Salad with Mayonnaise and Balsamic Vinegar Dressing

Posted by Volvoxx On November - 21 - 2009

Out of ideas of what to cook for dinner? Dining alone? Salad makes an awesome, simple meal for one, or side dish for two or more!

Instant Tiramisu / Happy Birthday Dad

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 27 - 2009

My two nieces are more than happy to celebrate their grandfather's Birthday with him

Soya Bean Milk

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 22 - 2009

Ever wanted to try making your own soyabean milk? Check it out!

Baked Macaroni Cheese

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 12 - 2009

Fancy some simple satisfying Baked Macaroni Cheese at home? Check out this recipe.

Fish Chip with Beer Batter.

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 10 - 2009

An attempt in making Fish Chip with beer batter...while forcing QJ to consume fish :P

The end of sem 'pick-a-kitteh' syndrome.

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 09 - 2009

Kittens will mysteriously appear at our doorstep come semester break. This time, its happening again. A cute, manja, noisy kitten visits 391D.

Free Rice - Donate Rice and Learn English

by Volvoxx On October 27, 2007 8:21 AM 2 comments
For each word you get right, we donate 10 grains of rice through the United Nations to help end world hunger.

How to play:
  • Click on the answer that best defines the word.
  • If you get it right, you get a harder word. If wrong, you get an easier word.
  • For each word you get right, we donate 10 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program.
So...go donate your rice now! @
(its pretty addictive...hee)

Link by Wilz

Happy Birthday Dad!

by Volvoxx On 12:14 AM 2 comments

Dad with his grandchild, with mum, and with his usual comical antics.

Happy Birthday Dad!
(tho you prolly wun be reading this blog..haha)

Glad I'm here to celebrate it with you this year :D Hope you liked what we planned for you at dinner earlier....and hopefully we'll be able to whip out something wicked later today! Home-made cake with deco and all :P And hopefully a decent meal (by me and sis...with assistance of aunt, of course...haha!)

This is the man who guided me during my early driving lessons, help me with my KH kerja kayu, loved my cooking when aunt and mum wasn't around (the man other than QJ :P), the man who bought me my first and only 366 bedtime stories around the year (really loved that book)...sometimes knows I'm in deepshit but still calmly advices me to do my best, the same man who always drives me around tuition and my extra-curicular activities, the guys who absolutely loves to bring me to Tesco, Giant, and any newly sprung-up supermarket around my area. Also the man who politely comment that my western food were nice (eventho he's not very...fond of western food, pasta, pies and such... XD )

Wish you a long and healthy life, and may happiness and wealth come your way :D .
Love you dad.

Christmas songs...

by Volvoxx On October 26, 2007 1:09 AM 0 comments
Its only approaching November, and I'm listening to Christmas songs already!

Feels warm and fuzzy when I do. Kenny G, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey and assortment of other real good ones...really makes me think like I'm sitting by the fireplace sipping a cup of hot chocolate wrapped in my blanket on a chilly night. If only...hah! this amount of Chrismassy songs I'm neighbours might think she lost count of the!

Spent the day making pasta for lunch, then shopping for new jeans (yay!) in the evening. Dinner, net-surfing, and V for Vendetta. I've almost forgotten the joys of channel-surfing! LOL! (Dad says he's giving me this portable antenna to bring back Malacca to see if it works on QJ's house's TV...the one in his room works so....hopefully..TV at last? Haha!)

Need to get new earphones. Wrecked my last one. Need to solder the wires back (don't ask)!

Hope will wake up early to go grab some new shirts tmr morn... :P

Mushroom Fettucine

by Volvoxx On October 25, 2007 9:22 PM 0 comments

My first white-cream (alfredo like) pasta, finally!

Kid will go all "this is turning into a foodblog"! I'm following a few foodbloggers and I'm pretty sure mine's nowhere near them. Hats-off to them.'s the recipe.

And there he is...

by Volvoxx On October 24, 2007 2:30 AM 0 comments
A loud 'ding-dong' rang in my dream. Still reluctant to dismiss my dream, I snugged deeper into the pillow and the doorbell rang again. "I really should wake up..." I thought to myself as I dragged my sleepy feet out of bed, shivering. I opened the door and saw my aunt. "Wake up ade aaa?" she chimed. I had told her yesterday to wake me up early. I nodded and closed the door as she went back to her room, remembering to switch off the fan on the way back to bed. Dug my way back under the sheets, I stared at the TV which was left on since the night before, blinking constantly to keep myself awake.

I might have dozed off for 15 mins or so, off and on but eventually managed to get out of the cozy warm bed. I pulled down the clothes I wanted to wear from the hanger, and neatly folded the rest and packed them into my bag. Went to the washroom to wash up, and got out to prep. Foundation. Eyeshadow. Mascara. Lipstick. I bit of perfume wouldn't hurt. Afterall, I rarely use them.

My aunt came back, this time using the card-key. I asked her if the rest were ready. "As usual la," which easily translates to "they're still pick-packing the baby's stuffs". I...snugged back under the covers and continued watching the show while my aunt used my water jug to cook noodles. She came back and offered me a cup. Steaming hot tomyam noodles. Lovely.

Bro came around and asked me to help them load the luggage into the car. The moment I stepped into the parking bay, my feet froze and I instantly regretted forgetting to wear my jacket. We checked out and drove down the misty road back to my aunt's place. I checked my cellphone restlessly. Zero connectivity. Damn you maxis, you had to let me down now. Used my aunt's cell and jammed the keys. Good, he knows now. Moments passed as I keep checking my cell for the time and connectivity. "Bit bit bit!" Finally! Line's back. And a message too. Lovely.

I made sure that I was alert throughout the journey as I was my bro's navigator for this trip. I didn't want to end up in Ipoh as the roadsign says. No, not yet at least. Soon, we zoned into familiar grounds and immediately felt more relaxed. I had them drop me at the nearest rail station and ran up to catch the incoming train. I've travelled there before but this time, the journey 'there' seem much longer than usual.

I got off at my stop and texted him. No reply. "Mmm..that's strange." I walked around the stalls there and checked out the directory. "Bit bit bit!" I quickly checked my cell, and giggles at the new message received. I typed a reply and went to get myself some light snacks, while waiting. I strolled around some more and then headed to the railway exit to wait. Large crowd of people stream by the exit as each train left the station. I scanned the faces, a little anxious, excited.
The crowd dispersed and yet still no sign of him. "Maybe the next one," I assured myself.

The 3rd train left the station and the people started streaming down the elevator again. I perk up and starting scanning the crowd again. There were so many people this time. I looked for that familiar warm face and suddenly, there he was. His face light up immediately as he saw me and fastened his pace towards the exit.

"Dearie!" I took his hand in mine, and smiled. He squeezed it.

"Shall we?"

"Where to?"

"Anywhere, doesn't matter when I have you."

Why I Want To Eat At Friday's?

by Volvoxx On October 20, 2007 1:16 AM 2 comments
Because I've been there before and the food taste great.

Because I didn't manage to eat the Mud Pie there during my last visit (almost a year ago! Time sure flies!), and sis says its really good.

Because the Sizzling Sauteed Chicken looks awfully delicious.

Because the outlet at The Curve looks too damn cozy.

Because I don't usually get my sister to bring me there (and eat free).

Because I haven't been there with QJ before.

Because the two of us don't get to eat these kinda good food often enough.

Because I wanna bring my him there.

....I can name a dozen more reasons why I wanna eat at Fridays but the real reason would probably be because I wanna have a pleasant dinner with my dearest at somewhere special. That's all.

I've been to Friday's only on a few occasions. The last one being at the (then) new outlet in Queensbay, Penang with my family. The outlet was only a week old and the staff still new. Still, they tried their best to provide us with good service as fast as they could manage. I clearly remember us ordering a seafood meal which was very satisfyingly very fresh. Even sis, who usually don't eat small prawn, liked it. The salmon very 'lemak' too, yum!

Another time there was unforgettable.

It was during one of the trips to KL with mum. We were shopping in One Utama and she surprised me one day by asking if I wanna have TGIF for lunch. Mum, being a 'rice' person, hardly ever choose a western place for meals unless my siblings are bringing us out for a treat. Obviously, it was too good of an offer to pass so I said "lets go!"

We sat down and looked at the menu. After much considering, I decided to settle with one of the burgers. I couldn't remember what my mum ordered but when her meal arrived, I thought they delivered the food to the wrong table. It was nachos chips...topped with a LOT of Mozzarella. My mum, doesn't like cheese. She'll avoid it whenever possible. So it really surprised me that she'd order that dish. Soon, my burger came and we started dining. I noticed that mum was having a little difficulty with her meal and I found out later that, she didn't really know what it was that she ordered. She just thought she'd wanna try it out. LOL! I offered to trade my burger for watever it was that she was having (tho it wasn't very filling). That was one TGIF experience that I'll never be able to forget.

Holidays, so far (cont)

by Volvoxx On October 17, 2007 2:51 AM 0 comments
Day 3 in KL. Lunch was 'Raya' food again. Ketupat, ayam golek and curry plus leftover lemang and rendang from the day before.

Food from Pasar Ramadhan - Day 2

After lunch was The Curve...just because we wanted to go to the flea market....which was no longer there when we got there cuz it rained! Dammit this freak rain thingy!

Anyways...the moment we go up from the parking bays, we girls were stuck! Metrojaya having lingerie sale! ROFL!! Took ages to get to try them on but got myself ...ahem ahem..sumthing dun need to know what precisely (but is it really that hard to guess?) :P Decided to head to The Apartments to check out the Cuppacakes that everyone's been raving about (even Flavours magazine).

2 words: Overrated, overpriced.

WTF? Those damn cupcakes were so freakin small! I mean, if I'm gonna pay RM4 for this thing, I'd expect small muffin sized cupcakes. Its quite nicely decorated, yes, but the design's rather simple. I've seen better ones online (check out this The taste are just, allright - nothing explosively good. The coffee's a tad bit expensive but I guess the price is usually around there. One thing great bout Apartments is definately the ambiance. I mean, they use a bed for a couch! Very much like how I use mine for my PC chair/couch/bed. Its very cozy and its somewhere you'd wanna be lazing around spending your weekend chatting with a friend. I give them credit for that. Their crew's service...sux. Took them 5 mins just to get our bill (and that's after my sis went to remind them) of them accidentally scraped icing off one of the cupcake while bringing it out to serve, ignored the fact that he spoiled the icing, and served the cake anyway. If I was the customer, I'd ask for a new one, since we all pretty much go there for the 'pretty cupcakes' anyway.

Size comparison of the cups, with Nokia 1100

The Apartment: Cuppacakes

Shopped till around 6 and went back to pack our stuff a bit. Sis sent us to Pudu and we took a 7.30pm bus to Malacca. The amount of sweaty smelly ppl and stinky feet in there was...URGH! The guy behind us took off his shoes and both of us felt like puking. Sis covered her nose and kept staring at his feet and at him and he got the message. ROFL! Sis saved the day.

Bro picked us up from Malacca Sentral and his friend took us to eat Sate Celup. Sis been wanting to stuff herself with Malaccan food for awhile but never find the time to do so (prolly cuz she usually gets stuck shopping in KL instead... :P )...too bad we didn't have the car to ourself and it was already kinda late when we were there. Otherwise, could have brought her makan more places. Bro sent us to my place in B.Beruang and we spent the night at my place. Sis was glued to my PC for net, and I was busy clearing the house. Mosquitoes, were crazy. Damn bloodsuckers.

Bro woke us up to tell us he was coming in 15 mins time (WTF...we told him to wake us up an hour earlier!). Took us to lunch at some chicken rice ball shop in Malim. And I had fun camwhoring my baby niece. So damn cute. And hyper.

Shots of Minn-Yi in the restaurant

We paid a visit to my bro's friend's parent's farm near Malacca Sentral area. It was raining heavily when we got there so we couldn't really see much of the place. The farm looked nice and pleasant. Bro's friend collected a number of 'sample' plants for him to bring back and plant. My bro's a plant freak, so yeah. The rain lifted as we were about to leave, so I grabbed my cam and started looking for nice shots.

Flowers in the farm

Left for KL after that, and arrived about 2+hours later (gawd..bro drove so slow x.x). Went to my 4th aunt's place and met up with my sis there. She took us to Pasar Malam in SS2 (Monday) and bought something to eat for dinner. Aunt was having vegetarian so we didn't wanna bother her to cook for us. Sis treated us to some very thick fruit juice. It was so sour but at the same time, very refreshing. Felt like rinsing the body system with it. Bought a hair clip that I really like. So cheap - RM2.80. Go to any shopping mall and you'd get the same thing for around RM5 if you're lucky. RM8 for good ones. Went to buy this really nice 'thong sui' from a famous stall at one corner of the pasar malam. This guy sells really really nice and smooth peanut thong sui. Had to wait for about 10-15 mins to tapau but it was so worth it (tips: if you want it fast, eat there. He serves them first). Bought asam laksa from the stall beside it, and it taste so good! Too bad so little fish in it though.

Had dinner and set off for Penang. Awfully long journey home with multiple stops. Slept half of the journey off. The traffic from the opposite direction was...scary. They had this very very long line from Jelapang tol stretching until after the underground tunnel area (i think..can't remem) Thankfully, the lanes were clear on our side.

Journey home. Traffic jam on the opposite lane.

Bored. I was bored.

Reach bro's place around 2 and unloaded the luggage and shopping loots. Set up his PC and...nyehehehe....

Didn't sleep till around 7 (fell asleep trying to watch Gundam 00 Ep 2)

View from bro's apartment at dawn.
Gah, forgot to crop.

Bro's RM2k ceiling lights


Been watching Grey's Anatomy Season 4 these few days. Episode 4's out tmr (and I can't download...dang!). Currently still in Penang. Parents say they're coming down today (for some errands) so I get a free ride home. Yay! Can't wait to see Fifi...that furball.

So that's pretty much my hols for week 1. Parents plan to go Genting next week but I'm thinking bout giving it a miss. Travelling to and fro KL so often isn't really my idea of fun. Plus, I've been to Genting so often these past few years. And having your sister bribing you free sushi buffet if I stay and accompany her in Penang, doesn't convince me to go Genting.

So, hows your hols?

Holidays, so far

by Volvoxx On 1:59 AM 0 comments
Holidays so far has been 'stuffy'. There's just too much good food around.

Quj and I set off to KL with Amran on 11th morning after I had a small 'gathering' dim sum session with my alpha PE01 friends, 2 of them from Cyber. Thought I'd wanna sleep on the car but turned out chatting all the way. Thankfully, wasn't too sleepy even though I haven't had any decent sleep for the past 3 days.

We head off to Times Square and got ourselves tickets to Resident Evil: Extinction. RM12 for the both of us. Thank goodness for student rates. The movie was decent. Not great, not too bleh, but quite ok (that chick IS hot). The ending sucked tho. I really really hate it when they end it that way. Tho, if you ask me if it was worth watching, I'd say you can give it a miss.

Lunch was at Secret Recipe. QJ and I decided not to order the 'ordinary' stuff we usually order at SR (but heck, the last time we dined there was months ago). He had this kebab dish (which made me really wanna make some myself) and I had macaroni. Yummilicious :9

..... /peeks outside the window. I....just saw 2 cows chasing each other on the main road outside my brother's apartment. YES, 2 cows RUNNING on the damn road. RUNNING! Really, its the first time I see cows run that fast. O.o

Um...okay OOT. Where was I? Secret Recipe. Kinda sad case really, that their cake quality somewhat dropped. Or prolly its just the portion for the price I pay (tho that piece of cake we got was free, complimentary from GSC)...sigh.

After a few hours there, it was getting late and we decided to check out Pavillion, one of the new mall in KL. The place is a freakin perfect place for window shopping. And by 'window', I mean just looking from outside the shop. Most, if not all the shops there, look so spankingly expensive, I just don't feel like going in at all. In fact, if it wasn't for the donuts, I wouldn't have gone there at all.

J.Co Donuts! You've gotta love them..

What donuts? J.Co Donuts and Coffee of course! Well, yeah, I've been pretty excited over this for a while now and after sinking my teeth into my first J.Co donut, it clearly does not disappoint me. The texture of the 'bun' is much more lighter and fluffier than Dunkin's and the flavoring is less sweet and more 'real' than Dunkins. Take the chocolate ring one (leftmost, first row). The chocolate doesn't taste too sweet and has a bit of dark chocolate taste. The one with almond on top smells very nutty...another one I'd recommend. Tira-miss-u (last row, rightmost) has a bit of coffee powder on top of it, and if you like them sweet, try Glazzy (first row, rightmost). Sadly, the Oreo one is nothing to shout about. A bit of disappointment, that one. I can't remember what the crunchy ones were (2nd row, leftmost) but sis says they're really nice. Paying RM35 (inclusive of tax) for 2 dozens, I'd say its very much worth it.


Dinner was at PastaMania, this pasta fast food chain. QJ had it before in Singapore and liked the idea very much so we decided to give this one here a try. For a 'fast food' pasta, the Chicken Bolognese was actually very nice! They had this special soup, really makes me feel like going back for more. QJ ordered spicy chicken, which is really spicy, which also makes me wonder why all of a sudden would QJ order sumthing so...spicy. I find it unique and special, but not something I'd be ordering. After finishing our meals, we walked around for a bit more and head home.

My 2nd sis and bro+family came down to KL the next day. I...was busy pigging on my eldest sister's (oh so comfortable) bed. Thankfully, eldest sis had half day off and came home to fetch me to Ikea, where my bro and 2nd sister is. Bro was going to a friend's wedding in Malacca so my 2nd sis tagged along to have a shopping fiesta. She 'puasa'ed from shopping for a month before her trip to KL so...yeah. After sending bro and family off, us 3 sisters spent the rest of the day in One Utama. Dinner=sushi from Jusco at 20% discount. Nyehehe.

The next day, we all woke up around 9am without alarm. Sis said "Must be the shopping deities calling". LOL! Had brunch at home cuz my eldest sis had a LOT of food she tapau-ed from her trips to Pasar Ramadhan. Rendang, lemang, ketupat, curry, serunding: We were like celebrating Raya (and having a mini-open house) itself! My eldest sis' fridge was so stuffed, we joked that if got darurat oso she wun starve for 2 months.

Food from Pasar Ramadhan - Day 1

After lunch and pigging around the house, we head off to Bangsar Village II which was very much of a disappointment despite all the hype I heard about it. Eldest sis took her to nearby boutiques (Little Black Book, Cats Whiskers, etc) and she went gaga over the clothes there. It rained throughout the whole time she was shopping for her clothes but rains heavier everytime we wanna move from one boutique to the next. My eldest sis was pretty much drenched, as she was 'ferrying' us across the street, cuz 3 of us only had an umbrella. Pretty smart huh? ( least got 1!) After she was done, we decided to check out Mid Valley and the newly opened Gardens.

Eldest sis and I raised white flag. We told my 2nd sis to call us up when she's done with Mid Valley, while the both of us went to San Francisco Coffee to lepak. I love the coffee there, much more than Starbucks and Coffee Bean. Gardens is a bit like Pavillion, except somehow, its doesn't reek so much of the aura I get from Pavillion (the aura that scares me off...) The building architecture's pretty interesting. The shops there are mostly expensive, but I DO see Italianies there (cheers!) and I heard Paddington's is opening there soon!

Cheapskate us decided to go back MV to check out Jusco's sushi...again. So we had another meal of sushi that night, again. But since it's sushi, who am I to complain? :P be continued
(cuz I'm freakin sleepy!)

A little bit of this and that..

by Volvoxx On October 10, 2007 2:37 PM 3 comments
FINALLY...its over....I think. But seeing as how I 'nicely' I pretty much flunked my paper this morning, I better be studying my ass off this hols. Nyehehehe...

So...a lack of touch with the real world during study week (except for mealtimes and little bits of distraction in between), watsup?

Bugged Shindee early this morning (cuz I was in dire need of distraction studying for my paper this morn, aside from being totally drained and highly drugged by coffee and coke and noodles and milo)...and found out she lost her laptop. Pretty new. And pretty nice one. Stolen....from...hostel? WTF? How the heck did someone just 'lenggang' into her room and sneaked it from her?

Came back my PC and saw someone spam-YM me about 'not wanting to take Taxation II again. Being curious (and suspicious), I checked bulletin board. Its a scary place to visit during exam week cuz 'shit happens' during these times. So anyways...I'm guessing MMU somehow screwed up again...somehow...and accounting students have to pay for it. Students taking BAC 3027 / BAC3025 have to drag their butt back during the hols (23rd Oct..WTF is with the awful timing?) to take this paper. And I thought I had it bad last time.

So...I finished my papers...but not as happy as I thought I would be...prolly just too awfully tired (I still haven't slept ok? O.o) BUT....long night ahead! Great day ahead tmr too and a few days planned already with my sisters! Going down kai kai with dearie in KL tmr...then spend 2 days with my sis shopping and stuffing ourselves silly with the abundance of new places to check out in KL (Gardens! Pavillion!! There's this great donut place I'm dying to visit XD)...and a bunch of other places recommended by that site but mmm....sushies... :9 .../shakes head. Donuts first. Carl's Junior too...and Chilis!! X3

13th's Hari Raya...gonna be celebrating it in KL I guess....14th...gonna scurry back to Malacca with my sis and hopefully get to show her around (sate celup, popia, chicken rice ball etc etc...kekeke)...then hitch a ride back SP with my bro and family...yay no bus this time.

Lorwyn and D&D later...laundry, packing and Grey's Anatomy for now. (the therapist is asking this couple to have sex....cuz the husband hasn't been having sex with the wife for 18 months now....ouch.....just cause he doesn't have the feeling of wanting to 'do it'...ROFL!)

Utter randomness, by yours only.

Happy holidays and Selamat Hari Raya!

Happy Birthday Yuhi!

by Volvoxx On October 3, 2007 3:56 AM 3 comments
I...HOPE I got the date right.

Happy birthday dude. Sorry its in a bad timing (puasa+papers) but I'll buy u a meal next time yumcha, k?

Asking you to 'enjoy the day' a day before your 'double paper' would make u glare at me (like you'd murder me anytime x.x ) so...urm...Happy Birthday anyways! :P

Short break

by Volvoxx On 12:29 AM 1 comments
Come finals week, blogging has gone out the window. For now at least.

Been slacking off these two days (After my first paper, that is). But thankfully, I've finished reading thru for my next paper. All that's left is summarizing and short notes which hopefully wouldn't take too long.

What scares me, however, is my last 3 papers. 8th, 9th and 10th Oct. My core subjects, to add to the 'pinch' (which also, sadly, coursework marks are much lower compared to my first 2 papers...or at least I think so, haven't had the nerves to check on some of the papers yet). *EDIT: Upon checking another one of my coursework mark, find that I have NOT COMPLETELY FLUNKED IT *sighs in relief*

4 days between the 2nd and 3rd paper. MUST NOT SLACK OFF THEN (oh God, help me with that... x.x )

Having 3 papers in a row isn't exactly my idea of a 'nice' schedule BUT I mustn't complain too much. My Mechanical friend, Siew, has already finished 4 papers. That is, 2 papers in BOTH first and second day of exam (Sat and Mon). I'd panic and faint if I were in his position.

For now, I'm practically camping at QJ's house. For one, it helps me study better (I don't get to use his PC when he's using..and he doesn't have shows I wanna watch in his PC) Its a lil warmer than my own room but seeing as how I'm sleeping in the evening (when its warmer) and study only in the 'morning'...its pretty nice. It also feels comfortable that his housemates (Amran and Siew) don't really mind my being there (or at least that's how I see it..hee) compared to back then when I was at Quj's old place at Kerjasama. Feels so scared back then. My only regret is that QJ's not so comfortable now w/o aircon x.x . (Thank you so much, dear). Meals are definately easier when QJ's around, (even better if we get to tumpang Amran go dinner..haha) least I feel like going out to eat/buy food back and eat with QJ. When he's not around, I just get so awfully lazy to go out and eat. "Over-maggi-ness" doesn't help either. I'm gonna stay away from maggi for awhile.

What have I been doing when i'm NOT studying? lo :P. Other times, I'll be watching Grey's Anatomy (Dramas are BAD for finals..yet I can't seem to not get into these....fetish everytime during finals), bugging Shindee, bugging QJ, cooking some snacks (and munching, of course), drooling over recipes and marking down recipes to try during sem-break (mushroom fettucini carbonara, chocolate muffins/cakes, pan mien, hor fun?)..MUST remember to steal some baking tray back here this time. la study...haiyo... x.x

This coming sem break, my family wanna (drag me) go Genting. So yeah. I'm going Genting. Again. That's the 4th time in 4 years (and twice this year itself). Thing is, mum doesn't know bout the last 2 times I've been there. So...I'm gonna follow them innocently into the casino pretending I don't know what's there (and did I mention drink's are free? XD). My sis is coming down on the 14th (will be meeting her on the 12th in KL, shopping spree! - and kaikai with dearie too!) to have a food feast with me in Malacca. Hopefully it won't be too jammed with Singaporeans flooding in during festive season. My niece will be celebrating her 1st Birthday on 13th Oct and I'll be following the 'tour' back to SP, since bro and family coming down to Malacca anyway. No bus for me this time. Hee. Hopefully my Barney and Friends torrent will complete before I have to go back. It'll be a great change, most definately.

mmm....I should really stop procrastinating now. Haha! So to those taking papers, good luck and to the rest as well, take care.

p/s: Vincci and Padini Concept Store on sale again. Die. Pizza Hut, KFC and McD having Voucher frenzy.

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