Salad with Mayonnaise and Balsamic Vinegar Dressing

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Instant Tiramisu / Happy Birthday Dad

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 27 - 2009

My two nieces are more than happy to celebrate their grandfather's Birthday with him

Soya Bean Milk

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Fish Chip with Beer Batter.

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The end of sem 'pick-a-kitteh' syndrome.

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 09 - 2009

Kittens will mysteriously appear at our doorstep come semester break. This time, its happening again. A cute, manja, noisy kitten visits 391D.

Birthdays, cakes, cards and fireworks

by Volvoxx On September 2, 2005 7:34 AM
It was the eve of 30th Aug, Lisa and myself had just returned from an hour's worth of suffering from EEN *DO not mention again...after this post* ...I had earlier gone to the wrong venue (coz all of my papers this sem was held in Exam hall, but this one being delayed, was held in Main Hall instead). Went there rather early. Exam hall was rather empty than usual. I suspected something amiss, tho brushing it off as being rather early, I sat down to unfamiliar faces of students and lecturers. I began to feel more and more 'out' thus I flipped the paper on my table to take a look at the title: "**inserts paper name**" my horror, it wasn't the expected "EEN1016 - Electronics" there, but some foreign words strewn on the cover. I quickly collected my items, and sprint out of the hall, and rushed to CITS to check my actual venue (tho I guessed myself that it would be in Main Hall..but just to be on the safe side ^^; ) anyways, I was a lil late...just a lil. They just started, and I sat RIGHT in front. But basically, to sum it all, it sucked. I flunked it for all I care. Was the worst paper I encountered and many seem to agree with me. Nuff said.

After the paper, one of my classmate invited Lisa and myself over to their house (just about 3-5 mins walk away from our place) to celebrate another of our classmate's birthday. It was some sort of PE01's tradition to celebrate classmate's birthday, so there you have it ;). Without thinking much (as a zombified Lisa would have always been expected to be), Lisa had agreed to go, but then I nudged her and said "We can't..." ....she looked back at me and blurly said "Why??" ............."Yining's??" ....."Ohhhh....tonight horr?? Aiyaaa.." [FYI: Yining is Lisa's current dare you.... -__-# ] ...but yeah, we said we'd try to go if Yining's party won't start as early (she has yet to know bout it at that time) both of us went back home, I bought some keropok ikan on the way...and 'cooled down' while waiting for Shindee to get cakes and etc. Yining started to take out Lisa's 'Er-hu' (chinese musical instrument) and tried to play a our horror. As if THAT was not bad enough, LooMun decided to chip in, and had her hand on the Er-Hu, which had me running back to my own room with my hands covering my ears as the resonance of the tune she tried to pick ran thru the back of my spine, making me shudder. Later on, Lisa asked if we wanted to drop by my classmate's house first, so I said "Okay"...but Lisa said she wanted to go take a bath first. So I waited for her as I took more blasts from the Er-Hu...

We were soon at our classmate's house. Nice of them to keep a piece of cheesecake for each of us. Nice to see fellow PE01s again, as well as faces of our new classmates this year. We chatted and made jokes of sorts, stories, chipped teeth and dentist visits, and we soon head back at around 11.20pm. Quite a number of our friend have already congregated at our house (it wasn't a HUGE party, just a nice 10 ppl one)...and we prepared drinks and food and the cake.As the time approaches midnight, we called the birthday-girl to come down and start the celebration. This girl's younger than most of us by a year, being a PTS student. Cheeky, she was smiling brightly that we were celebrating with her. We were soon blowing candles, cutting cakes and digging into our own pieces, and I poured out my keropok ikan and dipped it into my cake's cream, much to other's horror. It turned out quite nice, and MunMun decided to try too. Quite funny really, how it was kinda nice, and we soon had more proper chili sauce to go with it...hehe. Shindee tried mixing Coke+Pepsi+Sprite for us, and I tried adding chili into it. Yep, I did. And as a result, had the combo-mixture spurting out of my nose. It wasn't much of the taste that made me 'wash my nose' with CO2 drink, but the reaction of my friends that made me laugh and choked on it. I've been rather well known to choke on almost any drink: plain water, coffee, milo and the worst: MILK!'s coz, the smell stays in there for a while.

After a hell long chat, we invited our friends to go upstairs where most of our rooms are, and showed them some stuff we've got in our comp...and etc.... *giggle* ...those who were present would know what I mean.

Then, Yining suggested cards. It was one heck of a good game. First round resulted in Shindee going to the balcony and shouted "MERDEKA" a day earlier than it was supposed to be. Other rounds resulted in Truth or Dare...and yeah, I wrapped the last game (from the back), having a whole stack of cards in the game 'bluff'. I....took to much risk. We ended up playing until 4am. Shindee and Co. actually bluffed the guards to open the back gate for them, saying they just finished 'Assignment' ...great job gal ;)

....I don't think I slept after least until 7am, I think.

The next day, Tuesday, was my Lazy Day. My Tuesday schedules are very VERY free. This Tuesday however, I had 4 hours worth of replacement class due to National Day holiday. Woke up before 12 to attend Comp tutorial, and expected Lisa to be propped up at her comp (coz I don't think she slept any later than me), I opened her door, and saw her nicely snuggled up in her bed. I had half a mind to go back to my room, and jump on my own bed and snooze away. Then again, I biked off to class. Was rather enjoyable tho, coz I learnt 'Array', something I HAD to use for my assignment. 'Tapau' rice back afterwards, ate in front of comp, and fell asleep RIGHT after that. Woke up only at around 6.30 coz I'll be having another 2 hours classes at 8pm.

Class was....urgh. Blur. Many ppl were. Maybe bcoz most of us could not wait to go back as there was a feeling of celebration amongst us. As we zoom back right after we were dismissed, we headed to the petrol station to refill Lisa's tank. We were a lil surprised to see quite a number of people there refilling their vehicles too. It seems they were heading to town. Expected. nice. I wish for a moment that I had a car. We headed home after refilling and had a nice dinner of spaghetti.

As the time was approacing 12midnight, I grabbed my bag and dashed off to Hostel. Being an ex-occupant there, I know for SURE that there WILL be fireworks nicely visible from 21st floor where i used to stay. True enough, no sooner had I reach Hostel ground floor, I heard fireworks going off in a distance. They STARTED!! I quickly dashed up the lift and joined Shindee and KayLyn there. It was the most beautiful fireworks I've seen in a while. The last 'Merdeka Celebration' fireworks display I had witness was on Penang Bridge, about 3 years ago or so. That time, we were just on our way back from fetching my sister, who had just arriaved from US. (this particular incident also sparked the usage of my current nickname) The nicest has gotta be one which explodes and leaves behind a trail of sparks, making it look like a huge willow tree. I've always liked willow tree, tho my parents have taboos against them. Jeezzz...

Later on, I joined Shindee in her room to chat a lil and leech some stuff from her. Then Kidrock called and ajak us to go supper with the rest of EMiNA gang. The other two back at home had earlier told me that they were lazy. So, yeah, since I'm already out, might as well go and have a drink and a nice chat with them.

Summary of the 'yumcha' at Cahaya Dinar:
-The mango juice SUX big time. YUCK. Banning it for 2 months.
-They...did something with the orange juice in plastic cups. Kid became a lil 'drunk' (not to mention horny O_o ..keke..) after drinking it, and Blackhole was just in a daze. Weird.
-Nice chatting bout random stuff.
-Got some pretty nice pic taken before that (I want my pic, Kid)

Went home at around 3am, go my usual routine of 'staying up til 7am or so', then pengsan until 4pm the next day. Yes, I slept thru Merdeka day. And it was nice, tho the others seem to think I was asleep or have gone out, and left me behind to go Pasar Malam. ....kanasai....nevertheless, I made a very nice bowl of curry mee+lime with slightly salted fried egg (put salt to heated oil before fry) as well as a bowl of very nice mushroom soup and toast. Was very happily stuffed after that ^__^ ...continued lazing the nite away reading HP4 (yes, I'm finally addicted) then...I can't really remember much anymore ^^;

Anyways, today, after Test and screening and a lil supper, I went back home and on my IRC. ...and hell we had a crazy talk... check it out here *giggles*

...and that was just the TIP of the iceberg...

Later, had a good session of toilet scrubbing, leaving it sparkly clean and smelling good too...*love love* O__O

Hmm...long enough to lawan Lisa's normaly post dee guys must be yawning. It's 3-4 days worth of post jammed into 1...Suman ne....

Slightly modified template expected....

Now I'm off to cook up some tomyam meehoon, and then to class....

...yes, I haven't slept whole nite. Dats 3 hours sleep in 36 hours. Wee~

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