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Singapore Day 3: Long walks and sore feets

by Volvoxx On March 23, 2009 12:55 AM
(the author came back from Singapore...and went AWOL for a while due to many many distractions post-trip. This post was half written in Singapore and half written in PJ :P )

I walked so much I think I lost a bit of weight...haha....I wish la...we'll see when I balik nanti :P

What's certain that my feet is SOOOOOOO sore is my back. Handbag like bag doraemon (i think it might just weight up to 5kg) carry macam macam...heavy sial...walk in circles and triangles and squares....gah penat la...but at least it was enjoyable.

Didn't buy anything today. Stupid Kino didn't have the manga QJ and I wanted so badly (mine was in stock but it wasn't on the the info counter guy say "Oh you have to come again and check with us next week..." ....u think I cycle to Singapore aa? so easy....cis! I've been waiting for 2 years for my book leh kanasai! Cis! QJ's book worse....not in stock langsung. Dammit la thought can just pick up from the shelf so I didn't bother with online booking this time... :< ..... meh. Should know better next time.

Started the day with lunch at Chinatown. Went Maxwell road and had lunch there. The tip on the travel guide said to judge good food at the length of the queue for the stall (most stalls, if not all, work on 'self service' you have to wait to get your own food...not like the hawkers in Malaysia with super memory....hee!) I went for one that made me queue for about 15 minutes...hahaha....but damn it was nice. Fish soup with rice. Mum and dad (and QJ's family too) would have loved it...see la got chance bring them here :P ...the soup it least it was to me la....instead of clear fish soup, its a bit milky colored...ahh thinking of it kinda makes my mouth water now. :9~ ...hee. QJ saw me queue so long and gave up on the 'get food from longest queue' strategy so he ended up with herbal chicken soup with misua...which tasted really good too so he was happy...

After that we went jalan jalan a bit in Chinatown. It was less 'chinese' than I expected it to be (or maybe I just didn't really get to the really cina area) but it was okay I guess. Went to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple....for a temple it was really really REALLY beautiful. Got take some pic but its in my camera (and my card reader is in my room and I dun think this kapcai PC with Vista and 512MB RAM has any decent image processor in it so ...wait la). Oh did I mention the praying area is air-conditioned? No smokey smokey hot icky feeling. It was really really.....damn cantik. /sigh...

Exited the temple and walked around the pasar malam (that operated in morning :P ) there...lotsa tourisy stuff la...kinda like Jonker but somehow felt less special (I dunno...maybe cuz everything have to x2.4?)...but sumthing nice was probably most of the shops there have the jade stone chinese name stamp thing...which I really really I didn't make one....I already have one. Bought it for myself 2 years ago or sumthing for my birthday :P ....oh that and there's a few of this 'wedding accessories' shop in Chinatown Point...find it kinda convenient if we had things like this in our place when my bro got married...actually SP got la but its a few and not as nice (and red..haha) as this one :P

Headed to Little India next...and I was surprised to see how Little India was more indian than Chinatown was chinese :P ...but it was nice. Kinda like to see all those fresh garlands and stuff....I noticed they have a lot of shops selling fresh vege...and I mean a 10-15 shops? So pelik... /shrug.... QJ showed me where they stayed last time he backpacked here with the guys (InnCrowd and Prince of Wales)...InnCrowd looks kinda cozy, but mmm The Hive is nice and I like it :D ...went Mustafa awhile (and bought myself a small bottle of hair shampoo...swt)...walked back again and decided to visit their version of Low Yat at Sim Lim Square. Its sooooo huge. QJ got so thrilled he found his Guitar Hero World Tour here....kept skipping around non stop about it after that...excited fella...if we didn't take a bus here I think he sure buy it ade wan.... (of dun think can hand carry in plane either tho...hmmm...) Its rather 'fascinating' to see the shops all selling ALL original games for once..haha....and I find that NDS Lite doesnt get much love here in Singapore :( ... /patpat my DS....ah well who cares!

Next stop was Orchard. Was kinda excited cuz was hoping to get a few stuff there but like I mentioned earlier we end up din find the things we wanted to get at all....was a bit disappointing but wat the heck la. Had a rather nice meal at this cute and cozy place at Wisma Atria...altho a bit expensive but we decided to splurge a bit ...since we only had pastry buns and 9" sausages from some EXPO exhibitors there (which were really good for SGD1 buns...)...I really like their menu (mmmeh pics later) and the ambiance is really cozy...well apart from the sight of renovation going outside la lol.

After early dinner, we headed straight to Kino...and left rather soon. Meh. No mood to see other stuff ade since our main purpose of going there is no longer valid. Left and wandered around Orchard for awhile before heading to Borders. Mannn the borders there kinda sucked. Small selection of books, and the same manga I saw in Kino earlier was 5 bucks more expensive in Borders..wat the-! End up going out to the other shops to just linger around (went to molest Ipods at their apple they're SO sleek esp the new nano)...and went chill at the nearest cafe we could see cuz our feet were whining after 3 full days of walking non stop (I dunno bout QJ's first day of magic-ing but I walked non stop at EXPO... :P ) that whenever you dun feel like having coffee, you see Starbucks and Coffee Beans freakin everywhere but when you just want one, they're nowhere to be found.... =.= we ended u in Borders was decent but muu that they don't have fresh strawberries for my strawberry smoothie they recommended something else (Caribbean or sumthing) which tasted really good! ....but mmmm wonder if their strawberry smoothie would taste better...was feeling very....gian strawberry smoothie that time :P of these days...we'll see...hee. Anyways...we walked around a bit more and headed back to The Hive earlier that night...tired and all. Met Yii in the lounge and we went out have supper (since we had early dinner and Yii had none..hahaha!) ...didn't felt like eating so I jsut stole a bit of QJ's wantan noodles. Pretty good...but I've had better...but this is just a random foodcourt near our backpackers that la. But its the one with the longest queue so...that's gotta mean! (lucky not too long!)

Not really gonna open another entry for Day 4, since we spent only about 4 hours outside and then headed back to the backpackers to lepak and use their net while waiting for our (oh so much comfier) bus back to Melaka. Went Bishan to grab some stuff for QJ's friend. The mall there had really really lots of food chain for a mall that size...which is nice (Cuz I had my 2nd MOS here...nyahaha....)...QJ tried out playing some arcade games...Beatmania DX2 (or sumthing like memory fails me x.x) much more difficult compared to the old machine in Jusco :P ....saw someone pwn ass in Street Fighter 4 machine. There's really huge difference between a guy who knows wat he's doing compared to a guy who's button mashing...kek. Its awesome how Singapore gets all these new machines and we only get those rotting ones...meh..ah well...I'm happy as long as I get my dose of Taiko no Tatsujin XD ...and oh oh! How can I forget? QJ found a hobby shop which sells my Saiyuki Reload manga! XD ...and I think it was the last copy too...yikes! Aaaa finally after 2 years I can read the continuation of the damn thing (still got 2 more un-translated volumes man gawddamit!)....wonder when I'll get to read Volumes 8 and 9. Might just give up and buy those expensive ones from Tokyopop in the end...meh.

Overall....Singapore is a nice place....if I don't have to keep reminding myself the cheap meals I get at their food court is actually x2.4 of the actual price. Still...their transportation system totally kicks ass and you'll get cultural shock when you get back and use our lame ass transportation system (6 freakin hours to get from our house to my sister's place in PJ wat the flying eff!) ...well that's all for now. Lazy to write more...

p/s: Thanks Edo for the lift back and for intro-ing us to the nice makan spot that day....too bad so exp >.<
pp/s: QJ still can't get his mind off Guitar Hero World Tour...might just get one this weekend?!
ppp/s: RapidKL sux. Period. Wait scratch that....our public transport all sux. Period.

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