Salad with Mayonnaise and Balsamic Vinegar Dressing

Posted by Volvoxx On November - 21 - 2009

Out of ideas of what to cook for dinner? Dining alone? Salad makes an awesome, simple meal for one, or side dish for two or more!

Instant Tiramisu / Happy Birthday Dad

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 27 - 2009

My two nieces are more than happy to celebrate their grandfather's Birthday with him

Soya Bean Milk

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 22 - 2009

Ever wanted to try making your own soyabean milk? Check it out!

Baked Macaroni Cheese

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 12 - 2009

Fancy some simple satisfying Baked Macaroni Cheese at home? Check out this recipe.

Fish Chip with Beer Batter.

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 10 - 2009

An attempt in making Fish Chip with beer batter...while forcing QJ to consume fish :P

The end of sem 'pick-a-kitteh' syndrome.

Posted by Volvoxx On October - 09 - 2009

Kittens will mysteriously appear at our doorstep come semester break. This time, its happening again. A cute, manja, noisy kitten visits 391D.

Chilis before Genting

by Volvoxx On August 28, 2007 4:17 AM
Post long overdue. I know. I've been an ass in updating my blog. Spending too much time at QJ's...again...haha...

Went down to KL on 4th Aug itself. The law girls+guy had this seminar thing, so we tumpang Amran's car down as well since the girls are staying with my sister which means we needed to be in KL at the same day so might as well. Saves the hassle.

QJ and I split from the law gang at KL Sentral and we headed to Berjaya Times Square. Been a while since we've been there. Shopped around for awhile. Went to Borders and he got me a book! My first book since LOTR XD. And my first Chic Lit. Usually dun buy these kinda books but enjoyed this book too much and no one seems to have it. I have this bad habit of going to bookstores and sitting down and read a book but never spending enough time to actually finish it. So everytime I got to MPH/Borders/Kino, I'll find 2 of these books I've started to read (but still never manage to finish) and catch up from where I left. One of the book was P.S. I Love You. The other one, by the very same author, Cecelia Ahern, was the one Dearie got for me, Love Rosie.

Now...why do I like this book so much? Cuz its one of the first books that I've seen that is almost fully written in conversations, as in, paper note passed in class, phone conversation, letters, instant messenger messages, and the sort. In a way, it was like Rosie's journal. A lovely read about two childhood friends who grew up supporting each other and being there for the other as one lands in big load of trouble. We see Rosie grow up, have a child of her own, facing life's problems, securing a dream career, have her whole life shaken again and again, and eventually having things fall into place.

Sis having that book at the moment. Pretty sure she was done with it already, since she SMS me one night: "Cham la...stuck with your book and can't put it down. Don't need to wake up for work ade tmr"

Thank you dear.

Oh...totally gone off track...haha!

We spent quite some time there in Borders. Spent some time in arcade and browse thru Niichi. Then we took monorail to Hang Tuah (lazy..I know..haha) and took Star/RapidKL to Plaza Rakyat. Got my tix back home to SP, then went browse thru his fav manga shop and then took a bus to Mid Valley.

Both of us (who didn't sleep the night before...thanks to some stray kitten) didn't sleep throughout the journey to KL so we were both pretty ...dead. Dozed off several times on the bus and thankfully didn't miss our stop. :D

Went straight to Chilis. We were starving.

Chilis. Mahal. But damn sedap.

The big red chili inside...damn huge wei. Can die if it falls on ppl.

QJ as he pores thru the menu. Kinda decided what he wanted to have already tho...his personal fav...heehee.

Posing? :P

Random ornaments. Got bored waiting for food.

Was coughing so its just tea for me :D

Salt and Pepper!!!

This is what I ordered. Can't quite remember what its called already. Its a new dish (or so it says on the menu) but didn't quite like it. Was a bit too salty some parts and kinda bland some parts. Dunno why. Geh...but the rice is damn YUM! (lol...of all things)

Now damn sedap! Has officially become our favourite dish from Chilis. The best thing from Chilis (aside from their chicken wings) has got to be their mashed potatoes. Heavenly. No kidding. Country Fried Chicken or sumthing like that. Can't remember already :P

Mmmm...what DID we do after Chilis? Can't really remember much. I remember going to MPH tho. Think we left quite early cuz I was supposed to meet the rest at the LRT station at 6. And it was already 5sumthing when we were done with our 'so called lunch'. These trips are usually such a rush. Kinda shame, in a way. But we had fun!

The next day, QJ went to play some Magic tourney (PTQ Valencia) with his friends, while the girls were stuck with me. hehehe...Sis took us out to The Curve and we had Paddingtons House of Pancakes for Lunch. :9 Yum. Everyone should try this place. A tad bit expensive for pancakes, but for the portion, its pretty worth it. Share if you must, just to try it out. (The Curve is food heaven. Italiannies. Marché Movenpick, Paddingtons, O'Brien's...Kim Gary's (not that fond of it tho) to name a few. Cross over to Ikano Power Center and you get Ikea's Meatballs (beef). The fish chips there are not bad as well. Best part of Ikea's cafe has got to be its free flow coffee. Can sit there 2 hours (and suffer later going to toilet). But oh. If its fish chips, get ur butt to Manhattan Fish Market there. Ppl scared Munmun and myself saying that its expensive over there! So for the longest time, both of us dare not eat there for fear of pokai-ing ourselves but last trip there during Bon Odori, we were both very much relieved that the classic Fish and Chips there is only RM16-ish. Still affordable (for its good food quality).

Mmmm...enuff food la for now. Hungry just now also write till not hungry ade. Laters. And oh...Happy Merdeka...soon :D

p/s: Baskin Robins starting its sale on 29th. Damn.

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