Salad with Mayonnaise and Balsamic Vinegar Dressing

Posted by Volvoxx On November - 21 - 2009

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Instant Tiramisu / Happy Birthday Dad

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 27 - 2009

My two nieces are more than happy to celebrate their grandfather's Birthday with him

Soya Bean Milk

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Baked Macaroni Cheese

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Fish Chip with Beer Batter.

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 10 - 2009

An attempt in making Fish Chip with beer batter...while forcing QJ to consume fish :P

The end of sem 'pick-a-kitteh' syndrome.

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 09 - 2009

Kittens will mysteriously appear at our doorstep come semester break. This time, its happening again. A cute, manja, noisy kitten visits 391D.

Stubborn, or Just Stupid?

by QJ Wong On September 21, 2007 10:02 AM
Soooooo... Here I was, tired, sleepy, and suffering from a slight headache from not sleeping the night before because I wanted to queue up early to get my smartcard done. (Mine was stolen along with my wallet a while back, and I wouldn't have bothered if I didn't needed it for the finals)

We (Me and my housemates) got there like 4th or 5th in line, and we're idle chatting away the time while I was feeling a little frustrated over the long wait and the awfully long time they spend for each applicant when all of the sudden 3 girls popped into the line chatting with this guy right in front of us and ended up going in before us. Naturally annoyed, the three of us made very loud comments about how rude these sort of people are and the like. Unfortunately, the girls were either they're deaf, bad in English or just plain ol' dumb and they acted like they didn't hear us. Sheesh.

Fast forward another around half an hour and we're in the room. My housemates got their pictures taken, and were done with it pretty soon. However when it came to me, the ass behind the computer has the nerve to say...

"Rambut panjang, tak boleh buat." (Long hair, cannot do)



I tried begging, I asked nicely, ("Tolong la, encik" [Please, sir]) yet I was still refused. Why can't they cut me some slack eh? It barely touched my collar after all. A few strands, here and there, sure - but oh come on.

So I pouted. Played my "I'm gonna stay here as long as it takes" card - but to no avail.

Oh noes.

Thankfully - Amran managed to borrow a pair of scissors from a lecturer, which I asked for - and I promptly snipped the back of my hair off in of the room with all the occupants staring right at me.

I was too busy cutting my hair and asking, "Is this short enough?" to notice and I really regret not catching a good glimpse of the officers in the room. (According to Amran, they looked rather shocked, and I just had miss it. Dang.)

(The officer behind the computer kept saying "Cut it outside, cut it outside..." and "Throw it outside, throw it outside..." all these while.)

I stuffed the fistful of my hair into my pockets and ask, "Is this short enough now? Can I take my picture now?" and smiled nicely.

Without a word, they took my picture and sent me off with my slip.

I think I forgot to thank them as I leave, damn.

So, what do you think?

Was I stupid or stubborn, or just crazy?

Drop me a comment and let me know! Hee.

4 Response to "Stubborn, or Just Stupid?"

  1. Volvoxx Said,

    Dear! x.x ...should have dragged you to cut before u went make smartcard.

    Well...that's what I would do actually, if i were you. I woulndn't fckin go queue up all over again next week. Waste my time. Esp with ppl like those 3 bitches possibly reappearing. /hug ...just I have to drag u go trim hair again....or...I could try out a lil trimming job myself :D

    Actually....why didn't you guys just slap those stupid onna in their face? Just tell them to go back of the line! These ppl memang elephant skin wan! Grrrrrrrrr

    Stupid, Stubborn? Crazy?....nah. Just too frustrated and too sleepy. Now off to bed you... /hugs tight


  2. BlackHowling Said,

    +_+; MMU memang leceh skit. Pegawai yg otak kat kaki.


  3. kiddokun Said,

    Hurm ?

    Well, I guess you were showing who's boss ! :D I don't know, I probably wouldn't do that ( will just keep on saying sabar2, lolz ) UNLESS I'm freaking piss off. So I guess salute ya for doing what you think is right ! ^^


  4. Cholic Said,

    lolz AWESOME :D


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