of them on the plates when we were 2-3 person away from being served.....and then....the celaka guy go buy 2 dozens....and sapu all my chocolate and tiramisu ones....OI COME BACK WITH MY DONUT WEI.....cilakak fella.....So sis and I were kinda left with either Miss Green T..or Why Nut...and the one with cereal-like topping which neither of us liked....thankfully the workers there took out another batch from the shelves (dunno where that came from) and sis had a Glazzy and I had Why least something decent!....actually we just had Big Apple the day before but it was kinda disappointing since I thought it'd be the same.....a lil too soft for my liking and its actually oily...geh...didn't expect theirs to be oily...I think J.Co bake theirs... /shrug....

So it was Donuts...then off we went to catch the train home....

...and then a decent dinner with sis...laksa :9 ...

Today I damn 'guai' (good)...didn't spent a cent! Almost bought a CNY Special cookbook from Popular...but the cashier queue was just too damn long, I got lazy...sis had fun at the flea market at Curve, happy with her 2 dresses and a Tupperware...eldest sis got hooked into buying 2 Tupperware too...hee....and they even got sumthing for my niece! Baby Bop from Barney and Friends....that kid just loves that green dinosaur....I....dunlike...eee....ah well...she happy enuff la....

Had porridge with stewed duck and other sidedishes (tewchew style) for dinner (which is making my tummy hungry now...being porridge only afterall)....was damn sedap :P ...thankfully sempat eat before baliking tmr....sis been tempting me bout it for awhile now....

Tmr: Bangsar. Sis will be thrilled..and pokai. Nyahaha...see if I can grab a top from there tmr :D

p/s: Sorry for your loss dearie.... /hugs ish here....

Hols: Day...uh..I can't remember!

by Volvoxx On January 10, 2008 3:21 AM 0 comments
Still vacation mode: as in - wake up, breakfast, bathe, shopping, come back, bathe, laze around/sleep...

Life, for good. :D

2nd sis is down here in KL too...yay :D ...the 3 (crazy) sisters are together again and we shall chat and gossip and shopping like there's no!

My 2nd crazy (mmm..not as if she's gonna be reading this anytime soon since she's here in KL...HAH!...bluekkkkk) ...I wanted to get online to check mail and my google reader...the moment she saw me plug in the line she asked "Eh...can I check my facebook kejap?" ...i was like wtf? you just arrived here! "....didn't you just check ur facebook at work just now?" .. "Ya...but I wanna race my Gina (her fluff Friend)...wanna get the trophy..." "................" Bloody celaka always pick on me....keep racing my Kitteh and make her!!! x.x

She ended up hogging the laptop for about an hour. Oh...did I mention her crazy Gina's speed is about 8k-ish? My eldest sis comments "that crazy flying laju...gila wan...."

My friends...are not spared from this Facebook craze. I haven't logged into my facebook for only about....4-5 days?....and I got 20+ random invitations to addons that I'd never wanna add...gawd..... *clicks ignore ignore ignore ignore ignore........*

2 days off the net and my Google Reader grabbed 66 new feeds. Ppl are sooooo rajin at blogging....good good.....hehehe....

Nuffnang introduced this new loyalty program, Glitterati. They give privilege to Nuffnangers who do not have any other ad from South East Asia other than Nuffnang's Ads. Cool. Me likey :D Great move methinks, with new competitors popping up here and there (I saw a new brand, Nufflets or sumthing the other day...gee talk about ripp-off)....

Oh...about shopping... (ok guys can close this blog tab's gonna get boring...keke)

QJ got me a very very nice jacket yday. Looked very smart in it. Love it to bits! Love him even more to bit bits! X3 ...lazy take and load pic...shall do that when I'm back home :D ...ngehehehe...

Got myself a new shade of Elianto eyeshadow. Bloody tempted to get one of those baked eyeshadow but the few that I tried didn't much effect.... oh and those liquid eyeshadow too but...meh...expensive la. Prolly wun be using much of those oso..hee....2nd sis says she has one too many green shades... :D ..see if she's willing to give me that other shade that I wanted today...hahaha..

I joked with QJ the other day..."...I'm crazy that way. I can prolly buy more things in Guardian/Watsons than in other places" off I went into Guardian (the other day) and Watsons (today) myself a new line of deodorant from Nivea that was on promotion (too cheap to ignore....gah) and a bottle of exfoliating body wash from flavour! The packaging's simple and nice :D ...with this see thru bottle and you can see the orange liquid inside and the tiny seed (?) ...makes you actually look forward to bathing eventho the water's like bloody freezing cold.... x.x

Bought 2 dozens of roses yday (RM12! 50 cents per stalk.. x.x )...simply love those stores near Pasar Seni station.....champagne color. It's blooming now on my sister's table! Me likeys :D

.....meh...this crazy woman shud prolly go sleep now. Still haven't finish that book I was reading since that day....bleh. Ah well.....

Hols: Day 1

by Volvoxx On January 7, 2008 1:49 AM 0 comments
Hiyaaa's hols so far?....haha...

Travelled up to KL with QJ and Amran yday and lurged my huge huge bag to my sister's... :D ...SHE MADE ME PORRIDGE!!! Tewchew white porridge with simple side dishes....soooo nice....haven't had that for so so long already, so much so I was ranting to Shindee the other day how much I craved that....she replied with a series of dots...followed by "You mengadung aa? craving craving...".... LOLs!!

Anyways...onlining from my sis' lappy in her room...supernice bed with aircon....uwaaahhhh....too nice....I pengsan straight yday after dinner :P....woke up like 12 hours later with back ache and a very very satisfied body...but then again if there wasn't anything to do I think i can still pengsan for a couple of hours...that's what exams do to you...x.x

Neways....went shopping with sis today...hehe....Fish and Co. for lunch (I remember it being nicer when I had it in Gurney last time....meh...) then went goyang goyang in 1U....bought a top from Dorothy Perkins...was still surprised that shops around there still on sale...hee! The damn thing was for RM33...I asked my sis "Eh..u think this is before or after discount?" (there was a 70% discount tag there).... "After kua...hard to believe that its before..."....after asking the sales assistant actually WAS before discount....I got the piece for less than RM10!

Finally got QJ's guitar hero III....sayang was so excited over it he couldn't decide whether to have me buy it for him first....or go there with me tmr and get it himself....silly dearie... :P ....huge heavy box of toy coming at ya :3 ....

Didn't exactly have the whole day to jalan there since we were meeting up with my aunt and my cousin (oh gawd I haven't seen her in years! and her husband too! Used to be so fond with them last time whenever we visited XD )...oh and they said I lost weight....XD XD .....hard to believe tho....but still....I shall not take that as too much of a "weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"thing....else I'll be 'demotivated' this hols and memalas duwan go exercise.... x.x x.x ....neways...dinner was really nice....we went to this seafood restaurant and ordered this really really nice fresh :P....was so stuffed because they keep refilling my bowl with food (scared i kenot reach the food wor....and then 2-3 weeks later they see me and they'll say i got fatter...HAHA... cis... )...I had this herbal-ish soupy thingy with chicken.....I...later remembered that we didn't order chicken...but 'water chicken' (actually...water chicken in chinese means yeah... x.x ) ....and I kinda lost the appetite to have more of that soup later...swt... ^^;;

Neways....will be melepaking in KL for about a week so I won't be onlining so often...hee :D .....even if I AM online...doubt I'll update much....

See ya guys around then :D Taaa~


by Volvoxx On January 5, 2008 3:25 AM 1 comments

....actually yday....but nvm....

I REDEFINED 'MUKA PUCAT'!! (yeah yeah eventho my muka memang already so pucat to begin with x.x - fair complexion :P )

Walked into exam hall. Sat down. Glimpse on the cover of my exam sheet, and went "...oh fuck."

Happy New Year (*shakesfist to the karma gods*)

Holiday's tmr but somehow I don't really feel very excited. Having too much fun here perhaps...sem 2 flew by nia...sem 3 gonna re-open with this screwed up schedule... (imagine going back study for a week...then possibly skipping the entire week of lecture cuz the stupid uni's gonna make you stay here on CNY's eve? Which kinda idiot in Msia makes Chinese ppl 'work' during CNY eve?..........fine fine I'm exaggerating but STILL....bleh....stupid schedules...pftttt!) ...times I like this I envy all the friends around me: QJ, Amran, Siew, Soo, Kelv (...eee..all guys...haha!) so bloody near can balik every week (Siew, Soo local boo)...but then again Shindee's skipping 2 whole weeks...HAHAHAHA....siao char bhor....*toasts glass with fellow northerner* I come see u this hols aaaaa...u usagi onna dun run away!!

Went satay celup again today (cuz satay celup the other day didn't seem to appease Amran's appetite....or shud I say 'gian-ness'...)...Kelv broke all our record. 27 sticks + 2(or 3) plates of fishball/crabstick thing....tell you this bastard....he eats like a bulldozer and he's still so kurus...kanasai. (Yes he eats more than Quj and Amran at times!!)...tsk tsk...the number of women who would kill for your metabolism......

Shindee finished her industrial training (and I think went back ade...finally after....6 months or so? haha!)

OH!! How could I have forgotten!! On a very much more cheerful note, QJ and Amran found Kat today! On their way back from tapau-ing dim sum... :D ...she was playing with some old couple at the corner of the road...that lil no-good 'fan kuat chai' (betrayer!)...disappeared since the other day that we went watch AVP2 (which was pretty awful story-wise...AVP..not the cat....) happy to know that Kat's doing fine and still jumpy and bubbly....she's just so freakin cute and lovable! (did I mention she slept beside me that day??)

Meh...that's all la....shud go back to studying ade....laters then :D

This time of the year...

by Volvoxx On January 3, 2008 11:21 PM 0 comments
MMU sux in this kinda way. What? Diwali? Christmas? New Year? CNY?...screw u....go back to your studies!! (tho I have to sister had it worse in her years in UTM, Skudai)..

I did kinda enjoy my Christmas I guess. Still no tree (except the small metal one..haha!) but the spirit is there :3

New year...we kinda just lazed around. Had fun tho...drank wine and what happened after that wasn't exactly that fun...

Well..having not slept for the past day or so THEN gulping down a whole cup...that's wat it does to you I guess. I felt heaty...then a bit dizzy...and soon consciously know that I'm drunk...haha! The experience was kinda funny and fun. I'm fully aware that I'm tipsy...and I know I'm being giggly and all...saying things out loud...and was still able to chat w/o saying things that I know I shouldn't say (tho I wasn't exactly being my usual self but all was fun :D ) was kinda fun...

Took me awhile to realise after being on the PC for a few hours....that I wasn't drunk anymore... :P

But the heat the next day and the day after. Was burning up on 2nd Jan night. Got myself and QJ worried sick. Thankfully sayang tended to me with damn towel, herbal tea and lotsa water. Woke up in the morning feeling all better (but the throat..the damned throat)...


Ah well...happy new year...2 more paper and its hols :3

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