Salad with Mayonnaise and Balsamic Vinegar Dressing

Posted by Volvoxx On November - 21 - 2009

Out of ideas of what to cook for dinner? Dining alone? Salad makes an awesome, simple meal for one, or side dish for two or more!

Instant Tiramisu / Happy Birthday Dad

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 27 - 2009

My two nieces are more than happy to celebrate their grandfather's Birthday with him

Soya Bean Milk

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 22 - 2009

Ever wanted to try making your own soyabean milk? Check it out!

Baked Macaroni Cheese

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 12 - 2009

Fancy some simple satisfying Baked Macaroni Cheese at home? Check out this recipe.

Fish Chip with Beer Batter.

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 10 - 2009

An attempt in making Fish Chip with beer batter...while forcing QJ to consume fish :P

The end of sem 'pick-a-kitteh' syndrome.

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 09 - 2009

Kittens will mysteriously appear at our doorstep come semester break. This time, its happening again. A cute, manja, noisy kitten visits 391D.

Fraser's Hill

by Volvoxx On March 14, 2008 2:38 AM 2 comments

Remember my trip to Fraser's sometime last month?

I finally got around to pick out a 'few' pictures (took so many up there!) they are!

Click below for the full post! (for bandwidth saving purposes...but then if you're using Google Reader....will just load anyway >.<)

Last month, I was heading down KL for PTKL with QJ but my sis asked if I wanna join her in Fraser's instead, so both of us, along with 2 of her friends, Ken and Ken (coincidence...hehe) went up for a relaxing birdwatching on their side :D

The place where we stayed while we were there.

The living room overlooking the beautiful garden.

Corridor where the rooms are

The room where I slept sister's down with flu...had a lot of rest up there :D

Imagine waking up in the morning and walking out to such a beautiful garden...not to mention having ~19°C room temperature...natural air con :D

The little frog's playing dead... -.-

One of my favourite flower up there... 'kin chiam' flower...

Comes in light and darker yellow, orange and red.

Wild orchids in the garden! So beautiful!
The caretaker, Aunty Lan said that they grew by themselves...

This one too!

The common fern up there in Frasers.

Swiftlets in their nest in the garage.

Spider's nest. 8-leg might just pop out to say Hi if you get too close (or aggravate it)

The insects are damn healthy up there..they're huge!

Beautiful sun rays breaking thru the tree tops.

Random wild flower I found during the morning walk.

Ginger flower :D

Soaked like a kitten...

by Volvoxx On March 13, 2008 9:56 AM 0 comments
3 papers in a row...make that 4 actually. I had 2 papers yday, clash so I had to take supp for one of them.... (seriously what's with MMU's schedules lately? Good fung shui dates to have exam?)

Its like...worse than finals (touchwood)....and it certainly makes matters worse that, every bloody time I head out to take my bloody rains so heavily that I'm soaked. Now that I've lost my old sister's jacket just ain't waterproof enuff... x.x and the hood keeps sliding off.....

Of course...I COULD walk and use an umbrella (and get my jeans wet anyway) but...I just have to read up my materials till 10 mins before paper then rush there now, do I? :P ...hahaha.....

Last of my 3 marathon papers tonite. Cant wait (actually...I can... x.x) ....50cents says its gonna rain again sumwhere around 8......

p/s: Finally edited my Fraser's pictures...will post......erm...tonight... x.x
pp/s: Nikki where's my pictures!~ x.x

I can has DS Lite?

by Volvoxx On March 9, 2008 3:07 AM 0 comments
(on a much much much lighter note....)

ZOMG! Thank you sayang! And my dear friends! I did not see this all!

Thank you all so so so so so SO MUCH for my new DS Lite! Loving it to bits and pieces...molesting it so much the batt dried on me. :P

And thank you my dear, for the DVD Writer that I needed so badly for my PC, since my Combo drive practically died on me already.


Wait till I show my sis...nyehehehehe.....

p/s: sorry if I haven't thanked you guys personally yet. Have YET to get the list of 'contributers' to this lovely present of mine X3
pp/s: Happy Birthday to you too, Samy... /snigger

The People have Spoken

by Volvoxx On 3:02 AM 0 comments
(according to official, and some unofficial reports.....)

BN lost Kelantan. Penang. Kedah. And it is reported, Selangor and Perak too.

Dr Kor Tsu Koon and Samy Vellu lost their seats. BN STILL won by simple majority, but apparantly (according to unofficial reports as of 2.22am) they were denied 2/3 majority.

This came as a shock to BN. According to MalaysiaKini, Umno leaders are currently in an emergency meeting held at Umno HQ in PWTC.

I have wanted to see this happen but I was still surprised and shocked when I read the reports. It is actually happening! Years ago, I would never have imagined that Kedah will fall to the opposition. Tho I have my fears then, but from my POV as a child, BN was still too strong to be shaken off its grasp of the state. Now, Kedah has gone to the hands of PAS-PKR opposition side. I still have my fears, but my mind tells me to give them a chance...we do not know yet how they'll fare.

What will happen to Malaysia in this 4 years to come, only time will tell.

The people of Malaysia have spoken. Perhaps its time for the ruling party to stop and listen and act as they should.

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