Salad with Mayonnaise and Balsamic Vinegar Dressing

Posted by Volvoxx On November - 21 - 2009

Out of ideas of what to cook for dinner? Dining alone? Salad makes an awesome, simple meal for one, or side dish for two or more!

Instant Tiramisu / Happy Birthday Dad

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 27 - 2009

My two nieces are more than happy to celebrate their grandfather's Birthday with him

Soya Bean Milk

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 22 - 2009

Ever wanted to try making your own soyabean milk? Check it out!

Baked Macaroni Cheese

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 12 - 2009

Fancy some simple satisfying Baked Macaroni Cheese at home? Check out this recipe.

Fish Chip with Beer Batter.

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 10 - 2009

An attempt in making Fish Chip with beer batter...while forcing QJ to consume fish :P

The end of sem 'pick-a-kitteh' syndrome.

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 09 - 2009

Kittens will mysteriously appear at our doorstep come semester break. This time, its happening again. A cute, manja, noisy kitten visits 391D.

Mlk-KL in 6 hours

by Volvoxx On March 28, 2009 5:19 AM 0 comments
No Kidding. We left home at around 1+pm. Had lunch. Got onto Bustuah and made a HUGE detour around MITC (oh they changed the damned route AGAIN)...reach Sentral about 5 mins before 3 just in time to get tix for 3pm bus. Got to KL around 5+pm at Sungai Besi tol...reached Pudu only around 6+ due to massive jam left right and centre. Bought some stuff at Guardian and headed for the train to Bangsar. Sis was supposed to pick me up but due to the crazy jam, she wasn't even able to get near to the station so I had to go back myself (should have gone Mid Valley till she's free to come pick me up...dammit regret...could have gotten the Lee Kum Kee ma po tofu sauce which can't be found anywhere we tried...gee!) super insensitive Touch'n Go (which cant be read eventho I had the card facing the reader while it was in the wallet's front pocket) gave me so much trouble, made me go to Kelana Jaya to fix it only to have problem again when I came back to Taman Bahagia and nearly drove me NUTS! (OH WHAI ARE YOU SO SO STUPID OH TOUCH N NO GO?!!!) ....happily got out of the train station to be greeted by sight of long queue for bus and the bus at the station that refused to move. The lights were off and all and we ended up waiting untikl 8.30pm for the goddamned freakin bus to move (the first person in queue had waited since before 7pm wtf?) THIS is the kinda service you provide us during peak after office hours! On a freakin FRIDAY! gawddamit. If only those politicians (who only know how to talk crap in the parliament) were forced to stand in line with us too...that would be a sight!

What was more puzzling was that, when our stupid bus finally moved its fat was the same bus that we thought was out of order earlier..and there was another 625 bus behind it! And it didn't bother to come pick us up earlier either!...and the queue had grown so long (about 8m long? shrug) and our bus just hauled us all up...jampacked sardine....while the other bus just scuttle off to god knows where...Could have shared the load right? Oh nooo...gotta maximize earnings (bastards). Saitei! End up reach home only at 9pm.

And just last week I was enjoying super efficient train system in was really...really... 'heaven and hell' of a difference.

Wake up la stupid gov...zzz

Singapore Day 3: Long walks and sore feets

by Volvoxx On March 23, 2009 12:55 AM 0 comments
(the author came back from Singapore...and went AWOL for a while due to many many distractions post-trip. This post was half written in Singapore and half written in PJ :P )

I walked so much I think I lost a bit of weight...haha....I wish la...we'll see when I balik nanti :P

What's certain that my feet is SOOOOOOO sore is my back. Handbag like bag doraemon (i think it might just weight up to 5kg) carry macam macam...heavy sial...walk in circles and triangles and squares....gah penat la...but at least it was enjoyable.

Didn't buy anything today. Stupid Kino didn't have the manga QJ and I wanted so badly (mine was in stock but it wasn't on the the info counter guy say "Oh you have to come again and check with us next week..." ....u think I cycle to Singapore aa? so easy....cis! I've been waiting for 2 years for my book leh kanasai! Cis! QJ's book worse....not in stock langsung. Dammit la thought can just pick up from the shelf so I didn't bother with online booking this time... :< ..... meh. Should know better next time.

Started the day with lunch at Chinatown. Went Maxwell road and had lunch there. The tip on the travel guide said to judge good food at the length of the queue for the stall (most stalls, if not all, work on 'self service' you have to wait to get your own food...not like the hawkers in Malaysia with super memory....hee!) I went for one that made me queue for about 15 minutes...hahaha....but damn it was nice. Fish soup with rice. Mum and dad (and QJ's family too) would have loved it...see la got chance bring them here :P ...the soup it least it was to me la....instead of clear fish soup, its a bit milky colored...ahh thinking of it kinda makes my mouth water now. :9~ ...hee. QJ saw me queue so long and gave up on the 'get food from longest queue' strategy so he ended up with herbal chicken soup with misua...which tasted really good too so he was happy...

After that we went jalan jalan a bit in Chinatown. It was less 'chinese' than I expected it to be (or maybe I just didn't really get to the really cina area) but it was okay I guess. Went to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple....for a temple it was really really REALLY beautiful. Got take some pic but its in my camera (and my card reader is in my room and I dun think this kapcai PC with Vista and 512MB RAM has any decent image processor in it so ...wait la). Oh did I mention the praying area is air-conditioned? No smokey smokey hot icky feeling. It was really really.....damn cantik. /sigh...

Exited the temple and walked around the pasar malam (that operated in morning :P ) there...lotsa tourisy stuff la...kinda like Jonker but somehow felt less special (I dunno...maybe cuz everything have to x2.4?)...but sumthing nice was probably most of the shops there have the jade stone chinese name stamp thing...which I really really I didn't make one....I already have one. Bought it for myself 2 years ago or sumthing for my birthday :P ....oh that and there's a few of this 'wedding accessories' shop in Chinatown Point...find it kinda convenient if we had things like this in our place when my bro got married...actually SP got la but its a few and not as nice (and red..haha) as this one :P

Headed to Little India next...and I was surprised to see how Little India was more indian than Chinatown was chinese :P ...but it was nice. Kinda like to see all those fresh garlands and stuff....I noticed they have a lot of shops selling fresh vege...and I mean a 10-15 shops? So pelik... /shrug.... QJ showed me where they stayed last time he backpacked here with the guys (InnCrowd and Prince of Wales)...InnCrowd looks kinda cozy, but mmm The Hive is nice and I like it :D ...went Mustafa awhile (and bought myself a small bottle of hair shampoo...swt)...walked back again and decided to visit their version of Low Yat at Sim Lim Square. Its sooooo huge. QJ got so thrilled he found his Guitar Hero World Tour here....kept skipping around non stop about it after that...excited fella...if we didn't take a bus here I think he sure buy it ade wan.... (of dun think can hand carry in plane either tho...hmmm...) Its rather 'fascinating' to see the shops all selling ALL original games for once..haha....and I find that NDS Lite doesnt get much love here in Singapore :( ... /patpat my DS....ah well who cares!

Next stop was Orchard. Was kinda excited cuz was hoping to get a few stuff there but like I mentioned earlier we end up din find the things we wanted to get at all....was a bit disappointing but wat the heck la. Had a rather nice meal at this cute and cozy place at Wisma Atria...altho a bit expensive but we decided to splurge a bit ...since we only had pastry buns and 9" sausages from some EXPO exhibitors there (which were really good for SGD1 buns...)...I really like their menu (mmmeh pics later) and the ambiance is really cozy...well apart from the sight of renovation going outside la lol.

After early dinner, we headed straight to Kino...and left rather soon. Meh. No mood to see other stuff ade since our main purpose of going there is no longer valid. Left and wandered around Orchard for awhile before heading to Borders. Mannn the borders there kinda sucked. Small selection of books, and the same manga I saw in Kino earlier was 5 bucks more expensive in Borders..wat the-! End up going out to the other shops to just linger around (went to molest Ipods at their apple they're SO sleek esp the new nano)...and went chill at the nearest cafe we could see cuz our feet were whining after 3 full days of walking non stop (I dunno bout QJ's first day of magic-ing but I walked non stop at EXPO... :P ) that whenever you dun feel like having coffee, you see Starbucks and Coffee Beans freakin everywhere but when you just want one, they're nowhere to be found.... =.= we ended u in Borders was decent but muu that they don't have fresh strawberries for my strawberry smoothie they recommended something else (Caribbean or sumthing) which tasted really good! ....but mmmm wonder if their strawberry smoothie would taste better...was feeling very....gian strawberry smoothie that time :P of these days...we'll see...hee. Anyways...we walked around a bit more and headed back to The Hive earlier that night...tired and all. Met Yii in the lounge and we went out have supper (since we had early dinner and Yii had none..hahaha!) ...didn't felt like eating so I jsut stole a bit of QJ's wantan noodles. Pretty good...but I've had better...but this is just a random foodcourt near our backpackers that la. But its the one with the longest queue so...that's gotta mean! (lucky not too long!)

Not really gonna open another entry for Day 4, since we spent only about 4 hours outside and then headed back to the backpackers to lepak and use their net while waiting for our (oh so much comfier) bus back to Melaka. Went Bishan to grab some stuff for QJ's friend. The mall there had really really lots of food chain for a mall that size...which is nice (Cuz I had my 2nd MOS here...nyahaha....)...QJ tried out playing some arcade games...Beatmania DX2 (or sumthing like memory fails me x.x) much more difficult compared to the old machine in Jusco :P ....saw someone pwn ass in Street Fighter 4 machine. There's really huge difference between a guy who knows wat he's doing compared to a guy who's button mashing...kek. Its awesome how Singapore gets all these new machines and we only get those rotting ones...meh..ah well...I'm happy as long as I get my dose of Taiko no Tatsujin XD ...and oh oh! How can I forget? QJ found a hobby shop which sells my Saiyuki Reload manga! XD ...and I think it was the last copy too...yikes! Aaaa finally after 2 years I can read the continuation of the damn thing (still got 2 more un-translated volumes man gawddamit!)....wonder when I'll get to read Volumes 8 and 9. Might just give up and buy those expensive ones from Tokyopop in the end...meh.

Overall....Singapore is a nice place....if I don't have to keep reminding myself the cheap meals I get at their food court is actually x2.4 of the actual price. Still...their transportation system totally kicks ass and you'll get cultural shock when you get back and use our lame ass transportation system (6 freakin hours to get from our house to my sister's place in PJ wat the flying eff!) ...well that's all for now. Lazy to write more...

p/s: Thanks Edo for the lift back and for intro-ing us to the nice makan spot that day....too bad so exp >.<
pp/s: QJ still can't get his mind off Guitar Hero World Tour...might just get one this weekend?!
ppp/s: RapidKL sux. Period. Wait scratch that....our public transport all sux. Period.

Singapore Day 2: EXPO

by Volvoxx On March 22, 2009 10:48 AM 0 comments
Spent most of the day at EXPO yesterday since QJ's MTG Grand Prix was there...I thought I'd be bored there and would need to go elsewhere to jalan jalan or shopping but luckily we checked out their website before he left for Singapore. There were sales there...LOL...lots of them too! It's like a mini mall in an exhibition centre...perfect.

There were 3 main sales that I was interested in....Adidas warehouse sale...Robinsons warehouse sale....and Popular's. Things in adidas was pretty cheap....well....if I was working and even better if I worked in Singapore earning SGD... :P ...but after conversion...most of the stuff still hurts my pockets ...keke...and I didn't need a new shoe anytime soon so yeah. Ended up going Robinsons and went @.@ ...there were a lot more things there than I expected. Makeup, shoes, handbag, shoes and even department store items...haha! QJ bought me an Esprit wallet there ....suka! X333 ...the handbags there were so tempting but....tutup mata and walked away...eek...didn't have the one I really wanted so I didn't wanna spend unnecessary money..hee... The Popular sales were ok I guess....wasn't really interested in carrying a heavy book all the way from Singapore back here I guess...

There was also another food expo so I went get food for the guys and quickly head back before they drop dead from hunger....which they were...almost...haha.

Left EXPO around 8...went had dinner in Lau Pa Sat...huge hawker area in many choices @.@ ...not sure if its the best place for hawkers but we enjoyed our meal.

Headed back after that for a good night's (badly needed) rest and now up for another full day ahead :D


I've been hearing people rave about this place for ages so the bunch of us took the opportunity during our one day trip to KL and had this for dinnah...Chicken Chop Special...priced around RM10+ I think but it was so worth it...huge portion and yummilicious...wanna go there again some day to try something else :D

Murni awesome and at the same time...pretty crazy. The actual shop is only 1 lot but their tables and chairs are placed on the pavement along 3 blocks of shop lots....its bloody freaking long. It's THAT laku. 

p/s: Scheduled post...I'm not posting from Singapore about PJ's mamak stall of course...haha
QJ and I ate bacon burger (porky ones...not chicken ones like Carl's in M'sia) at Superdogs.....and it was superb. Dammit Malaysia should have decent pork burgers too...I'm sure Kelvin would agree with me.....

Spent most of Day 1 travelling from almost one end of the island to the next. Went Vivo City. Huge-ass shopping mall. The outlets here have nicer clothes than that of Malaysia's...but of course the price tags aren't nice at all :P....not when there's no sales during these period (got la some but not much)..I noticed that the girls here dress rather decently...I dun see much of 'ah lian-ness' here...or maybe it was just in Vivo la..who knows?

Food has been superb so far...eventho we've only been to fast food joints....MOS burger was......mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......Unagi rice burger :D ....ok it taste kinda like a bento but who cares? Unagi is teh sedaps! :9 ....might just go back there again before I leave...see la....

Went Bugis St pasar malam....a bit of a disappointment for both of us...guess we were too 'pampered' with our type of pasar malam back in Malaysia...cuz if they were like that...we'd be walking out of it with handful of snacks! (ah now that I mention snacks...I miss Chow Yang/SS2's popiah....oh sedap!)...The pasar malam here is so prim and's all in nicely allocated and lit shop lots...mmm...a bit tak biasa...ah well...thanks to that I suddenly remember about wanting MOS and we went hunting for it ... hee~

We went EXPO to pre-register for QJ's magic event....The Singapore Grand Prix.....we practically had to walk from one end of the expo to the other end of it cuz it was so bloody far...EXPO is freakin HUGE! Put it side by side with KLCC CC and you'd go O.o ....the fact that the place is loaded with fast food joints is definately a plus. Oh did I mention there's Adidas warehouse sale there? X3333 ...gonna check it out later. Popular and Robinsons has warehouse sales there too....ahhh...good thing I don't have to go anyway from EXPO to actually do some shopping :P

The public transport system here is....superb. Their train has 6 coaches while our Rapid KL (putraline ones that is) has like what...2? And they had to think so long to consider whether or not to add coaches summore....sheesh. The train line here branches off EVERYWHERE...its so efficient and convenient. Even their 'touch and go' (theirs is Ezi or sumthing) reader is much better than ours...its really just touch and go....not like most of ours where you mostly have to touch...wait...then go...ESPECIALLY monorail ones... (damn I hate those)...One thing about some of the escalator here...they're so freakin fast! It helps clear out the congestion I guess but I just can't imagine of someone were to press the 'Stop' button when the escalator loaded with ppl.... :P But seriously...its all those little things that makes the whole system move so much faster....aih..its just so nice.

I better get back to bed now (just remembered I'm holding QJ's card key so he can't get out! Eek!)...not sure if I can sleep anymore...slept so early damn burned out by the end of the day. Another long and packed day today...especially for QJ and Yii....wish them luck! :D

Kayu Roti Tisu

by Volvoxx On 3:55 AM 1 comments
...or was it roti paper? I can never remember >.<

Kayu's awsomely long roti tisu that my sis and I have been itching to try out of curiousity...and curiousity almost killed the kittens cuz it got quite jelak towards the end. It was good...but not really our cup of tea...maybe if its shared amongst more ppl then wouldn't be so bad.

Their black black rendang beef (my sis and I will go for that whenever we see it :P ) is yummilicious...everything else looks so tempting. Thankfully we weren't so hungry..haha.

p/s: A series of random pics from my cameraphone that happens to be about food...sorry Khurshid if you were hungry...haha :P
pp/s: Will be off to S'pore for a few days... :DDDD 

Peppermint Snaps

by Volvoxx On March 20, 2009 3:50 AM 0 comments

Chocolate filled Peppermint Snaps....all the way from Canada (I think) thanks to my cousin, EuLing. Awesome stuff. Cousin gave it to sis and lucky me got to steal some during my trip there 2 weeks ago or so...At first I thought the colorful exterior was the wrapper, and I was looking for the peel to open it but quickly realised that there was no wrapper... *pops into mouth* ... :P

Wonder if there's anymore left... :9

Shepherd's Pie

by Volvoxx On March 19, 2009 3:42 AM 0 comments

Made chicken shepherd's pie the other day when QJ was back home in Puchong...first attempt at it. Didn't really like the fact that I didn't have my regular Chang Tung chicken gravy mix...that usually makes the pie sauce tasty effortlessly...but oh well...gotta improvise on what I've got and it ended up not too bad at all...and I ended up using the big Ikea casserole tray rather than the smaller one that came with this set....made too much mashed potatoes >.<

p/s: shitty noisy pics taken with my Nokia 6300 2MP cameraphone with bad lighting...ugh

Thank you sir but we can see from here...

by Volvoxx On March 17, 2009 11:50 PM 2 comments
I had lab today and I had the impression that it was one of the easier ones among the many many labs I have this sem: the type you go by the manual, simulate with the software, on the spot simple question evaluation and best of all, no report required. Seeing as there were only a few procedures, I figured I could quickly finish it up and go back to sleep revise for my midterm paper tmr.

...but very nice lecturer took his time helping some students doing god knows wat on their MATLAB. I don't you understand? The whole experiment only involves copy-pasting the sample code into the editor...and run it. If you want then tweak the variables a bit to see effect of this and that filter etc....ok fine...maybe their MATLAB's gone nuts or sumthing...go help them...I'll just....stare at the monitor waiting for you to proceed since the procedure didn't exactly say what we need to do. 

Then he went to the whiteboard and wrote a line of formula....and then he used the same marker...and shaded over the letters he just drew in repetative circular motion to make the letters fatter. He was scared that a class/lab that only fits 20+ PCs cant see the words on the whiteboard. 


Ok fine. Just a line of formula afterall....but nope. He did that on every occasion he needed to write on the whiteboard...and did he take his sweet time doing it. /facepalm first I was kinda ticked at the wasted time but after awhile it just tickled me how he had to do it everytime he wrote sumthing (even trivial notes) on the whiteboard.

Mr lecturer in 'action'..yes he even 'bolded' the graph signal lines...
butter=butterworth filter...not cooking class

Ah but I really shouldn't complain, at least he made sure we can see (lol) and the lab session was understandable. Last time I kena from Ms Cacing Handwriting -math tutor of mine some years ago. Not only that were we unable to comprehend what she was trying to teach, we couldn't even understand what she wrote on the board. She should really go for writing/caligraphy classes before being allowed to be a tutor.

Fahizha's Wedding

by Volvoxx On 1:34 PM 2 comments
This is a super belated the pictures are super belated too...ugh my bad >.< ...anyways...

Congratulations my dear friend :D /hug...wishing you and your darling eternal happiness in days to come.

Pics and short descriptions:

Meeting of friends - some of us haven't met since we last saw each other during our SPM result distribution day. Meeting them again...brings back memories. It was nice to see how some of us have changed so much and yet some others remain quite the same. 
We helped ourselves to the food while waiting for the couple to arrive. Food was good...but damn I still miss her mum's laksa and ketupat during Hari Raya :P ...

Arrival of the lovely and loving couple, Nurul Fahizha and Ahmad Fairuz. 
You were so so georgeous my dear friend :)

So sweet!

It was pretty crowded up in front there but I think it made a good effect, somehow.

The friends who came :) 
...I think some are not in the picture..deng~

Usually I'd like to keep the pics in my blog to a dimension of 400px width...but any smaller and  you wun be able to see any faces in this pic so here photo of us class/schoolmates.

L-R (backrow): Munirah, Nabilah, me, Siu Jane, Jenna, Lydiawani, Marziyah, Khaleelah, Thivya, Sue Ann, Fathiah, Diyana

Honestly we gave the couple no rest! Group photos one after another...don't think she got to eat much ^^; but this photo is priceless...

p/s: Sucks that my camera's battery dieded before I could take some shots of the pelamin and hantaran...meh~...apologies for the limited number of photos >.<

Gmail rawks!

by Volvoxx On March 15, 2009 3:15 PM 2 comments
Wanted to blog about this like...2 weeks ago but somehow totally forgot about it..meh~

Anyways....yeah....another reason why gmail's so cool you have no other reason to be using other mail service providers.

Aside from gmail having on-page chat popup with webcam enabled (i'm talking about web-messenger webcam chats) chat archive storage, 7GB+ worth of email storage space, mail forwarding, multiple choice of theme to choose from, mail tag/label categorization etc etc....they've recently added a feature that I REALLY REALY love.

Remember when you have to attach multiple files but don't want to zip them up in a zip file before attaching? Used to have to select and add one by one...and some mail providers even limit the number of attachment uploadable at one time. It was really really annoying. 

Gmail somehow managed to solve that, by enabling multiple file selection during attachment file selection...and it'll auto upload once those files are selected. That means you can type your email while gmail uploads them for you. They even have a progress bar to show you how much of what file they've attached. And if an upload of a single file fails, they will let you know, and give you an option to retry attaching the file. Facebook photo uploading tool shud learn a bit from google this way. Freakin frustraited with multiple attempts of failed photo uploading. Pftttt...

So if you haven't already been using gmail like you should long long time should start now :D...

p/s: yes Google Reader rawks too

Fifi's paw mark of recognition

by Volvoxx On March 14, 2009 2:30 PM 0 comments
Fifi's really really manja when she's around me...

When I'm lying on the cushion on the floor watching TV at home, she'd trot to my side...and give me a of those puppy-eye muka kesian looks....then I'd tap my tummy and she'd just leap onto it and lay there asleep...

Fifi the tummy warmer

Sometimes she'd just climb up and stand on my of those days...she came up...stood for a while...then jumped off....and this is what I got on my lap...Fifi's paw mark :P....found it very cute so I decided to post it here :D

Haven't had so much fun in a while

by Volvoxx On March 12, 2009 11:00 PM 2 comments
QJ organized a early birthday party-BBQ style for me last weekend. Quite excited about it since we hadn't barbequed for a long time already, last time being a farewell of sort for Amran...back in Sem 1. 

For a party of 20+ people and trying to achieve 'cheap and nice' was quite a challenge. I decided to cut down on the type of food (so that means no chicken kebabs :P) it was only 2 type of chicken (honey mustard and tandoori), garlic bread, chicken balls and sausages, some coleslaw, corn and cheesecake made by Suj. Alex brought 2 tubs of ice cream (some had to skip this as they were stuffed by the time they had the cheesecake) and everyone brought a bottle of soft there was plenty to go around that night :P

Its been a while since this house has so many guest (even Shindee came down from Penang and Amran from PJ...syokness XD ). Thankfully it fit all of us since it rained earlier before the party...haha.

Would have been nice if we could get more people to play something (boardgames or sumthing else) but a bunch of them seem to enjoy playing guitar hero..blame the lack of space :P. Only got to boardgames at around 1am when most people have gone home. We ended up playing until 4am x.x ...decided to go wash my hair, dry it and wait for dim sum breakfast...ended up tertido around 6am... :P

Woke up around 7...went dim sum and sent QJ to Sentral-he wanted to go KL for his magic tourney. Came back home after that...and terus balik tido while Amran and Suj molested my HDD as they marathon watch movies in my HDD....they woke me up for lunch...otherwise I think I would have slept till evening.. :P Played a bit boardgames in the evening then went Pak Putra for dinner with the guys. Met Edo and Khurshid there (dah la baru main boardgame sampai 4am that morning aje...go until there still can terserempak)...Shindee and Yuhi dropped by for a chat before joining her friends for cendol at Jonkers while Yuhi had his dinner there with us. We lepak-ed there till 11pm, then went pick QJ up from Sentral. 

The next morning...Amran wanted dim sum round 2...kekeke....after that...I think i went back to sleep...again. :P He went back around lunchtime. QJ and I skipped lunch...and had home cooked meal-budget style again for dinner. The rest of the evening was spent lazing around/dota/more lazing around. What a way to spend my birthday eh? 

I didn't really take many pics of the bbq since I was cooking most of the time. Edo did...and...see la when I can get it from him :P...I have only a few on my camera and I'm lazy to process now so....wait la...keke....

The girls in my family

by Volvoxx On March 3, 2009 3:57 PM 0 comments
Having a family of 3 girls a 1 father made sure that all her girls were well equipped with the knowledge to know how to handle things by themselves. From fixing minor pipe leakage, replacing lightbulb/tubes or the how to take care and maintain the car. When each of us are ready to drive, he'd make sure each and everyone of us know the basic things to check: brake oil, engine oil, battery and radiator water. Also to make sure all 4 tires are nicely filled with air and that the spare one is also filled and ready to be used at all times. That being said, he also made sure we all know how to change tires. He'll show it to us once, and then ask us to do the whole process while he guides us when we're not sure how to proceed.

And for that...I thank him and I'm forever greatful for that knowledge.

Because I can't stand it when anyone who owns and drives a car...goes "What's that?" when I ask if he checked the radiator water lately...or pumped the tyres...or anything like that....especially guys. I know all that and I dun even own a car so you have NO excuse whatsoever that you don't know the basic things you SHOULD know. If your dad doesn't teach you, ask him...otherwise there's always the car manual that will teach u all those stuff...or paling teruk oso ask the mechanic la...they're sure to know. 

Because seriously...if you don't know how to take care of your car (or don't even bother to get it to be taken care of), then you don't deserve to own it.

Lisa's Birthday

by Volvoxx On 2:28 AM 0 comments
Life's back to bite me (well more like I didn't spend my last weekend alone so I didn't spend it organizing my pics/print them and blogging)'s a lil belated post. Happy Birthday Lisa.

There's quite a lot of pics, and I'm lazy to pick out a few to post so I'm just gonna do a slideshow here.

Next up... :9

Chibi me

by Volvoxx On March 2, 2009 2:30 PM 4 comments

Took this pic when I was visiting my sis' office some time ago. That...was me and my sis when I was little. I can't remember how long ago this pic was...but it was really old. Taken in front of my house...the background's window grill had since been changed to tinted sliding doors. How time have passed.

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