Salad with Mayonnaise and Balsamic Vinegar Dressing

Posted by Volvoxx On November - 21 - 2009

Out of ideas of what to cook for dinner? Dining alone? Salad makes an awesome, simple meal for one, or side dish for two or more!

Instant Tiramisu / Happy Birthday Dad

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 27 - 2009

My two nieces are more than happy to celebrate their grandfather's Birthday with him

Soya Bean Milk

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 22 - 2009

Ever wanted to try making your own soyabean milk? Check it out!

Baked Macaroni Cheese

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 12 - 2009

Fancy some simple satisfying Baked Macaroni Cheese at home? Check out this recipe.

Fish Chip with Beer Batter.

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 10 - 2009

An attempt in making Fish Chip with beer batter...while forcing QJ to consume fish :P

The end of sem 'pick-a-kitteh' syndrome.

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 09 - 2009

Kittens will mysteriously appear at our doorstep come semester break. This time, its happening again. A cute, manja, noisy kitten visits 391D.

I'm torrenting Barney

by Volvoxx On September 22, 2007 3:22 AM
Yep...Barney and Friends...that big purple dinasour....

Why exactly? Cuz I dun feel like listening to the same (two) episodes replaying again and again and again whenever my niece refuse to eat her meals. My aunt/sis-in-law plays those videos to distract her and make life easier feeding her her nestum/porridge but problem is, they don't really buy many episodes so we're stuck with 2 episodes of Barney and Friends (one circus exercise and one numbers on a clock/storytime one...SEE?? I REMEMBERED!! URGH), 1 episode of 'Wheels on the Bus' (free VCD from Anmum) and....uhh...cant remember. Prolly just those.

....and why the HECK is every episode of Barney I see in isohunt so HUGE! They're at least 4GB per episode! Haven't they heard of video compression? Geh.....

....I have a feeling I'm just gonna be stuck with the same few shows this time around.'s a pic. Guess which one is my port?


p/s: My niece stops crying, grins and smiles widely when she sees her Barney toy my bro bought for her....and I always thought he was kinda scary...being purple and all...

5 Response to "I'm torrenting Barney"

  1. Archmagus Said,

    Since you asked
    Its the port with the duck tape!


  2. Volvoxx Said,


    Nyahahahaha... /laughs maniacally (...i blame the heat...gila dee)


  3. kiddokun Said,

    Hey ! Barney is not scary ! :P

    When I was small, I kinda like Barney. Gets kinda repetitive with the I luv u, u luv me song, but its nice ! Better than telitubies...Meh, maybe coz I liked most puppet shows ( Sesame Street, piko2 pong2 ). XD


  4. Yuhi Said,

    Barney's a pedophile, didn't you know? :o


  5. Volvoxx Said,

    kiddokun: I dunno...he's...purple and hyperactive? kekekeke...and yes that song's really drills itself into the head..I didn't really like the puppet parts of Sesame Street...IIRC I liked every other part BUT the puppet parts of Sesame Street...awfully weird huh? Piko piko pong pong...LOL...I dunno why but I remember having a fetish over it as a kid.

    Tellitubies ROFL!!!

    Yuhi:! Well....what can you say when that purple dinasour doesn't seem to grow old (or bigger) when all the other kids have already grown up and moved on?


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